24 Yrs Old, 3.5 Yr Old 435cc Implants Under Muscle, EXPLANTING - Manhattan Beach, CA

I am 24 years old, I have had my implants in for 3...

I am 24 years old, I have had my implants in for 3.5 years and I want them out desperately.

Currently I am trying to find a dr in Brisbane to explant them.

So far I have had 2x consults (online via images) and they have told me that I will be left with a sag/loose look and not the result I want.

I want a natural look, i hate the implants. I am a surfer so I find it extremely difficult to surf with them in.

My implants were performed by Dr Harwood who has since retired - I personally believe he has done an amazing job. Implants are just not for me anymore.

Im really quite nervous and scared about being saggy/loose... :( Time will tell.l

Consultation Went Great - Surgery Booked for December 2nd

Today I had my consultation with Dr Jayne Bambit. She was absolutely lovely and I feel like I am in safe hands. I was told as a 'younger' person my skin would contract and I have a chance at looking similar to what I did pre-op. Hooray!! I'm just feeling quite frightened about the first day post op and what Its going to feel and look like :(

Explant img 435ccs - has anyone else done this?

Has anyone else had 435cc removed ????
Dr Jayne Bambit.

Dr Harwood is amazing. Currently seeking new surgeon to remove implants as Dr Harwood has retired.

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