32 Yr Old Mom (5'5" / 142) Excited to Lose the Mummy Tummy (lower avelar w lipo, no muscle repair)

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Just a few days until TT day. I will be having a...

Just a few days until TT day. I will be having a lower avelar tummy tuck with lippo including sides and flanks. Sounds like I may need one drain. I met with my doctors assistant for pre-op on Wednesday who was very nice and informative. We went over what things to stay away from (ie aspirin). Talked through what to expect post op and took some standard before photos. Lots of things going through my mind on the daily. Trying to prepare myself physically and mentally as much as possible. I'll be calling the office tomorrow to ask some questions etc. This week is either going to drag on or fly by.

Telling People: Added Closeup Photo

Initially I planned on not telling anyone about my TT unless it was unavoidable. I've branched out to telling my closest friends and family....even my manager.

My mom says I shouldn't worry what anyone else thinks about it. I know that's true. But I've always been the person that cares too much what people think. I'm a work in progress in that area but still much better than I used to be.

I've added a close up of the front view. Where you can see some of the stretch marks a ugly piercing tissue. Someone should've warned me about taking that piercing out before I got to preggers. Lol


I am getting pretty anxious as Friday is getting closer. Anyone else lose a few pounds leading up to their surgery?

Since my pre-op I've dropped 3 lbs. I think it's due to the anxiousness I feel. I used to feel like this before every game when I played soccer. I've also not been sleeping good at all. And last night I had some kind of dream about being post op. Could also be that I've been cutting down on things I know I can't eat/drink post op. And drinking more water. But either way I'll be happy to be on the other side of surgery next week.

My belly pre-kids

Post op - first post

Just arrive home about 15 minutes ago. My mom is such a good caretaker and taking care of everything. Here us how my day went:

6:00 AM. Woke up, showered with antibacterial soap. Took my antibiotics. Was super hungry for breakfast but couldn't ???? my parents said a prayer and we were on out way.

7:30. Arrived at Athenix. Made sure they had my moms contact info. And we both head off to a room. Met with the doctors who drew all over me. Purple areas got lipo everything below the black going away. (See photos funny)

Said goodbye to the family last night.

Doc gave me a cocktail of drugs pre-op. Once they kicked in I was hooked up to an IV and off we went.

I slept on and off through...think I caught myself snoring once! At one point I ask for more drugs and they obliged. :)

Finally they cleaned me up, put on my dressing and sat me in a wheel chair. I started to get really faint lik I was going to pass ou before I even stood up. I asked for water and that helped, so I got in the car and headed home. Systt to feel some psi like muscle burn and a feeling like sore muscles though I didn't have any muscle repair done!

So now I'm home, drinking water, took my meds, and will go to be soon.

Healing: the incisions sting

I got up to use the restroom for the third time since PO and boy do the incisions sting. Pretty sure that's expected though since they ate trying to heal. Also as I continue to try and sleep it's difficult to find a good position in the recliner. I'm also paranoid about a number of things. Such as the fact that if an incision comes undone it can't be seen up again because it has to heal from inside/out. And then my left leg keeps falling asleep so I ale up often to move my legs and ankles.

Looking forward to the first PO app to change the dressings and see how everything is healing up.

Anyone else experience that stinging in the incision areas first day pretty strongly?

First Look (swollen) PO Day1

Had my first post op appointment this morning. This was also my first look at everything. Very swollen but I think I can see that I will like my waste once that goes away. The belly button looks like it will have a normal look too. Hard to tell where my incision falls in regards to my bikini line. Sleeping was rough last night. Going to try sleeping on my side tonight. My mom says I have a lot of bruising around the sides. The envisions still sting and movement is stiff at first whenever I get up but seems better after I've moved around for a bit. Looking forward to having this swelling go down so I can really love my new waist.

Day 2 Post Op: still swollen but on track

Pain is better today and I'm able to move around more easily. Thankful I didn't have to have Muscle repair because recovery is slow enough as it is.

