Consultation review: Consultations in Different Bangkok Surgery Centers

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I am a foreigner living in Bangkok, Thailand who...

I am a foreigner living in Bangkok, Thailand who will be having liposuction soon and I just wanted to share my consultation experiences with these different centers in case anyone else finds this information helpful in their decision making. Feel free to ask questions

*Remember* this is MY experience and perception, I still suggest you do your own research on each Dr and clinic.

Just want to note that I rode the bus to each location and was in communication with each center via LINE and email. I set up particular appointment times with each center and this is what it was like from my point of view/experience.

*Each center was very responsive to my questions, needs & had someone communicate with me in English. All the Doctors spoke English, as well.

Located in Downtown, closest Clinic to Center of Bangkok. 2 story building, Clean. Upon entering, there were many nurses/ secretaries running around with paperwork and helping customers. Although they were very attentive to me (brought me water, sat me down) I felt like just another number. Many thai people were looking at me but I didn't pay much attention to the others in the room. I arrived on time and met the Dr. about 35 minutes after they asked me to fill out paperwork and take pictures of my problem areas. Their system is very efficient but again, It didn't feel personalized. I'm sure it's because they have one of the highest reviews and offer many other services and their low prices are afforable for many people.
I didn't like that I was asked for my passport and nationality 3 times. I don't like giving out too much of my personal information especially if I wasn't yet commited to this center. I met with Dr. Walop, he was very informative about procedure, felt my fat and told me what to expect. He told me my options and I felt he was personable, I felt relaxed with him. Had about 3-4 years of experience with Lipo. After consultation the nurse went over prices with me. Prices were the least costly than the other centers visited. I met with Dr. Walop

The nurse I spoke to was extremely helpful, nice and their clinic offered to pick me up at my location. I accepted. This center has their own personal driver. Their center was the largest I visited. Very fancy, elevators and excellent staff dressed professionally. Filled out paperwork then met with the Dr. Immediately. He was very relaxed ,took his time with me also felt around my fat and gave me suggestions about my body. He also asked about my Nationality but I felt this was more out of curiousity. I went over prices with the assistant. Wayyy over my budget. This was the most expensive quote. (Forgot the Doctors name, he had over 10 years of experience)

SLC (Siam Laser Center)
Large center, futuristic looking, many professional looking nurses but also many more people than Dermaster (same amount as masterpiece) when I approached the desk they didn't treat me as if I had an appointment, It was as if I was a walk in. Again filled out paperwork and one of the ladies who spoke English took me to a room and asked to see my problem areas. I expressed that I had an appointment for consultation with Dr. but she insisted she could consult me and look me over. I do believe she had experience, felt me and was very informative but she was also rushing me. As I was hurrying to put on my clothes she almost opened the door I could tell she was rushing me indirectly. I didn't even get a chance to speak with the Dr. but she sat me down and we talked about the prices. Great sales woman. She had an excellent pitch about the Dr.'s, the clinic and why they are voted #1 in Bangkok. Ofcourse when I asked who voted them #1, she didn't know. Anyways she kept delivering her sale pitch and then ofcourse told me about the prices and explained that many foreigners go to them for their lipo.
The price was medium high for liposuction in Bangkok.

International Medical Health Solutions
I couldn't even find the clinic and slow response via email. I didn't end up meeting with them. SKIP

This looked less popular, smaller clinic, one story and less busy. The nurses were extremely nice and I met with the Dr within 20 minute for my consultation ofcourse after filling out more paperwork.
Met with Dr. Moungthai. She was the only Dr who didn't feel me up on my fat, she just sat in her chari and I showed her my areas. She didn't really ask me questions. I didn't feel a connection with her. She was kinda just like "yeah I can do it"
I spoke to the nurse about prices and they reduced it greatly for me since I'm not too over weight. However even with a great price I personally wasn't ready to commit since I didn't feel the Dr. was truly invested in me and my goals. She said my operation would take an hour while in my head I was thinking about how every other Dr. said it would take 3. I'm not sure who to believe.
She does have years of experience.

Our exchanged emails were very personalized however I did not read the fine print about consultations costing an absurd $100 USD. Uhm no.
I got there and was mad at myself but also made myself clear that I was not paying $100 to have a consultation when I'd already had 4 from other Dr's who had roughly said the same thing. Anyways, the saleswoman / assistant was on point and very nice so I heard her out. She was able to reduce the price by half but this was after I realized I subconsciously wanted this particular Dr. to do my procedure. This place was far off north but the facility was big and the staff was incredibly friendly/ funny. I felt that our conversations were private and personalized and that the staff was invested in me. The Dr. in this Facility that would be doing my procedure is Dr. Tanongsak Panyawirunroj. After extensive research I saw that he had many positive reviews and over 20 years of experience in Surgery. I was still butthurt about the price of consultation but understood that when you have that level of expertise, you don't want to meet with just any prospect, only serious ones. I was serious so I decided I'd gamble the consultation fee in order to meet him and see if he had anything different to say since I was already there.
My consultation with him was alright. It was not private, about 3 others joined us in the room besides the Dr. and I. I did not anticipate this so for me personally this was uncomfortable as I showed him my problem areas. It was also really short, less than 10 minutes. I could see the pride in himself as soon as he shook my hand. Very confident in himself but felt he wanted to get straight to the point and overwith the consultation. Maybe he was tired or just being extra professional?? Who knows. Dr. T did feel up on my concerned areas and explained the same thing the other Dr.s said. We looked at the fotographs together and then we departed ways so that he could determine an estimated price for me.
I wil not mention the price but it was costly.
The staff was extremely helpful in helping me find my way home, even walked me to the bus stop.

Take what you want from my experiences, these are my reviews for liposuction consultations in Bangkok since I know medical tourism is huge here.
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Reviewed multiple Doctors only on their Consultation, their facility, their staff, comfort , hospitality NOT their actual surgical practices.

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