My cheek and chin implants and maybe "eyelids correction and fat removal" at Clinicforyou.

I am thinkin to get these operation because I am...

I am thinkin to get these operation because I am 36 years old and I can see My face is starting to sag and I look tired. I always heard that I look 25, and that makes me happy, because I look younger that my age, but I have never been satisfied with my fat cheeks, which now at 36 arent fat anymore but sagging a bit.
My boyfriend does not support me, my friends neither, because they mean that I am beautiful and looking fine. I just feel they only want me to feel good about my self, and thats why they lie to me.
However, I know I am a perfectionist, and I would like to look better that I do. Hate me, or like me, have my reasons to feel like this.
I only hope to get support from all of you.

Some more pictures about why I am considering a facelift and lower eyelid correction.

I am writting back and forth with Clinicforyou, and they are answering all my questions. I am making my budget and planning to do all this maybe in dicember or january.
I have already had the experience of traveling alone to Istanbul for my Rhinop. and I think I can of course make it again alone to Poland.

I am finally doing it!

Hi everyone, who like me, are in this site for the same reason. Thank you for all your comments and advices. I know most of you people does not agree with me about getting a facelift, and I do understand that. But It is me who sees my face every day in different angles, under, in front and above the different lights in my place or outide everywhere. I am very sure that my fat cheeks have a solution. Well, I have booked an appointment with Clinicforyou in Wroclaw Poland, Doctor Piotr Rataj is gonna be my Doctor. He advices me a facelift and a eyelid correction with fat removal for upper and lower eyelids. So, once again, travelling abroad. I am excited, I have already booked a room for those days and I am travelling with my boyfriend this time. I am doing this because I just wanne be happy, I just want to love my self, I have tried with psycologist and stuff, but I cant accept my self with my flaws, no more... It may sound stupid and inmature, yes and I am sorry but thats the way I feel.

Some pictures that convince me that I need this facelift. without any makeup and with

This pictures shows my reality without makeup... and then how makeup saves me from looking so saggy in the face, but you can still see the fat cheeks i hate so much ;(

I have got the date for the operation

Hi :) I am getting operated the 20th january, I am very excited:)
The Doctor saw my pictures and He said that, I need upper and lower lid correction + fat deposits removal of them too. I need this Smas facelift, but weird, his assistent, Anna, wrote me that it includes a necklift too, And I surely dont need a neck lift... I am getting scared by her comment, So I wrote her that I dont want a necklift, she told me that it is included and can not be separated from smas facelift... So I will have to talk to the doctor face to face and maybe he can do something else... I dont know... I trust him... but sometimes I feel all they want is money...

I am not getting a facelift ANYMORE... and I am not gonna be operated by Piotr rataj ANYMORE.

I have been thinkg so much about what the best is for me. To be honest, although I thought from the beginning that a Facelift was the best for me, I have changed my mind.
I have been doing so much research, and, I saw here in Realself the pictures of a girl who got cheek implants, chin implant and she improved so much her face shape, which was rounded and a little flat. She got more dimension and volume in the right places. That is what I am gonna get instead og the Smas facelift.
So I am writting another review, because in this one, I can not change the Doctors name... i will be getting another Doctor, still in Poland in Clinicforyou. I have heard so much good from this clinic... I trust this clinic 100%

Cheek Implants, Chin Implant and Upperlid Correction and Fat Removal

Weird enough, I remembered I already wrote a review about this but I can not finde it.

Whatever... I finally got my appointment the 17/02 and I am looking forward to it.

I want to acheive the perfect profil :9

I need only a little bit of chin, Cheek implants right under my eyes only and not above my apple cheeks bone, because I have a lot of that. My upper eyelids are too heavy and I look so tired... I already had a correction there last year in March at Aesthetic Med in Poland, but It was not good enough. So I am doing it again.

My mainly problem is my fat cheeks in my lower face. But The any doctor of Clinicforyou in Poland does the Buccal fat removal... sad... because I have my fat face!! hopefully I will get a contoured face with the chin and cheek implants... wish me luck please..

so from now... still a month ahead :/ I can not wait anymore to get this things done.

I am getting done my hair, my microblading brows and nails at Poland too

I am so excited... I am not only gonna get my chin, cheek and upper eyelids correction in Wroclaw... but I am also gonna get my hair done, Bayalage, and my nails extended, pedicure, and microblading brows... It is just like candy for children, to get this things to me... I live in Denmark and it is so expensive everything. I like living in here but I hate it too because it is very expensive to live here.
Im so looking forward to arrive to Wroclaw... but there is still 23 days to wait :-( 23 days is too much...
We are driving to Wroclaw from Copenhagen, it would take 12 hours, so boring... because my boyfiend hates to fly, he is afraid of flying... we have to drive through Germany to arrive to Poland... I hate driving more that one hour... so it is gonna be a hell... I am gonna post some pictures of the hair, nails and brows I want to get.
It is so nice to write in here, I could never write this things in Fb. I do not want my friends and family to know what I am doing with my face or body... is embarrasing, thats why it is so nice to feel free in this site, to tell all this things we want to share or ask...
Andrej Bienik

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