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It is 84 days until my procedure. I have...

It is 84 days until my procedure. I have completely changed my approach to it because at first I wanted to be in the best shape possible for my procedure so that I could recover after and not have such a strain in my body. I was working out 5 times a week for over 45 minutes but ten I fell IN LOVE with the Brazilian butt lift so I will continue to do a light workout and eat healthy fats and proteins to get enough fat to give me a curvier shape. I have been wanting these procedures FOREVER, I have been aggressively saving for it for the past year and I finally have enough to cover all my procedures YAY. There is not one specific one that I am more excited about because the general MAKEOVER is what is most appealing to me. I can't wait! I have not yet started any vitamins or diet to support my surgeries. If you guys have any tips that would be great I want to be ready and take all the precautions possible since it will be a lot I strain on my 20 years old body. By the way my measurement are 5"3 32-27-39 I would like to be a 40?-22-40+

I am getting together pictures of what I want my...

I am getting together pictures of what I want my breast to look like! Am I the only person that wants sort of saggy breasts like not perky ones? I really love the look of more natural breasts JUST like this picture.

I have been gathering a lot of pictures to show my...

I have been gathering a lot of pictures to show my surgeon so he can have a clear idea of what I do and DONT want in my breat augmentation, BBL, and rhinoplasty. I think it's important for him to see a lot of examples of what you like so there is no guessing or assuming on the surgeons part. Please remember its YOUR RESULTS you will be living with for the rest of yor life so be as clear as possible and don't be afraid to sound demanding or overwhelming with details, like I said its 4-6 hours of their time for results you will be living with every day. Here are some wish boob pics! I am in live with the natural more saggy look! With little upper polar fullness.

22 days! Can I even say more? I am finally getting...

22 days! Can I even say more? I am finally getting the nervous feeling I have been expecting since I booked my appointment in March. I went to Walmart to shop for the stuff I will be bringing, like my the front-close bras, Arnica gel, bath wipes (like baby wipes but for your whole body instead of showering) which I will most likely need the first day or two, since I want to feel as comfortable as possible. Let me actually make a list so you guys can reference it as well:
-Arnica gel
-Arnica pellets
-Bath wipes
-Baby wipes (will be getting lipo so I will be wearing a compression garment with a front and back slit GROSS but what can I do...)
-Front close bras, I got Fruit of the Loom which run SUPER small so go to your local store and try them on. I got 5 since I want to be comfortable and not need to re-use until I can wash.
-Headbands (need my hair OUT MY FACE)
-Loose maxi dresses, tank tops, and shorts.
That is all I can think of right now, I am of course taking my cocktail of vitamins (No vitamin E of course) which I will also post later on.
I am just mainly hoping to be as comfortable as I can be and recover fast, which only one of those I can some sort of control over. Please realize this is a surgery which will take MONTHS before you can truly enjoy it, and to burst your bubble completely it will probably be a WHOLE YEAR before you can really see the ultimate results of your surgery. I am planning to unveil my completed look in 2014 and warning those around me to not expect anything spectacular until then. I will return to the states 2 weeks after my surgery swollen, in pain, uncomfortable and worst of all stuck with wearing a compression garment and Styrofoam board to keep my skin tight and smooth after the lipo for at least 3 months after the surgery...great. So I will look worst then when I left and might scare a person or too, and leave most speechless since even though I told them not to expect anything they will anyways.

22 days people! How long until your surgery? Have you started preparing? I am almost packed!

7 days girls until I fly to Colombia, 14 days until my surgery!

OMG it has come down to less than two weeks for my make-over! I cannot be more excited/nervous/anxious/sleepless if I start thinking about it before I go to bed I literally cannot sleep, so I try to not think about it so much and just relax before I have it. I am still taking my daily supplements of vitamins and Arnica pellets SEVERAL times a day. I was at work and a customer saw me taking them and pulled some out of her own purse and told me how absolutely amazing they are! I am excited to see the effects of these supplements but at the same time I am not underestimating my recovery or pain to be endured afterwards, especially with the breast augmentation. Also I am not looking forward to wearing the "faja" and tabla (foam board/tummy board), which is the tight compression garment that needs to be worn a minimum of 3 months after a lipo/bbl to help the skin stick back together. I am giving myself a year to notice all the true results since it will definitely be a long process and not an overnight miracle. I'm rambling but so far I am excited and just getting together pictures to show my surgeon of what I want to look like or to inspire him.

Surgery after

Nose boobs and look baby!
Dr Pedro duenas

I chose this doctor because alot of my family members have chosen him as we'll with gray results.

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