38 Years Old, 3 Kids, 3 C-sections, Tummy Tuck - Toronto, ON

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Hello I'm going in for tummytuck on Thursday. So...

Hello I'm going in for tummytuck on Thursday. So so scared of the recovery! I read a lot of reviews and people are talking about so much pain. But everyone is loving the new them! I wanted for few years now after my daughter was born. And now I think it's a good timing . All my kids are in school, my husband and my in laws are taking care of the kids. I'll be staying at my mom's for a week to recover. So in that department I'm pretty well set. My Dr. Is Dr. Chivers. ...really awesome person, young and ready to make his name out there? he's my second choice and last. So....I'll try to be in touch with you RS friends soon. Wish me luck and little pain!

1 day PO

So, day 1. Surgery went well! I'm on pain killers every 4 hours . Doing pretty good. Threw up few times last night. Had a weird feeling inside my stomach. ....I thought my muscle stiches poped when I threw up. That was so scary! I text my nurse right away. ...she said that it's most likely the drains moving around. Talking about my drains ...they seem pretty good it looks like only yellow liquid is draining. Walking around a bit.

2nd day PO

I slept pretty good last night. Taking pain killers every 6 h now. Moved one of my drains by accident and that hurt! Didn't do #2 yet but I'm eating very well, my mommy takes great care of me? I love her ? the whole family is wonderful! I'm very lucky to have my in laws taking care of my kiddies and me being at my mom's it's less stressful like that. I've been sleeping in the recliner my back is killing me. But I'm walking around which is very important. Dr. Chivers called today to check on me he's such a sweetheart he has an amazing attitude ...he's going to go far in his career! I'm bit dizzy right now just took my med.

3rd day PO

So today is day 3, I feel pretty good, walking well still hunched over, my back is Keeling me still ????got off the perks sopstitude it with advil taking them every 4h. Had a good night sleep. Got to see my kids today! Can't wait for these drains out! Still few days my stomach is swollen had to sneeze ouch ! When that happens pinch your nose with your fingers really tight! I took a little peek today and I just know this that my tatoo is gone!?lol so happy! Right now everything is good as expected. ..there's bit of pain and you do need someone to take care of you for at least the 1st 2 days. Ooooo! And I went #2 twice today no problem what's so ever! After my csections definitely didn't happened like that. Anyway, if you are doing this you will for sure need to get a recliner, walker, raised toilet seat and help. These things will definitely make your recovery easier.

day 4 PO

Feel really good! It's been a an experience so far, looking more at my tummy even though it has huge tape across with blood and these drains, but it looks awesome lol I'm happy with it! I have no strachmarks, no flap I can see my vejaj from here lol. Can't wait to see when it's healed .it's like opening a present it's just you got to wait a little!

day 4 PO

day 5th PO

Today, it's day 5! I'm just tired of seating around and can't do anything. Tomorrow I got an app with Dr Chivers. I'm excited about it! I hope drains are out and incision will be cleaned up. And hopefully I'll be able to stand up straight step by step. I'm very exsousted of being hunched over :(

Day 6th PO

Yayyyyyyy! Drains are out! So much better and no they do not hurt what's so ever being taking out! Dr. Chivers said everything looks Amazing! Love him he is such a nice soul lol. Now....way over due SHOWER!

day 10 PO

day 10 PO

Hey everyone! Feeling great! Still hunched over though :( I'm going to start straight myself up this week a bit....later in the afternoon I get pretty swollen, but it is how it is . Otherwise it's all good:) got couple of picks updated.

2 weeks PO

Ahhhhhhh. ...2 weeks for me ! So far so good:) I remember when I was 1 day po and was saying I wish 2 weeks already passed lol here I am! Doing well. ....no problems Thank God! Walking almost straight, I think I just worry to push it to stand up straight all the way yet, just cause I'm still swollen and worry about the incision. Got my period had to deal with that....but at least didn't happened couple days after the surgery. (I planned like that;)). I manged to go out and do my eyebrows I had to it was getting out of control lol. It was good to get out and breath that fresh air even though it hurts my face! Lol its cold in Canada lol. So protin is so needed for your incision to heal, I've been eating lentil like there's no tomorrow lol getting sick of it. Got couple of picks for you RS friends.

2 weeks po

3 weeks PO

Hello ladies....it's been 3 weeks! I can't believe it? had my 2nd check up today and Dr.Chivers said everything looks really good, cut all the stiches that were sticking out. I'm still swollen ofcourse that won't go away for a while....but not that much. I move around pretty good standing up straight. Went grocery shopping today, I took my time. Did some loundry. And tomorrow I have to clean the floor, it's time lol.

4 week po

4 weeks po

Hello RS friends ! So it's been 4 weeks for me . And feeling great! Back to doing all my stuff, Dr.Chivers said I could exercise my legs if I like, but not my stomach yet....I'll wait with the gym a bit. Feel little lazy lately , I think it's the cold weather. I'm very happy with my incision, it's healing really nice it's straight and low. But I known this that one side is more defined then the other, and my bb is looking weird . I'm hoping that the swelling got something to do with it, since I'm still pretty swollen. A guess to wait and see. Everyone wants to see my stomach. ..I tell them it's still cooking in the summer time you can see my bikini body lol. Happy healing everyone !

5 weeks po

Hello ladies! So it's been 5 weeks for me:) I'm doing very well . The incision is healing pretty good. Not too happy with my bb.....it was looking very nerrow I end up putting a little marble in it. I've been keeping in almost 24/7. And every time I take it out and wait a bit....it kind of goes back to the nerrow look:( I hope something can be done about it. I still get swollen but not too much. Next week I'm seeing my ps I hope I can get more info about what to do with my bb. For now I got couple of picks updated. See you all soon:)

2 months po

6 months PO

Hello Ladies ! It's been 6 months for me! I can't believe it how quickly it flew by! Feeling great! summer is here 2 piece bikini here I come?. I haven't gained any weight or lost any either even though I've been going to the gym for the last 4 months. I'm happy where I am with my weight?. My incision is still very visible :( I end up getting scaraway tape from amazon and it's been working very well ...specially on my belly button. I know I have to be very careful on the sun, keep putting sun screen on every hour so the incision doesn't get dark. There's few picks of my incision. Enjoy ur summer ladies and good luck to all ????

I had an awesome experience

Dr. Chivers!  What a wonderful plastic surgeon!  I had a tummy tuck done by Dr.Chivers. ..of course I was nervous and scared. He made me feel at ease reassure everything will be ok.  After the surgery he come over to check on me asking if I need anything , explain all my questions . Melissa was my nurse . If I need it anything she was right there didn't matter what time of the day. Dr. Chivers called me himself 2 days later to check on me , which I found very caring . I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Quinton Chivers  and his profession. He has a bright future in front of him as a plastic surgeon !
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

I had 2 meeting with Dr.Chivers. Really really nice person, funny and full of knowledge about his profession. Dr. Chivers was my second plastic surgent that I visited, and didn't need to look anywhere else. Made me feel very comfortable. He's very professional and had an answer for all my questions.

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