24 Yrs Old, 3.5 Yr Old 435cc Implants Under Muscle, EXPLANTING - Manhattan Beach, CA

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I am 24 years old, I have had my implants in for 3...

I am 24 years old, I have had my implants in for 3.5 years and I want them out desperately.

Currently I am trying to find a dr in Brisbane to explant them.

So far I have had 2x consults (online via images) and they have told me that I will be left with a sag/loose look and not the result I want.

I want a natural look, i hate the implants. I am a surfer so I find it extremely difficult to surf with them in.

My implants were performed by Dr Harwood who has since retired - I personally believe he has done an amazing job. Implants are just not for me anymore.

Im really quite nervous and scared about being saggy/loose... :( Time will tell.l

Consultation Went Great - Surgery Booked for December 2nd

Today I had my consultation with Dr Jayne Bambit. She was absolutely lovely and I feel like I am in safe hands. I was told as a 'younger' person my skin would contract and I have a chance at looking similar to what I did pre-op. Hooray!! I'm just feeling quite frightened about the first day post op and what Its going to feel and look like :(

Explant img 435ccs - has anyone else done this?

Has anyone else had 435cc removed ????


Surgery today... Nervous.. Scared.. Excited... Did I mention nervous >_< I know they will look so saggy and deflated at first argh please pray for me... Xo

Mixed emotions.. In shock, doing well.

Hi everyone!

Surgery with Dr Liew and Dr Bambit was a breeze, they knew exactly what they were doing very professional.

Initial thoughts; shocked. I was so shocked after looking in the mirror on day of surgery I cried hard! I guess it was just too much for me to deal with on the day.
I feel saggy. My breadt tissue seems to still be in place but with the implants stretching my skin at the side boob area I think th tissue has spread out more giving me "less boob" than before implants. (Obviously and to be expected).

I am a bit worried because the tape is sort of pushing them up and makes them hang over the tape and look a bit depressing. Tape comes off in a week so not sure what to expect.

All in all I'm just so thankful that I am my self again.

Pain: the pain factor isn't bad at all, first day of op just had some Panadol, day 2 this morning I haven't had any painkillers at all. It's just the stitches that feel a bit itchy..

Oh and my only concern is how low my incision wounds are, and I'm praying they won't be visible in a bikini. If they are oh well I guess! Right?

Thanks for reading. I will keep you posted.

Diary for myself

Day 2

Day 2

Day 2

Losing hope

Losing hope fast. Crying at my reflection. Feels very different to what I am used to. Feeling sore mentally and physically. Feeling VERY SAGGY. Terrible photos but it shows the hollowness of the space between my chest and nipple - makes me so sad!!!!!!

Day 5 - noticing improvement, pain in left breast , swollen

I can see much improvement and the breast is starting to look less like a sock and filling more at the top. Left breast is very tender and is noticeably bigger - swollen? I hope it's not full of fluid. Gah. Docs app today should confirm all theories.
Thanks for all the positivity! X

Day 6

Sorry for all the updates. This is so I can keep track for myself and see progress in a few months time.

Very oiled up with bio oil to help with skin rejuvenation.

Left breast is swollen with a small amount of fluid in pocket. Will check back with Dr next week to see if drain is required.

Day 6.

Not sure how to delete previous copy of this post or add photos. Sorry admin.

Day 6.

Feeling positive. Sore. Tired. Happy.

Oiled up with bio oil to help with skin rejuvenation.

Left breast swollen with a small amount of fluid in the pocket. Dr says it should fix itself, need to check back next week to see if ultrasound is required and if I need a drain.

Day 12 - feeling better

Feeling less sore today.

Every since moving to a soft lightly padded wireless bra my breasts stay on one position and hurt less when I walk. The padding supports them greatly!

Left breast still swollen but should go down, I've been told.

Still sleeping on my back, hurts to drive a manual and lift anything... But getting there!

I'm happy with my decision...

Best decision.

Best decision of my life was getting those taken out. After doctors convinced me I would be left" empty" and "loose" - I am so glad that I did!


Does anyone else experience dizziness and lightheadedness if you look at the incision area or even just think about the reality of having your implants being surgically removed? I'm 2 weeks post op and if I walk around with no bra on the idea of it makes me woozy.... ??

6 weeks post op



people have been leaving me the nicest messages and I am so happy that this beautiful community are here to support each other. -a few of you have asked me to post a "pre breast implant" photo. Please see below. I had slightly firmer, closer together breasts; but I'm not complaining about my results! X
Dr Jayne Bambit.

Dr Harwood is amazing. Currently seeking new surgeon to remove implants as Dr Harwood has retired.

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