35 Years Old 3 Kids Much Needed Breast Reduction - Tunis, Tunisia

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I have always had large breast since childhood...

I have always had large breast since childhood when leaving school I was a 32dd. After my first child at the age of 22 I breast fed for around 2 months and since then my breast just have not stopped growing. I am 5ft7inch and weigh 82kg.

I have continuous neck and shoulder pain and find it difficult to sleep at night due to the size of these melons. Its difficult to buy certain tops and dresses due to my boobies.

After years of consideration I have done so much research and have decided to have my surgery with Dr. Foued Hamza in Tunisia via Linda Briggs website. As I would prefer minimal scarring and the lolipop procedure offers this for me.

I am very nervous but also excited at the same time. The cost of my procedure is in pounds sterling and includes flights and hospital accommodation also garment to wear after surgery.

Selfies with my girls

I have now less than a week for my op and my girls have decided to do selfies with me as they will miss me do much.

I'm not sure how I am feeling right now anxious and emotional I have lived with these huge breasts for as long as I can remember and in a few more days they will be gone. I have thrown away most of my bras with excitement.

only days to go

Its the final countdown for me I have spring cleaned the house in preparation for my return back to the UK after my op. I will be leaving UK on tuesday and back sunday to recover. Thank you God for my supportive family. I am just so excited I have finally picked up the courage to do this.

Off to Tunisia

Today I travel to Tunisia for surgery on Thursday I am so excited but still nervous at the same time.


I am now in hospital in Tunisia awaiting patiently for my surgery. On arrival was greeted with lovely staff who took us to hospital and had a lovely hot meal. All pre op done and was weighed the anaesthetist also spoke to me and checked my heart rate.

Its definitely happening I am so excited now was a little tearful when walked in hospital but now im fine.

I have met 7 other ladies which were also on same flight and having procedures so it was nice to speak to others.

more tests

Had mammogram today in preparation for tomorrow feeling excited now.

bye bye boobies

The day has finally arrived to say goodbye too my huge boobies and welcome much proportioned ones and perkier.

the bandages

Surgery went well all bandaged up in two days these will be removed and will wear surgical bra. Very pleased with result did vomit after coming around from anaesthetic but was given injection so feel much better. I am able to walk myself to the bathroom as trying to use the bedpan was just not for me lol.

on the road to recovery

Today i had drip removed from hand i am still taking pain killers only 6 hourly. Not in much pain thought it would be worse than this i do feel very itchy under the bandages.

These will be removed tomorrow and surgical bra put on. I still ferl very sleepy so find myself constantly in and out of sleep. But im on the road to recovery and nice new perkier breasts will upload more pics soon.

the reveal

Day 2 and bandages are finally off here are some pics. Still very swollen this will eventually go down. I have also just weighed myself and now weigh 81.7kg which is around 7pounds lost from breast incredible!!!!

home sweet home

Today I return home with a nice pair of perkier boobs still swollen but it is early days.

Not taking any pain meds just antibiotics and arnica tablets. Will upload more pics soon.

back home

Im home and being waited on by my hubby which is great. It feels so nice to be back in your own bed. Had to take pain meds tonight i think the flying and drive home may have been a little too soon.

Glad to be back with my family it was only 6 days but i did miss them. Going to my GP tomorrow in the hope i get a certificate for a few weeks off work to heal properly.

anticoagulant drugs???????

GP has given me two weeks off work and i am definitely using this time to rest as much as possible. I am having trouble getting my prescription as it was given by surgeon in Tunisia. I am awaiting Dr. Hamza to contact me as i do need to take the anticoagulant injections for 7 days. Did anyone have to do this after having breast reduction surgery?

But apart from that i feel ok today a few little sharp pains but nothing too uncomfortable, still swollen. Today will be the first day i have to change my dressings i am a little nervous but my hubby is here to help me. I just cant wait for stitches to dissolve and i can shower again properly.

bandages changed at home!!

Well well well that was an experience but my hubby did well bless him. Bandages changed still swollen boobies feel really tender stitches look great forgot to take pics with bandages off will do in a few days.


