Full Mommy Makeover with Dr. Plovier Brussels, BE

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Dr. patients does not advertise but he is a very...

Dr. patients does not advertise but he is a very busy man. That says a lot for a surgeon. I researched for months and based on my research and timing of what is going on in my life, I booked with Dr. patients before even having a consultation with him. I had to pay a deposit to book but if the consultation goes badly, you can always get that money back. I booked in March and the earliest I could book for was September. My consultation was booked for July.

After 5 children and having breast milk with them all and then losing 40 lbs after my final child, I needed my body back. I work out 5-6 days a week (my youngest is 11 and I am a stay at home mom so I have the time to put into a lot of fitness) but nothing was going to take away my pouch or give me my breasts back. I was a 34D but dropped (both cup size and literally) to a 34C.

I booked our Eurostar tickets when I paid the deposit for my surgery. I also paid extra for the Panorama hotel and medication which was very worth it. My consultation went exactly how I knew it would in July so surgery for September was a go. I pre-maid meals to freeze for when my husband I returned (Brilliant to do so you can eat healthy and your also weary partner has a break!). We took the nearest train to Kings Cross in London to head to Eurostar. We arrived a day before surgery where BE Clinic has a driver meet you to pick you up to take you to the hotel. I am not aware of this service being available if you do not book the hotel in advance. The hotel itself isn't a luxury hotel but once inside your room with wood floors (no nasty carpet) it does very well with the low beds to get in and out of after surgery. The next morning a driver picked us up at 6:45 am to take us to the Clinic which was 5 mins away. Dr. Plovier greeted us and took us up to our room where I changed and waited to be marked up. He took his time doing his markings which I really appreciated. He had me turn all different angles and took a lot of time thinking and making sure it was perfect. I then walked to the operating room and the lovely nurses say sweet things to calm your natural fears of going to sleep. I was in the operating room for 6 1/2 hours and apparently while I was out of it (I do not remember any of it) I was a bit difficult with wanting to go to the bathroom. I know I was because I do hate catheters, they make me feel like I have a UTI. Still, this did not change my nurses attitude towards me as she was so loving and caring. It felt like my own mother was there rubbing my hair with a gentle voice. The amount of love this nurse pours into her patients blew me away. I was given a extra hour to rest even after they closed for the driver to collect us. The driver was very careful driving back with me. I took my meds and fell asleep until I was woken up with my husband who had set his timer for me to take more meds every 4 hours on the dot. We stayed an extra day at the hotel who was very gracious in giving us 2 extra pillows and a fan to help cool the room with the extra heat Europe was having this late in the year. My husband made sure that everytime I got up to use the resteroom, that I walked around the room a couple of times to help with blood circulation. The next day our driver collected us at 8am to take us back the Eurostar for a 10:56 leaving time. My husband went to find me a wheel chair and Eurostar blew me away again with helping us with a wheel chair and giving us free upgrade to business class. Not only that, but they would call the arriving station to let them know that we needed to be met with a wheelchair at each stop. It couldn't have gone better despite the pain.

That said, here is some advice if you choose to have a full mommy makeover with Dr. Plovier. Book everything in advance. It really took all that stress away of trying to figure stuff out when it gets closer. I took a zip up jacket to wear after surgery and it has been my friend with these drains which I still have but probably won't much longer. They have really stopped draining so much. Probably due to Dr. Plovier expertise. Take someone who you won't mind seeing your vag hang all out there. The compression garment they put on you does come with a zipper for your private areas but trust me, you don't even care about zipping it up. If you have a booty like me, that private area zipper will dig into your bum/thigh area. All it takes is placing some kleenex or paper towels as a barrier between the zipper and your skin. It does get painful with how tight it is. Take actual shoes, not slippers as the Eurostar in Brusells has a slippery floor somewhat. Try to take the nearest train in to Eurostar if you travel that way. Trying to drive into London or even Epping would be a nightmare after surgery. All the stopping and potholes would have made it miserable.

I have not seen my nipples or stomach under the bandages nor will I until the 2 week mark like Dr. Plovier advises. He knows exactly what he is doing and I'm following it to the T.

What I had done was a full tummy tuck (550 grams removed) with muscle repair, aggressive lipo on flanks (1200ccs removed) and breast uplift with 350ccs Motiva implants placed behind the muscle. If you've been to Dr. Plovier, he will tell you not to worry about the ccs. This can seem scary but trust me, he gets it right when you show him the type of breasts you are looking for. Some have complained that he didn't go big enough but he does what is best for you and your body. He's not some quack doc that will do anything you tell him to. He cares! I've read some reviews that he has no bedside manner but I found his "to the point" attitude is right in line with medical care. You aren't paying for bedside manner, you are paying for their skill and knowledge. He's got it.

I will update again when I see my scars. I will also be using Embrace Scar therapy so will update how the progression goes.

The itch!

Omgoodness the itch! My lipo areas are itching like mad! I still have my drains but it's down to 11ccs in 24 hours. Dr. Plovier advises for it to be less than 10ccs for both drains combined in a 48 hour period before they are removed. The color of the fluid draining has turned to clear yellow so I am close to having them removed. I am checking my bandages everyday for any signs of leakage as this can be the first indication of something wrong. Nothing has changed since day one.