Did my 30 minute walk around the house this morning. It was nice being able to be mobile.

Took my first shower. Taking off the c garment felt so good. At first I thought I wasn't going to experience being faint but gave it a few more minutes on the bed and glad I did. Even sitting down I started feeling faint about 5-10 minutes after it came off. I had my mom use the loofa on my back and it felt so good. I didn't realize how itchy I was back there. Getting it scratched with the loofa was nice. And just getting a full shower made me feel more human again.

Though I have a LOT of swelling I already am loving the flatness of my new tummy. The day I get to go bikini shopping should be fun.

Still can't feel my sides and back and parts of my belly. Stretch marks are almost non existent. Looks like there may be some light marks below the bib but nothing nothing that will stand out. Glad to be on the road to recovery but looking forward to when I won't be a bunch back. Sounds like I'll be one for at least three weeks.

Home now ....

Can I go back to my moms house please? My 5 yr old already flopped his arm down in my belly and I'm already doing too much. Ugh

4 Days PO

A little discouraged by my lack of mobility and swollen tummy. Good news is I am weening off the hard stuff and mostly on Advil now except at night. Pain is more tolerable but hunched a little more than I'd like to be. My tummy feels really tight when I first stand up but I think it's the CG causing the tightness sensation because when I adjust the garmet it's not so extreme. I feel like the CG actually pulls at my stitches if that makes sense. With it off before a shower I feel much more comfortable and can stand with less of a hunch.

If I did this over again I would plan it better and spend a week at my moms house and not work. Coming home has not been easy. Twice my youngest has forgotten and tapped my belly enough to make me worry though I am pretty sure it's fine.

Looking forward toy app on Saturday to see what the doc says about everything. Until then!

Impatient patient...

So I'm 7 days PO. Not much to report on except that I am gradually standing more erect and able to walk a little bit better. I'm impatient though and worrying about anything and everything probably way before there is any reason to worry.

My stomach below the naval looks puffy kind of like a little pot belly. It feels funny too and of course I'm worried about seroma. Tomorrow is my one week app with my PS and I'm sure he'll have all the right answers. Hopefully after tomorrow I won't be so anxious or worried about having a bad outcome. Still very swollen around my back and flanks from the lipo as well.

Looking at my before and current photos I think I definitely see an improvement. However I made the mistake of taking my measurements and they're the sane as before. I think that's expected with the swelling but was still hoping there was some give there. Oh well. So yes, I'm Eor this week and probably a little down but I'll perk up. I know results aren't instant but I can't help but wish they came a little faster :). As my husband said, at least it will just look like gradual weight loss to those who don't know :).

I will probably post an update with photos after my appointment tomorrow. When hopefully I'll have a more positive outlook.

1 week Appointment Done

Had my 1 week appointment today. The main event was getting my stitches out of my new bb which feel good to have out.

Feeling a lot better about the swelling today. Basically there's not much I can do about it since I'm still healing. And I was told that when the ta

Appointment continued...

(Oops accidentally hit submit)
...I was told that in 2 weeks when the tape comes off my incision that the rest of it will puff up to be level with the rest and the swelling won't likely be noticeably better until about 4 weeks.

Everything is healing well though. And looks like I'm right on track.

Very Happy With Results So Far

Quick Post: I took a picture today and was very pleased to see some progress. Is that some contour and definition peaking through? I sure hope so. Could be part lighting part imprint from the garment. Either way it made me feel relieved to see some progress. I would totally rock a bikini right now even though I can't because of the CG. Doc says I need to wear it at least 4-6 weeks. Doctor knows best right!?

