Breast Lift and Augmentation - Tunisia

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I am a little scared I'm going to have my surgery...

I am a little scared I'm going to have my surgery on Saturday I hope everything is going to go well. I am a B with a deflated breast due to weight loss. I want to get a full D. I live in France but I'm going to get the procedure in Tunisia with Dr Mezhoud. My friend had a breast augmentation with him and a nose job and the result was amazing. Feel free to comment ask me questions, share advices.

I did it!!!

Hi girls I finally got my breast lift and augmentation it went very well I am very happy about the results. I got a 500cc under the muscle. My plastic surgeon gave me a nice clivage I told him tha I was concerned about how far my boobies were apart. I am a 34 full D. They are still very sore, I was in my bed for 2 days it was hard to sleep, hard to move hard to eat. Now it's post op day 3 and I am feeling better. The scars are around my nipples because of the lift. It look a lil scary I can't wait for them to scar. Let me know if you guys have any questions!!! Xoxo

Before after picture

Here are my before after pictures so far. My boobs are very sore it still hurts but it's nothing compared to the first two days of pain.

Two weeks post op

Hi girls here are my pics after two weeks I couldn't be happier with the results!!! My scaring is going very well I highly recommend my plastic surgeon he did an amazing job! My breasts are softer day after day. It's easier for me to sleep on my sides. I am a 34DD, I remind you I had 500cc implants (left and right). Let me know if you guys have any questions I will add pics next week.

20days post op

Hi ladies here are my pictures 20days post op I am feeling great no pain, my breast are getting a lil softer I can feel my left nipple but not the right one I have no sensation I don't know if it's normal. I am happy with the result I'm healing well. Let me know if you guys have any questions. Take care my real selfie beauties!!!
Dr Mezhoud

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