Uplift+Full Lipo + Brazilian Butt Lift in Cali - Colombia

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( sorry english is not my first language). I...

( sorry english is not my first language). I finally decided to go to cali to have the body i always wanted. I lose so much weight and my breast lose shape and are a bit low for my age. i look good with clothes ( i think lol) but i want to look good without clothes and be more confident when wearing a swimsuit. After reading so many reviews i decided go share my experience to help others as well as i received help. I

I want a small waist!!

Well i spend hours and hours researching about the surgeries and doctors haha . But at the moment im really happy with my chosen doctor. Im pretty scared about the the exams i have to do before the surgery as they are really strict and ig you dont meet the minimum requirments he would not continue with the surgery. This is why i would like to have a health check before going to colombia as i dont want to waste my money for no reason.

Less than 1 month!!!

I am really nervous about the surgery specially the results, pain etc. I bought some supplies but i need to buy maxi dresses and send the money ti a friend as i dint want to be carrying all that money with me. I forgot to remove my anticonceptive implant!!! I hope this doesnt affect anything but i will be removing it next week. I am really scared about blood results????????, i have always been healthy but i dont want no surprises over there. I decided braids would be the best hairstyle for my type of hair as it would be easier to manage. Before going there i also have to do my waxing as i dont know for how long i will be back to normal. I also spent more money than expected in supplies but i will be paid while im in colombia so i will be taking my debit card there just in case i need extra things. ( can i use my debit card there?? Is it really expensive to cash out money??. Now i am thinkin about having a brazilian butt lift(bbl) too as i always have a big bum but i want a better shape. ( hope it doesn't cost too expensive ????????) but im happy about Clinica Fiore they are really friendly and help you with any query . I have everything scheduled with them even the quirofano. PARA CALI VAMOS????????

Ya queda nada!!

I have finally removed my anticompetitive implant las week. Yey!!! I been taking my iron supplements and i am going to start eating spinachs as apparently is good for the haemoglobin. I also removed all my pearcings ( just in case lol) as i had one in my nipple. I am not sure if i really want to have a bbl as i already have a big bum,... Well i will ask my doctor when i get there. I am also thinking about the return ... Colombia to london, thats gonna be long and i hope everything goes well.

im finally Colombia!!

I am finally in Colombia... such a nice place, everyone is so nice that i don't event want to go back to London . I have the appointment with the surgeon tomorrow and i am pretty excited and scared at the same time. I will keep you guys updated . Thank you so much for the support .

so nervous!!!

I had the appointment with the surgeon. He is really honest, professional and gave me so much confidence. Apparently I have got a size C already and in order to get the look I want I just need 300ccs... ( I don't know if thats going to be too small) this is why I am going to ask him before the surgery I could have 350 instead.. however, i think the implants that he uses gives you a higher size so im not sure. About the lipo, he told me I have a good body I just need few adjustments. I have done my exams today and until tomorrow I will not know the results... so nervous!! At the clinic al l the girls that had surgery with him looked fabulous!! He prefers the natural option but performs aggressive lipo so I can't wait for the small waist. I was thinking also about getting BBL but he told me that I already got a big bum and that it would be too exaggerated. /at the moment I am happy but nervous at the same time, thinking about the post surgery, etc.

Pics from today. Before surgery

I have been eaten this week a lot as i know i will have to start a strict diet afterwards. They just called to say there was a space for today as one of the patients have the flu and her surgery was postoned so i am having my surgery TODAY!!! ???????????? i hope everything goes well. I will post pics of the results after. I am also goong to ask for more ccs. ????


Hello everyone. I had my surgery on wednesday and i survived!! I had to pay two extra nights in the hospital because of my low hemoglobine level. The surgery was for about 5 hours!! And i didnt feel anything at all. I had nauseas because of the anesthesia but in overall everything went well. My whole body is really swollen and painful. You have to be mentally prepared because is really hard.

Masagges or lymphatic drainage??

The surgeon recommends lymphatic drainage instead of massages. im in so much pain!!! I cannot even go to the toilet by myself. My diet is really strict now i am staying in my friends house , she was a nurse in the past and treates me very well. She gave me advice, stayed with me 24/7 etc. pick me up from airport, etc. if you are interested i can give you her number.. I trust her 100% . Her apartament has a bathroom inside the room and she help you with everything.

Impatiently waiting for the results

Sore and feeling heavier.

My feet is really swollen

My feet and ankles are so swollen!! I went to the clinic today and they said it is normal. They are going to remove the stiches on Wednesday!! Yayy

Swollen ankle

first massage

Well the surgeon does not really recommend massages ( he prefers the lymphatic drainage) but i wanted to know how the manual massage was and I REALLY RECOMMEND IT. I am not gonna lie is quite painful but necessary. You see the results straight away!!the only thing will advice you is to book a proffessional person to do the massages. I have got the contact details of the one I have got and all I can say she is AMAZING!! Everything is takes like 2 hours as she puts the infra-red rays first and apply something else on the swollen area. I can walk straight and eat with minimal pain!! yay! I am going back to London on the 9th/09 so i booked a package of 8 sessions for around $75 ( in comparison with London or usa is really cheap , thats what they charge for a single massage!!)

Still really swollen

Well i had the revision with the surgeon and he told me i was really swollen still so he gave me some pills for it and said that i will see the results after 3-4 months. To be honest i was a bit sad because i see other woman that had surgery perfectly healed but the doctor said to me everyone has different bodies. Omg all the women there had beautiful bodies and really small waists but natural looking.

Back home...

The duration of the flight cali to london was more than 12 hours. Dont wear the hard garmet or the table if you are travelling for such a longer time as it would be really uncomfortable. I am starting to slowly see some changes !! And well the surgeon told me i need to wear the garmets in order to achieve the curves i want. Sk thats what im going to do. The nights are horrible , my back is sooo itchi... Do you know any remedy for this?

Pexia scars

I think my breast are healing well. To be honest i was a bit scare about the scars but i will start applying a cream for the scars in few weeks.

I can star slowly seeing some results.

New garmets size s


My abdominal area keeps constantly changing. I hope to get the curves i want. I can definetly see a difference. I need to be pacient and follow the surgeon instructions.

Thinking about future bbl

I actually regret not having the BBL done i already had a big bum but after the lipo i think it looks a bit smaller.

In love with my new body

No pain at all . But some parts still a bit sore

I need to start to do some excersise !! Im startingto accept my body and happier about my results. I am planning to go back to cali and with the same doctor next year as i would like a bbl.
Dr Hernando Florez

Fast replies . Well recommended by friends and i couldnt find any negative review about him. He seems really profesional.

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