Consultation review - Dr Arguello/dr Arce- Costa Rica- No Airport Pick Up-no Accommodation--no Op--

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let me start from the beginning, after many emails from dr arce, which were answered promptly
all was in place to go to costa rica for a facelift, it was only the last week before i left that he finally answered my request to where i was staying, it was to be at their own recovery place in curradabat.
great , i was not worried as i was to be picked up at the airport and taken to curradabat, as they had all my flight details and time of arrival
on arrival in costa rica, there was no pick-up and it was only with help that we managed to phone dr arce to be told that the place in curradabat had building work and would not be suitable and verdeza was full, he said he had emailed me but no email existed, he instructed me to take a taxi and book in to the nearest hotel to clinica biblica which was the holiday inn at a cost of $139 plus $35 for the taxi and be at clinica biblica at 9am the next day , i booked out of the hotel as i did not know how long i would be at the clinic,
dr arce went through all the paperwork while his secretary looked for accommodation . i was sent for a pre-op test at $100. as i brought all my other blood work with me
all was well till i met dr arguello, as dr arce had inflated my weight which also inflated my bmi but he did not re-weigh me which i should have insisted as it was totally wrong, he had added 1 1/2 stone to my real weight and he believed him i was so shocked and upset when he said he would not do the facelift , he also he berated dr arce for knowing i was still smoking but had cut down to 5 a day and dr arce knew this so dr arguello refused to do the operation. i just felt so sick after coming so far , his secretary managed to find me an apartment but it was way out of town and said he had booked me in for the 2 weeks but )when i arrived they informed me it was only for 5 nights as they were full and dr arce knew this, only with the help of elizabeth that she found me a hotel close to the city for the rest of my stay
i did return to the clinica biblica to see dr arce and was told he is not based there, he only rents a room and goes in for emergencies
i got re-weighed and found i was not 1 1/2 stone heavier but one pound lighter than on my form and left a written message but had no replies
i left approx 10 messages and was only one night gone 10pm, he said he had been busy and would not be able to do anything for me
disaster trip, absolute nightmare and a waste of time

i think it would be a lot better to have surgery close to home ,
at least you won,t be stranded for 2 weeks in a strange city
i really would hate for this to happen to anyone else
no procedure

dr arguella ---dr arce

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