I am taking arnica, bromelain (pineapple extract) pills and drinking quite a bit of pineapple juice. Keeping carbs low and protein high. I am not able to stand straight yet but I can stand straighter where my back does not want to give out so quickly. I touched my nipples through my bandages and they do have feeling today! Wonderful news! My lipo area is the worst swollen parts of my body. It looks like I either have a use jet pack or second bum on my back. I only noticed this yesterday taking a quick sponge bath with compression garment removed. I will warn you, taking off the compression garment and putting it back on is hard work and painful! My husband was sweating by the time were done.

Drains removed!

Dr. Plovier does not advise removing drains until you are putting out 10ccs or less combined. That means 5 in one, 5 in the other or 10 in one and zero in the other. Whatever combination just 10 or less for a 48 hour period. So 10 or less over 2 consecutive days. I was putting out 0 for 2 days before I could have them removed. He does stitch them in and I did not shave beforehand (I assumed they would and didn't want bumps before surgery) so the tape was connected to my pubic hair. While they were tugging on that I started to feel funny. When they cut the stitches it got worse. When they pulled them both out at the same time (not my idea) it burned, I felt some liquid run down my hip and then completely passed out. I normally throw up after passing out but at least I didn't do that. However, I made it home and cried with another episode of "what did I do to myself" for 2 mins. A nap certainly helped me feel better with strong meds.

That said, I did not manage to take pictures but I will tomorrow. My tummy tuck scar is FABULOUS as far as tummy tuck scars are. My belly button is strange looking but I'm only 8 days out. I had a scar on my stomach and two stupid teenage tattoos that I was hoping would be removed. He said he was not sure if he could remove the tattoos unless it would move my scar up. I said I didn't care what my tattoos looked like, just keep the scar low. He worked his magic ( worth every penny!) and all is gone! I'll update with before and after pics of my tummy tuck tomorrow. I have 6 days until I can see my breast lift scars.

Before pics and during healing

Dr. Plovier did such an amazing job. Don't be worried about my swelling, I'm dealing with a severe amount on my flanks after lipo. I had stomach tattoos which were removed and a scar across my stomach that all but 1/2 inch was removed. I'll update with better pics later!

Almost 4 months past surgery

I'm a size 4 now! Was a size 5 in high school at my adult skinniest. I'm a 34 D and having slight issues with pain in one area at the edge of my nipple on my left breast. I figure its probably a stich trying to make its way through. My breasts look amazing! I do have one spot on my left breast that looks slightly uneven on the bottom but it has turned into slightly firm spots that I figure are possible fat necrosis. I read that it's common with a lift and will dissappear eventually so I'm going to give it time. Also, for a long time my left nipple was a bit higher than my right but it is correcting itself and is ony noticeable to me. Husband doesn't notice anything besides boobs of course. :-) My stomach (slight swelling only) and flanks (sore from too much stimulation or firm touches) from the lipo still swell and I'm still addicted to feeling secure on those sensative areas so I have a small corset wrap type thingy thats actually for bad backs but it gives me just the right amount of tightenss in the right area and I love it! Looking back, I hands down would not have done the lipo. I had no idea it would be this sensative this far out and beyond my lipo, I'm pretty much back to "me". The swelling I can handle, but the sensative flanks from the lipo drives me batty.

One thing I didn't think I'd have an issue with is the vaginal "lift" that came with my tummy tuck. I didn't think it was a big deal when I first saw it but now it's getting my nerves to have my pubic hair that far up so I will be getting laser to remove the hair to a certain point to look more "normal" with hair placement.

For my breasts and tummy tuck I was able to get my hands on Embrace Scar therapy and thanks to Dr. Ploviers skill and Embrace, my scars will be almost invisible on my breasts and be hardly noticeable on my stomach. So thankful I chose him!

I read that scars are at their worst around 3-4 months with color so if they stay that thin and just go white, I'm so pleased!

It's been a while!

No new changes except lightening of the scars! It's still 3 months until a year anniversary for my surgery. My breasts look amazing and the scarring is what I hoped for and not done yet! I moved to a tropical island so I'm still keeping my scars covered from the sun. Unfortunately my tummy tuck scar ended up too high so I'm not able to wear a regular bikini but that's no fault of Dr. Plovier. He's beyond skilled but I think I was right at that edge of having not enough skin to pull lower. These pics don't make me look too curvy but I am. I workout a lot still and finally getting abs coming through. Don't mind my granny panties, it was laundry day! Haha!
Belgium Plastic Surgeon

You can not find a better doctor or staff in Europe. His staff is wonderfully sweet and caring and I love his work! Je takes his time to mark you up before surgery, doesn't have the kindest bedside manner but then again, I'm not paying for him to mother me, I'm paying him for his work. His nurses take care of that part. He's very focused on his job and you want him to be. My scars on my lift are barely visible while my tummy tuck is still healing but looks great. He knows what he is doing!

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