CO2 and Really Nervous

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I have wanted to do Laser resurfacing for a long...

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I have wanted to do Laser resurfacing for a long time to even out my skin tone - remove fine lines and tighten the skin on my neck. etc. I read all about this on RealSelf and see that it is pretty painful. My doctor suggested nerve blocking but I am a bit nervous about that too. I do plan to go through for results. Scared.

One week out for CO2 Laser in Spokane Wa

I have turned the corner on my nervousness and can't wait to get 2- 3 weeks out from the procedure. 

Since I go on July 1st it should give me enough time to heal before the 3 Mommy Makeover consults that I have scheduled for July 20th. I bought a Go Pro and will do some video to post here as well. 

Wish me luck!

Ready to go!

So I have  a driver , my meds and am ready for the CO2. I am confident in my surgeon and will be getting some of the photos that he has taken of the before to post. 

Since I am getting the neck and chest done too I need to figure out what type of clothes to wear.  Excited!!

Right after treatment

All in all it wasn't to bad. But I am glad that I had the nerve block. The neck and chest were the most uncomfortable but not bad. I am really swollen today and especially around the eyes. These pics are from right after the treatment and I will add more of this morning later

End of day one

I was awake during the procedure since my surgeon did a nerve block and lidocaine. There was a couple of times that I had some pain but very short term and tolerable. Mostly on the neck and chest area. My doc  gave me antibiotic,antiviral and prednisone. He gave me some. Vicodin and I took one at bed but didn't need any of it today. I actually feel fine with no pain.  I did wake up this morning  with a lot of swelling especially around my eyes. I don't think my dog recognized me.. The swelling on my eyes is down a bit but has a ways to go. 

I was able to work all day  from home without any issues,  

Day 4 -morning

So far it hasn't been to bad.  I find  that I do wake up once per night and need to add more grease. I am absorbing it really quick and keeping that on help the itching along with Benedril. The swelling is best if I sleep propped up. I won't saw that I am having pain but just annoying feeling on my skin especially neck and chest.

Day 5- Morning photos

Last night was the first night I didn't wake up in the middle of the night and have to apply more grease because of the itching. I am now peeling pretty good and alot of the swelling is down. I am super red which I hear is normal. 

Day 6 - Much better

Most of the swelling is down and peeling is about 60-70% done Still super red but feel good.

Hand photos

I keep forgetting to show how the hands are coming along. Very different from my face. Has not peeled yet at all and really dry although I keep coating them with the grease.

I'm starting to get excited about the results!

I am still a red , a little itchy and skin feel slightly tight. BUT- I can see results already. Yeah!!!

Just the before and after - 6 days

Look at the chest and neck area too. I am pretty stoked right now after only 6 days. 

Day 12

Still improving. You can see that my chest skin looks even more wrinkled than originally and is still peeling. Woke up in the middle of the night and the itching on my neck and chest was terrible. Benadryl helped but it was the worst yet. It seems like the neck, chest and hands are taking longer that the face to heal for sure. One very noticeable improvement is my eyelids. Much smoother and less wrinkled. 

15 days

Love it. Do it and don't hesitate. Just make sure you give yourself enough downtime. 

Video- Sorry it's late

I took some video that I am just now figuring out how to upload. I was a bit goofy talking in one of them because of the 3 mg of Lorazepam.

I hope this works. Debra

Day 18 Video

Tried to get as much light on my face so you can see the results

Things your Doctor might not think to tell you

1- Use only one hair brush while you are in the stage of lathering on all that grease. I learned this the hard way today after just washing my hair. All my brushes are now soaking in Hot water and dish soap.

2- Try not to pet your animals and then touch your face or you will have a furry face.

3- Get your nails done BEFORE the procedure if you are getting the back of your hands done.

4-Keep a hand towel at your desk or you WILL of a greasy keyboard.

5-Don't let your pets in the bed. 

6-Bring you after care items everywhere you go in case you get stuck out longer than you think and need to reapply.

7-not a good idea to let any friends or family that are squeamish see you for 2 days. If you have to you can show pics to them so they won't be scared for you.

8- If you have been thinking about doing this book a consult -you won't regret it.

3 weeks now

Just a quick update. My face is healed and I am loving it. The neck,chest and hands are taking alot longer. I talked to my Dr and he said that this is normal and to just keep moisturizing. I woke up the last to night with itchy on the neck and chest so I suspect that is a good sign.

New Pics

These are with full makeup. But I a very happy with how my make goes on and looks now. 

9 weeks out

The chest and neck took longer to heal but it was worth the wait. I am so grateful to my Dr Chesnut in Spokane for taking such great care of me and stirring me to this procedure. 

Interesting comparison

I hope this helps someone decide to get this done. I didn't realize how fast my skin had deterioriated over the last 10 years until I found the picture attached of me in 2007 or 2008. The set it aside my before and after of the CO2. I looks like the treatment took me back at least 10 years but the 2008 picture is with pretty heavy make up.

3 Months out- Mother and daughters or Just Sisters

I was with my girls this weekend. Both in their early 30's. When I saw this picture I was really excited about how well my skin looked and was happy to see the comparison to my daughters. 

One more pic 3 months out

Take a look at the neck and done on the chest. You can see where it is getting much clearer and I am very happy with the results. 

I hope My Doc is reading this!!

I am so happy with all that Dr Chesnut has done for me including the CO2, Voluma and Lip aug.  Each day I look at myself and put on my makeup and feel pretty. It has all been worth it including the downtime and expense and I would do it over again in a heartbeat!!  You are the best Dr Chesnut and thanks again.

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