Round 2 10 Years Later with Dr. Fatima - Dominican Republic

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Hello beauties this is my second time having...

Hello beauties this is my second time having surgery in DR. The first time I had a tummy tuck, breast lift and augmentation. At that time I had two children and my breast was a mess. My stomach was not that bad but I had a tattoo that I wanted to get off. My doctor was Dr. Ramon Rodriguez Estelle. He was an excellent doctor and his work was amazing. I had a third child in 2013 my blessing. This time around I would like full body lipo, bbl. A friend had surgery with Dr. Fatima and she really knows what she is doing. I have done some research and I think she is the right doc for me. One thing that I'm bothered about is my sx date. In a perfect world I would like to have sx in April 2016. Lesley emailed me today and said the only dates she had was June. I have a trip planned in June and have paid all ready:( if anyone wants to switch let me know.

My mind made up ????????????

Hey dolls and dolls in the making. I emailed Dr. Beaz as well as Goico for quotes and potential surgery days. I got a quote from Dr. Beaz 3500 with surgery date in June. I asked her what come with the 3500 quote and I never got a reply. I also ask her what day in June she had available and she never responded. Dr. Goico never responded back with a quote. I did like speaking with Dr. Beaz because she responded to me quickly and I did not have long wait. But right in the middle of our conversation I could not get her to respond back which was really weird. She kind of just left me hanging with no date for surgery. And she did not answer what went with the $3500 quote she gave me. I really think that I'm going with Dr. Fatima Almonte. I'm going to make my deposit with her tomorrow and email Leslie the confirmation picture.

Sx date set in stone????

Hello dolls,
I have an update on my sx date. I will now be having surgery June 30 and my sister will also have hers the same day. We both will be with the talented Dr. Fatima Almonte. I'm excited for us both. I will actually be in DR twice due to a girls trip the beginning of June for 6 days. Ladies don't play with your deposit being sent to Lesley. I had the June 20th 3 days ago. Then my sis said she was told it was June 27th. In less the 3 hours from her talking to Lesley from my deposit and emailed reciept I'm booked for June 30th. Honey don't play or take your time when securing a sx date. I'm think I'm going to stay at Recovering with cosmic. Anyone stayed there or heard through the grape vine anything good or bad. Please let me know all info will be helpful. I will keep everyone posted.


Hello ladies.....
Lesley changed our sx date to June 29 th so all three of us can have sx on the same day. I will be going down with my sis and her friend. Let's not forget my hubby wants to come as well. Looking for a good recovery hm. If anyone knows of any good ones let me know.

A little late

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to come on and let you know that Dr.Yily got back to me in a email weeks later. Dr. Yulee secretary since me a list of dates that are available and it is every month and almost every day available. It makes me think that she is taking 10+ people a day and that's why she has so many available dates. I personally would never go and have surgery with her because I'm for sure by reading the comments of other ladies on this website that she is not doing her own surgeries. How can one doctor do 10 surgeries a day and each surgery takes about 2 to 4 hours long. There is no way and I would not like to be in the hands of someone else that I did not know or trust. No bad comments to any ladies that decide to go with her just please do your research and know who's really doing your surgery. I'm going to stay with Dr. Fatima Almonte.I actually feel safe and trust her and her work and I feel like everything will work out.

It's on now!!!

Hey dolls,
I'm preparing for my surgery that's in June 29. I bought an elliptical and bench with weights from play it again sports. My goal is to really tone my body up. When I get my lipo I don't want to be all flabby. I will start my exercise regimen on Monday. I will keep you posted on my progress.

The count down

Hello ladie, it's almost that time for me to get my surgery. I have 2 weeks left June 28th I travel to DR. Surgery on June 29th. I'm excited getting everything prepared for my departure. I'm going with my sister and her friend. We all are having sx on the same day. I just pray that my sx goes excellent and the doc really does a good job on my arms. I will update you when I leave to DR. Bye ladies ttyl

I leave for DR tomorrow

Hello ladies I leave tomorrow for DR . My sister and her friend flys in to DR the next day. I'm ready to get this process over with. I'm staying at Maria's and her husband/ driver will be picking me up. I will keep you posted.

Day 2 in DR

Hello ladies I mean dolls,
This is my day to in the DR. I'm staying at Maria's home. I really like it I get good food fresh fruit and fresh fruit juices every day. The house is very clean and I feel comfortable. The staff The staff is nice as well. There are many dolls here and had surgery or who is going to have surgery and everyone is nice and talks to each other. My sister and her friend who are of my surgery buddies will be here today. They have a Faja store that I will be going to later on. My surgery is tomorrow and I'm somewhat excited because I know my doctor is going to do a great job. Stay tuned I will be back.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

He was great! Did not speak great english but had a translator.

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