Melanage Mini Peel Review - Clinton Township, MI

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I am 41 years old and I recently had the melange...

I am 41 years old and I recently had the melange mini peel. I have melasma which has gotten worse with age and was using way too much makeup to try (unsuccessfully) to cover it. My doctor recommended the peel and I did not do much research on it prior to which in reflection I'm glad I didn't because I probably wouldn't have gotten it done based on what I have found online. I wanted to share my very neutral review. The spa where I got this done recommended using the cream that comes with the peel for two months prior to the peel itself. The cream worked great and I do admit I was really tired of the peeling that brought but I was seeing great results. I got really excited for the peel itself. When I went to the appointment, I said to the person putting on the peel, I'm so glad to be done with the cream because I'm tired of the peeling only to find out I have to use it for two more months.

So I got the peel put on and was instructed to leave it on for an additional two hours. After the initial application, I was asked for my pain number which I thought was odd because I wasn't expecting any pain (again, glad I didn't do any research). Within a few minutes, the burning started and kept intensifying. In my mind I'm thinking, what have I done? I would say my pain number got to about a 7 out of 10 because of the burning but cold air did help reduce some of the stinging feeling. So I left and felt like I looked like I had a sunburn so I was ok to drive home. After the two hours, I washed it off and the burning did decrease and my face felt really tight. I started peeling the very next morning. Not too bad but I thought that was going to be the worse day. I followed my instructions to the letter and kept thinking it would look better. On the next day I had a few appointments (I took a week off of work because I was unsure as to how it would look---felt dumb for using vacation time but so glad I did), work up and immediately called and canceled my appointments. The peeling was intense and I looked awful! Then I got online which was my biggest mistake. I saw youtube videos of people at 15 days since their peel and 24 days past their peel and they looked just as bad as I did. I thought to myself, "What did I do and will I ever look normal again?" The medical spa where I received it called to see how I was doing and I said, the peeling is very excessive. In retrospect, I'm sure she laughed when she got off the phone and thought, that's what it is suppose to do. Thursday was day three post peel and it kept getting worse. I still holed myself up in my house and was mortified as to how my face looked. I started peeling on my eyelids and lips and obviously they don't put the mask there. So I used neosporin on those areas and they cleared up within 48 hours. Only six days after did I dare venture outside and be in public as I didn't feel I scared small children anymore by my face and day six was kind of a turning point for me. Every day since it has gotten better and better. The peeling has decreased and today was the first day (day 9 post peel) I wore makeup as well. My first few days back at work I just wore the tinted sunscreen that is part of your follow up with the peel and got a lot of compliments on my complexion. Initially would not have recommended it. Now, I totally would but with a few suggestions. Make sure you have a good 6 days to stay at home and not have any other commitments. You don't want to be seen in public, believe me. I wouldn't have it done if you have sensitive skin at all. Invest in better makeup instead of spending the hundreds of dollars on a chemical peel. I'm glad I did it. Hope I don't have to do it again and hope my review might have been helpful to you.

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