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I'm excited to be going to Cali, Colombia to get...

I'm excited to be going to Cali, Colombia to get my surgery done by Dr. Hernando Florez!! I haven't been able to find photos of his recent surgeries but fortunately I know a couple of girls that had their surgery by him and they look great!! I will keep everyone posted as I go through this journey..

Where the heck am I staying?!?

So I started to look into places to stay while I'm in Colombia because my friend who was coming with me might not be able to come. Dr. Florez's office recommended Casa Alba or Casa Rama (sp?) I didn't even bother with Casa Alba because they DON'T HAVE AC. Casa Rama has AC, private bathroom, 24hr nurse (aide), 3 meals per day and 3 snacks per day, transport to the clinic and airport.. I think I'm going to go with them, just waiting to be emailed some images of the house.

To Colombia I Go!

So my family has been on my back about going to Colombia by myself to have surgery done... I decided to give the surgeons here a chance so that I can honestly say that I tried everything to stay in Miami and have my surgery done at home. I went to:
1. Dr. Salzhauer's office and he quoted me 10,100 for a mommy makeover (TT with lipo of flanks, silicone breast implants with lift). I was seen right away, waitwd maybe 10min! His office is amazing, clean, staff is really nice, and he took the time to listen and answer all my questions. BUT he has no surgery dates until May of 2016! I kept it moving..
2. Dr Pazmino: His office is hard to get to in Brickell, it's small but clean. I didnt have to wait long to be seen, I waited maybe 20min. He has 2 staff members that were a little dry, but polite nonetheless. He seemed like a very knowledgeable guy, and the way he decibel his TT technique really impressed me, I was blown away! I wold have stayed in Miami and had my surgery with him if his price wasn't so damn high!! $13,800 after a $1000 discount For breast lift, saline implants, and TT!! I want silicone implants so add 1500 to that quoted price.... Craaazyyyy! ...So I sadly kept it moving....
3. Dr. Salama: Okay girls, so I got here and there were 8 women waiting in a small dingy waiting room... The front desk girl seemed nice enough. I signed in and started my paperwork, then 2 more post op patients walked in to the already crowded room and their family had to stand because there weren't enough chairs. I'm sure they had to stand anyway because of their procedure, but I would have been so embarrassed to have to stand there infront of gawking women with my drains hanging down, and in blood stained garments. After 1.5hrs of waiting I decided to leave the meat market. The office called me after being gone 2hrs.. I know Dr. Salama is supposed to do a great job with BBL but I just didn't feel right in there... that's just me. Soooo, i kept it moving.. all the way home

I sent Casa Arama my deposit, and am impatiently waiting for my surgery with Dr. Florez that's 5/27! I'm super excited, and I'm totally at peace with my decision now that I weighed out ALL of my options.

Almost there!!

Okay girls so I only have 2 more weeks before I embark on my body make over adventure!! I'm excited, scared, and anxious.. just a big hot mess. My kids and husband are starting to freak out as well. They are giving me so much love and attention that I'm starting to feel a little smothered lol, I'm enjoying it though.

So I have been reading about things I HAVE to take with me for post op (funnel, diapers, etc). I called Dr. Florez's office to see if there was a list of things I should bring and they told me they would give me a list the day before surgery. I'm a little relived for that because I reAlly did not want to travel with medical supplies in my carry on lol.

I'll be going to a notorious country that I've never been to by myself! I will be in the hands of the staff of Casa Arama... I'm a control freak so it's going to be hard to let go, be vulnerable, and let others take care of me.. I'm the nurse and now I'm going to be the patient in the bed!

I will be posting pics when I get to colombia!
Dr. Hernando Florez

Clinica Fiore Cali, Co

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