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Hello so I decided to document my experience with...

Hello so I decided to document my experience with Dr Frank Plovier I see a lot of people reviewing him on boob jobs but not so much uplifts and tummy tucks.. So I've decided to share my experience for those of you who want to get a uplift or even a mini tummy tuck (no muscle repair )

A little about me . I'm 21 Im English but I live between different places Europe , I have 1 9 month old baby and after a very traumatic labour I think I will just be sticking to one ... I've never liked my boobs during puberty they grew to a DD very fast so naturally made them sag a little then when the milk come in this just made them worse ..I was going to get implants but after much though I just didn't like the idea of something fake in me and any upkeep that came with them just put me off and I am lucky enough to already have a lot of natural breast tissue ..

With my belly I had a few strech marks but what bothered me the most was the kind of creppy skin I had going on below my belly Button especially when I pushed my skin together it was awful, luckily I didn't need any muscle repair..

I saw Dr Plovier in London first of all for a consultation he was lovely and straight to the point and at this point I'd already visited a few other surgeons across the UK and Europe ( I work across Europe and UK ) they all had basically said the same thing that I need the traditional uplift - round the nipple down and across scar :( but in the end I chose Dr Plovier just because he seemed quite popular , Belgium was convenient for me at the time and the price !

Anyway so booked my surgery for 24th April - arrived in Belgium on the 23rd and stayed at b&b hippodoom .. Driver picked us up in a nice car then at 6:30 am the next morning (24th) he picked us up again and took us to the be clinic - have to say the clinic is very modern and the nurses are lovely , me and my partner got taken to a room where there was a bed a TV some storage and a spectate toilet I was told to undress and put the bathrobe and slippers on and Dr Plovier would be with me shortly, he eventually came in and did all the drawings I told him at that point I didn't want the implants and he was ok with that , he left and the nurse that puts you to sleep come in , she was great she made me feel at ease and then took me to the operating room .there were 3 or 4 nurses they made me feel relaxed and the table was warm and I was put to sleep .

4 hours later I woke up in my room I was very very sleepy so drifted in and out for a while .. I didn't feel much pain at all and I had on a surgical bra and belly bandit they provided I asked for a drink but they made wait a little while I think because it would have made me sick . I also needed a wee so they helped me up with that and that made me feel very sick which is apparently my blood pressure dropping .. After a while I had a rice cake and some water .. I've read on here women feel as though they where rushed out but I didn't at all .. I new the clinic closed at 5 and my driver was collecting me at 4 I new that's how they work so I just worked with it .. Walking was very difficult my chest felt heavy and my belly felt tight and to walk I had to bend right over so my back is just in agony ..

I couldn't lift myself up to get out of bed etc my partner had to help me and sleeping on my back propped up is a nightmare , to be honest my back hurts more than the operation .. So I'm really looking forward to being able to sleep normal again and walk straight ! If I just had a uplift I would have been totally okay I think it's the tummy tuck thats the biggest annoyance ..

Told I can't take the belly bandit thing off for 48 hours so I've grown used to that now ..

Trying to think If I've covered everything , I think I have .. Please ask me any questions xx

2 days post op

Day 2 post op
Im leaving Belgium today the driver is picking us up and taking us to the eurostar (Sunday- op was on Friday morning ) I'm only taking the painkillers as pain relief every 4 hours apart from when I sleep (they did supply me with Valium and two other types of pain relief but I don't need them ) the antibiotics I have to take in the morning and evening- my boobs still don't hurt much , but when I go to sit up my chest feels tight and heavy but soon calms down .. but my tummy does feel tight and walking is difficult and because you have to walk bent over with the belly binder thing on its killing my back.. I feel a bit sicky from time to time and I haven't got my appetite fully back either . I couldn't imagine doing this alone- well I couldn't because I can't get up myself my partner has to help me up so I think if your having what in having done you should no matter what take someone with you .. It's the mini tummy tuck that's making things difficult to be honest .. This whole thing so far has made me appreciate my other half a lot more, this whole trip is just for me and he's had to take time out of work so I really appreciate him for that ..

My belly isn't that swollen - I'm taking Traumeel 3 times a day

My boobs are very high on my chest I think that's the swelling it's like I've had implants but I've not .the pain is minimal but my chest does feel very Heavy and tight. Day 1 post op was exactly the same as today

going getting on the Eurostar wasn't the best experience walking that much made me feel quite sick and I couldn't wait to just get on the train and sit down; If I could have stayed in Belgium longer I would have only to just improve my strength and health before having to do a big walk in the station hunched back lol , so yeah that wasn't the best thing in the world

3 days post op - mini tummy tuck and uplift

I didn't sleep very well and we have the baby back with us now who's still not sleeping through the night but my other half is dealing with him for me until I get better.. Walking is still the main issue, but I have noticed I'm slightly stronger with my arms without putting to much pressure on my chest so I can sometimes get my self up.. Chest pain is literally non existent and I'm still only taking pacacetomol which is working great for me .. My appetite is back , I took pacacetomol this morning but haven't took any since it's now 1pm so pain is going right down .. I find the more I walk the easier it becomes but my back just hurts so much .. I have a towel kind of wash this morning and had a look at my boobs and they look so much better

2 year update !!

Hey guys decided to update my opinion on my surgery . After surgery the after care is basically nothing and I had issues with the healing of my breaths which you will see in images , (thank god i didn't have implants as it could have been so much worse ) I now wish I'd paid the extra money to just have it done in the uk as I need to get round to having a revision . Any uk or French surgeon suggestions welcome . Recovery for tummy tuck was hard , breaths lift didn't hurt that much . I'm pleased with tummy tuck scar however he told me it would be small on the day but turned out quite big .. if anyone has ever had à Breast lift révision please feel free to contact me x
Dr Frank Plovier

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