Feeling shooting pains today around nipple area not comfortable at all today. Taking panadol extra to ease pain. Still not getting much sleep finding it difficult to sleep on my back continously.

Tomorrow i will change my dressings again so will see if theres any improvement. Swelling is going down but one boobie seems more swollen than the other.

kelo-cote advanced scar gel

Has anyone used this for scars after surgery and do you know if its any good. I want to buy something I can use in the next few weeks for my scarring.

more pics

Dressings changed again today stitches around nipple area are dissolving nicely.


Why do I feel that I am still massively swollen. When will the swelling go down. Changed my dressings again today not in so much pain today i am now sleeping with a pillow underneath me which I find more ccomfortable and pillows at either side.

So cannot wait to shower fed up of these half showers lol!! Stitches are dissolving well too. Here are more pics.......

Before and After pic

Just had to upload this picture to show you the difference. It's great no longer having long droopy breasts.

Bought a new surgical bra from www.macom-medical.com and its so much more comfortable than my previous one I was wearing will be ordering two more.

Still swollen

Changed dressings again today no oozing but very swollen especially the left side. Still slightly bruised.


Its my second day of showering now and yes it feels great I didn't want to step out. Found two stitches on dressings and a little oozing today will keep an eye on it.

Still really swollen on left breast, both nipples are healing just have one more stitch to disappear on right nipple. I am scared to touch breast as some days they are more tender than ever.

my daughter (age 14) said to me today your boobies look so much better that made me feel great. I so love the fact I can take my clothes off and my girlies dont just flop down in front of me. So need to work on the abdomen and flanks now thinking vaser lipo.................

more pics

Still swollen breasts very tender to touch

3 weeks post and now slight bleeding

Why now just as I thought I was healing well. I have slight bleeding on incision line on nipple on left breast which has always been the most swollen.

I have been applying vaseline to keep incision lines moist which has definitely helped with stitches to fall out. Awaiting reply from my PS regarding slight bleeding it is not a lot but rather get his advice. Still wearing surgical bra day and night and will be for a further 3 weeks.

I'm pleased I finally had the courage to go ahead with my BR but it has been a roller coaster journey.

healing nicely

Just thought I add some pics of my progress. Healing nicely just using bio oil twice a day on incision areas. Seeing my PL for follow up on 19th so looking forward to what he says. My left breast is slightly bigger than the other but this has always been the case I am hoping I still have swelling and this will reduce as my breast still seem big but are just more perked they have dropped a little but not much.

follow up with PS

Had my follow up today with PS he is very pleased with my results so far. He said I still have swelling and this will go in the coming months.

He couldn't believe my scars were non existant and I am only using bio oil twice a day. When he showed me my before pictures I was absolutely disgusted with how my boobies looked I have come a long way and am so pleased with myself.

He will see me again in six months.

swelling go away

I am still swollen more on the left breast than the other. I am beginning to wonder if this is my final shape. My PS said the swelling will go down in time it usually takes between 3 - 6 months maybe I'm just being inpatient.

I have started back my health eating and exercises now as I am a little over my BMI.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2015.

New pics

3 and half months after op. Happy with my new boons they now sit on the chest wall and not on my stomach!

Working on my stomach and flanks next.

not 100% happy

I have definitely decided to have a breast lift or further reduction depending on what my PS recommends. My breast are not as big my only problem is they do slightly still sag I would really like then lifted just a bit more. I will have vaserlipo to my belly and flanks first later in the year then do my breast.

going to DR for mommy makeover

I have another review documenting my journey to become a Baez doll much need breast lift with small implants to prevent sagging tummy tuck full lipo to back and waist and small bbl
London Plastic Surgeon

Very professional approach. I am not 100% happy with my result as my breast are still big and sag a little. I think because I had the lollipop procedure my PS was restricted on how much breast tissue he could have removed. I'm annoyed if he knew he could not give me my desired look which I fully explained he should have said. But then again it's a business!

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