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Anyone who has had a FUE treatment in the last...

Anyone who has had a FUE treatment in the last three months and is wondering if it has worked or not...............JUST BE PATIENT!!! It works, but you must be patient. I took thousands of photos and compared them day after day. Looking back, i wish i had just left it and carried on with normal life. I know it is easier said than done, as i have been through it myself, but once again be patient.
I went through times where i was convinced i had eaten something that may have affected my result or washed my hair with an incorrect product that would affect growth etc etc etc etc......... Once again, JUST BE PATIENT!! I had to wear a cap for nearly 3 months, which for someone who never wears caps, was a bit difficult. I am now at 5.5 months and think things are going well. At 6 months i am supposed to be only 50-60% of result, so any more in my opinion would be a bonus!!
Hang in there guys, i understand your pain, its not easy, JUST BE PATIENT!!!

6.5 months

Now seem to be getting a bit of length in the front that i haven't had for the last 20 years. It always seemed to grow to a certain length then stop. The hair was also really fine and whispy!

Journey from the start

A few people have asked me for pictures from the day after the procedure to when my review starts, approx 3.5 months.

Pictures showing donor area

It just dawned on me that i never posted pics of the donor area. I don't have too many decent pics, but here they are none the less.

Donor Areas

8 Months!

I have to say, i don't think a whole lot has happened between months 6 and 8 apart from further lengthening and possible thickening of the hairs. I don't see any new growth, but possibly they are fine and i don't see them or the process of the fine hairs slowly thickening. I still notice an area in the centre top of my head that seems a bit thinner than the rest, and ironically, it was where it was thickest of my thinning hair. Possibly its going to surprise me any day now!! :) Overall, i'm very happy with my result. Still taking propecia very erratically. I will take for a few days then miss a few days. On average i would say i am taking 1mg 2-3 times a week. Other than that, i use a normal shampoo, and twice a week i put a conditioner into my hair and leave it in overnight. Looking back on the whole journey, i would definitely recommend the procedure, but......, be prepared for some bumps in the road to results. Lots of doubt, lots of checking, lots of worrying. Go for it! the results are worth the wait!!!


I should have added this pic to the last update, so as to see the difference.

9 months!!!

A child is born!! 9 months since my Maral procedure, and really happy with the results. It sometimes feels quite weird to be able to run your fingers through your hair and even use a comb for what it was actually designed for!! Having not told many people, it's still quite weird that no one has actually said anything, but I can see some "processing " going on in their heads! I'm still taking finasteride 3/4 times a week and wash daily. I had my first "proper" haircut a few weeks ago which was great! For the past 25 years it's just been me, clippers and two mirrors!! I forgot that great feeling you have after a haircut when you feel like a million bucks!
I can't imagine, apart from a thickening if the new hairs, that there will be much more growth. I don't see or feel any new hairs coming through either. FUE's......may the force be with you all!!

10 Months!

10 months! My hair is definitely starting to become a little less "wirey" and the condition is improving. In terms of new growth??? really not sure.There are no obvious signs of new growth, but individual new hairs are definitely starting to thicken. Very happy with the results. Any positive changes in the next few months............bonus! I'm still taking 1mg propecia approx 4 times a week. This is something i actually want to stop, and was possibly the reason for doing the FUE, but i must be honest, ..... im worried to stop, as i know i will start loosing some of the old existing hairs. Ive taken Propecia on and off for the past 15 years, with no obvious ill side effects, but am concerned about taking any drug for this period of time as to the long term effects. I look at pictures of myself from 15 years back and the Propecia definitely put a halt to the hair loss, but didn't give me any significant new growth. Possibly i should stop the Propecia and then schedule a second FUE for the near future..........

12 month update

Almost 1 year pot op at Maral Clinic. Must say I'm thrilled with the result. Decided not to do a second procedure, ill wait for a few years when the other old, none transplanted hairs start to fall out. Still have a few wirey hairs, but condition looks better closer to the scalp (newer growth). Still taking 1mg propecia 4x per week, but Will be cutting down dosage soon.
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

Dr Maral was great, and answered all emails timeously before and after procedure. I think i annoyed him a bit with all my silly questions over and over again, but he still answered each and every mail.

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