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I am a 52 y/o woman who is on the quest as many...

I am a 52 y/o woman who is on the quest as many others out there to stay "forever young"! As many others I have spent time in the mirror who is my biggest critic, dissecting every line and sag. I am a Botox user and have used fillers as well. I am a non smoker and take good care of my skin. I have monthly facials and dermabrasion, plus I am blessed with good genes. That being said, I am noticing wrinkles and sagging of the skin, enlarged pores etc... I did not want to go under the knife but rather do something less invasive to maintain good skin. I am trying to remain ageless versus a big intervention that will be very noticeable.

So the research began...the CO2 fraxel laser scared me and the recovery time and pain associated with it was not for me. I had very bad thoughts like "what if I scar and ruin everything?" I had heard about the weekend peels and decided to explore that route. I came upon the dot laser and the downtime, pain, peeling and results were in line with what I thought I could handle. I liked the idea that the dot formation kept healthy skin intact to speed the healing process.

I found a provider in my area (they were the only gig in town I could find) and had a consultation. I felt comfortable with them and many of the staff members in the office had undergone the laser procedure which added greatly to my comfort level seeing for myself they were not maimed or scarred! A PA laser specialist performs the procedure. They do not own their own laser but rent the latest on a monthly basis. They were also running a special of 20 percent off that sealed the deal for me. They recommended that I use Retina A 4-5 times a week prior to the procedure. They said it would make a difference (not exactly sure what that difference is) I was able to use it for a month prior to my procedure. They also recommend purchasing the Obagi Reginica post procedure serum that you start to apply on day 3. This is suppose to speed recovery. I purchased it online as it was half price.

I had my procedure yesterday, 2/26/14 at 8am. I was a bit nervous so I opted for the Valium prior to the procedure. They took me back about a half hour before, gave me the valium and applied a thick numbing gel to my entire face. The PA came to speak with me prior to the procedure to answer any questions and explain to me that there was a laser vendor specialist in the room as well to assist. They started by wiping off the numbing crème and putting goggles on me. The first zap was on my chin area and it felt like a pin prick. While they are lasering they are also blowing cold air onto the area. I found the procedure to be relatively painless! I have a pretty high pain tolerance but I am sure the Valium helped and I am glad I was not stoic and took it! The procedure took about 30min and I had a friend waiting to take me home. They sent me home with instructions, aquaphor (Vaseline time product) and Eucerine crème.
I look like I have a bad sunburn. It does not hurt and luckily, I have not swelled much. I have applied the aquaphor throughout the day on any dryer areas (even thought the instructions say morning and night) This stuff is a life saver! I slept with my head elevated. The only time it stings is when I washed my face with a mild cleanser.
I am day two now, still look like a sunburn. I am happy to report I did not swell during the night. I guess if I go out today, I can say I got a bad sunburn in Mexico but I think I will stay in since its below zero outside!

I will keep you posted as I progress, but so far so good!

Day 4

Last night I decided to not be so compulsive about sleeping with my head elevated. Big mistake, woke up very swollen. Bit of a rough night had more discomfort than previous nights. My chin/neck area is really sore. I am pretty sure it is related to not using the Retina A in that area so it was very virgin skin.
Most of my face has peeled however that neck area remains bright red and very tender to the touch and has not yet begun to peel. My face is puffy all over and has a mottled appearance. Glad I have no plans!

Pics Day 4...still optomistic

Day 5 & 6

I was actually able to go out on Day 5 but my neck/chin is very sore. Most of the peeling occurred or so I thought. Gotta say it looks totally different in my car mirror in broad daylight (ugh!) I found my skin to be sensitive to the Eucerine cream that they recommend so I stopped using that and continued with the Aquaphor. Unfortuantely, late in the afternoon (of course on Sunday) I realized I was starting to get cold sores. Fortunately, I knew someone that could call in a script for me for an antiviral medication and I started taking that immediately. My face seems to be somewhat broken out/rash like in places as well. I took some Benedryl at night to try to calm that down. Day 6 - I am a bit puffy, neck still raw looking but does not hurt nearly as much. Face is pretty much pain free. I used my own mineral makup and started using some of my own moisturizing cremes for under my makeup. I don't think anyone really noticed that I had anything done. I have a big event on Friday so hopefully the cold sores will be dried up and my skin will even out a bit.
Heartland Plastic Surgery

Michon was the PA that performed the procedure. She was informative and professional.

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