Thinking to Get a SMAS Facelift, and Lower Eyelid Correction in Clinicforyou Poland.

I am thinkin to get these operation because I am...

I am thinkin to get these operation because I am 36 years old and I can see My face is starting to sag and I look tired. I always heard that I look 25, and that makes me happy, because I look younger that my age, but I have never been satisfied with my fat cheeks, which now at 36 arent fat anymore but sagging a bit.
My boyfriend does not support me, my friends neither, because they mean that I am beautiful and looking fine. I just feel they only want me to feel good about my self, and thats why they lie to me.
However, I know I am a perfectionist, and I would like to look better that I do. Hate me, or like me, have my reasons to feel like this.
I only hope to get support from all of you.

Some more pictures about why I am considering a facelift and lower eyelid correction.

I am writting back and forth with Clinicforyou, and they are answering all my questions. I am making my budget and planning to do all this maybe in dicember or january.
I have already had the experience of traveling alone to Istanbul for my Rhinop. and I think I can of course make it again alone to Poland.
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