Photo edit

Weight and Progress

I have my 3 week appointment on Saturday where I'll finally get to see what's going on under the tape. I have a list of questions I want to ask the doc about and I hope that I get some release to do certain activities. There's a little fold or crease at the top and bottom of my naval. Kind of concerned about that. Mostly I hope to get an ok to slowly start trying to stand up all the way straight and sleep any way I want. It's awful staying in one position all night :)

I also LOVE my baths and going in the spa. So I'm hoping I get the "ok" for that.

When I had my consultation I weighed in at 142 I think in the doctors office. The day of surgery I think I weighed in at 139 on their scale. Today I weigh 132.

I don't know how much fat/skin they took off so I'm curious to find out. I anticipate that some of weight loss is just from my change in diet. Since the surgery I haven't had any soda and I've been sticking to a pretty well rounded diet that is high on protein a low on "bad" carbs like bread. Hoping to see that some of the weight loss is also due to good choices as well since that means I'm on the path to maintaining any results.

The big scar reveal

So yesterday was the big scar reveal where I got my first look at the incision. More on that in a minute. First I just wanted to note a few observations about this journey so far.

1. I have a wonderful husband. The house may not have have been kept up well while I was recovering and the kids were lacking in the bathing department but he did what he could. It's harvest time over here and he's been working long hours; coming home dusty and tired; and while he has complained a little he hasn't blamed me and has continued to be a big support

2. My boys are awesome. They have started helping more since the surgery especially my 7 year old. He has helped me pick things up, get things out of reach and has really been doing it to help mommy.

3. I'm probably going to worry about healing properly for another 6 months. I had the TT, no muscle repair, no drains, with loop on sides and flanks. The NO Drains has me worried about seroma only because I've read too much on these boards lol. Pretty sure it's just normal swelling still but ya know - worrying is kind of all you got as you wait to heal.

4. I now really really realize that this is much more of a recovery process than I anticipated. Well not recovery so much as healing. TTs take a long time to heal - up to a year especially if you do loop with it. I don't think I quite grasped what the wait to heal would be like.

5. What the heck is this list about?

So I prepared myself for the worst Frankenstein incision. I really thought I would probably cry Shen I first saw the scar but I didn't! Taking off the tape stung a little and so I didn't look until it was all off. From my vantage point not looking in the mirror but looking down at my belly I could hardly even see the scar. And it didn't look terrible at all. The nurse said that this is why they leave the tape on for 3 weeks because it really helps to flatten out the incision and protect it while it heals. So by the time of the "reveal" most if it is already healed. She did say that sometimes a stitch will start poking up making a little pin hole and they just take it out and it heals up. She said to keep an eye on it if I see a pinhole because if it starts to widen or not heal they'll want to take a look at it.

I have some hard spots on both sides from the lipo. She suggested that I massage them every night and they should flatten out. There's some pleating in the scar but she said those should flatten out too as jthe scar continues to heal and the skin relaxes.

Using Bio Oil right now for scar treatment - started last night. Trying to decide if I should splurge on the silicone strips or BioCream. Anyone have experience with scar treatment? Is it worth it to get the expensive stuff or does bio oil work just as well?

The crease below my bb should flatten out as the scars heal, relax and the bb widens? I don't like the idea of my bb widening. I like the size it is right now :)

I can start lifting light weights and do squats - yay! I need to get my butt in gear. No cardio just yet. And no planks until I'm completely comfortable standing straight.

I have a lot more I could go on about but I'm totally rambling on. Next appointment is in 3 weeks where I will be 6 weeks PO. Anyhow feels good to have the "ok" to do some stuff still can't wait to do more!

FYI: Loop is autocorrect for lipo :)

FYI: Loop is autocorrect for lipo :)

One Month!

One month post op is finally here! It has gone by extremely slow and sometimes I can't hardly believe I did this. After my appointment last week I decided to do lunges a couple of days in a row but then started swelling and got super paranoid. So I stopped doing the lunges and started paying attention to my salt intake again and the swelling has gone down some. I emailed some exercise classes I want to take to my doctors office and they said absolutely no exercise until I'm 8 weeks and even then to start slowly. So I guess I'll just have to be super careful about what I eat until then. That's right before we leave to go on our cruise though so that's good.

Anyhow not much else to report. I've got what looks like a dog ear in my incision and I just noticed that they weren't able to remove my piercing scar. Which is ok but had hoped it would be gone. Most of the stitches have dissolved with a couple of patches still a hanging on. Also I ordered a swimsuit I thought would cover it ...and it didn't. SO I'm going the custom bottom bikini route and I'm pretty excited about it. I've been working on sizing and style with the designer and she says it will be shipping early next week! If it all turns out good I'll post pics and provide the website for you ladies. A little pricey due to it being custom but I am getting black bottoms so I can wear with all sorts of tops. Plus once they have the sizing down I'll be able to re-order from them a lot more easily down the road. Can't say that I'll be 100% comfy in a bikini but the hubs misses the bikini so us know I'm going to try it out since it's our 10 year anniversary and all :)

The Mirror is My Friend

So today I looked in the mirror and though "dang I'm looking skinny!" Im definitely feeling good about having done this now. My doctor has done a good job. I've still got some swelling of course that it noticeable from a side view. From the front though I'm looking flat. Hard to imagine that it's only going to be better when the swelling goes away. Crazy! Anyhow I was excited and thought I'd post about it. :)

Feeling Great! Looking great!

So I haven't been able to upload photos with my phone since updating to the new OS. If it ever works again I promos I will.

Anyhow I am feeling great lately! I only feel tight when I've been sitting a long time and then get up. Other than that I am walking around upright, laying on my side and on my back at night!

I had my check up yesterday and I got the green light for everything! No more compression garment if I don't want to wear it. But figure I will keep wearing it unless I go out and want to wear something without it. Otherwise why not reap the benefits?

I can exercise, go in spas, get spray tans, waxes and all! One funny thing I have noticed is that especially without my CG it feels like I have a tight belt or string tied around my waist where my incision is. Kind of annoying but worth it!

My results are looking really good. My scar is so thin. A little uneven but you can't tell unless you compare to the line of a swimsuit bottom or something. My belly button looks great and natural too. All things I was worried about pre-op. My husband even says that he thinks when all the swelling is gone I'll look about as good as I did on our honeymoon...maybe even better (minus the scar). So nice to hear him say that!

We are going to have such a great time on our 10 year anniversary in a few weeks. I'm so excited!

I just received my custom bikini bottoms in the mail yesterday. They're so cute! And the top belt hides my scar just right. I have to pull it up slightly to cover the whole scar so I might have them adjusted. But they're cute either way! Can't wait to wear it on the cruise!

Anyways, oh and I had some more photos taken at the appointment yesterday. I highly recommend Athenix and Dr Javad for anyone in this area.

Good Times

My hubs and I enjoyed a nice little vacation last weekend. My custom bikini bottoms finally arrived and they covered the scar just right! Looking good in the morning on vacation but my end of the day pics are pretty puffy. Still though much better than before. Now to get into a good exercise routine. Wish me luck :)

From the consultation, to pre-op, to the day of surgery the Athenix Body Sculpting staff has been both knowledgable and helpful. Starting with Maurina as my consultant. She answered my questions and was accurate in determining what procedure was best for me. Candace at my pre-op appointment was super nice and gave me all the proper instruction. On surgery day the entire staff was very clear about what we were doing and what would happen next. Dr Javad has very good bedside manner and was very good about ensuring I was comfortable with everything. This is the first time I've had a surgery done while being "awake". I think the pre-IV cocktail which included some anxiety meds went a long way to make it less scary. During the procedure I recall waking up just a couple of times and asking for more pain control and that was it. And really it was nice not waking up in excruciating pain from being under like I had in a past surgery. So far I'm happy with the results knowing that things will look better once the swelling goes down. I expect a year from now I'll be able to update this review and be overjoyed with the final outcome.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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