33 Years Old, Mother of Three TT with MR and Hernia Repair and BA

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After having three kids, including a set of twins,...

After having three kids, including a set of twins, my stomach was stretched beyond repair, leaving me with hanging skin and a hernia. After being referred to my PS from my general practitioner, I was told a TT would be the way to fix it. I was not gonna fight it! My husband jokingly told me I should get a BA while I was at it. I laughed it off but then started thinking I would like my pre baby boobs back too! At the last minute, we agreed to add the BA. My surgery date was 12/27/2013. The surgery was easy, this recovery, however, has been a roller coaster ride! I came home with two drains and didn't get them removed until 11 days PO. The drains were the worst part of recovery. I slept in my bed from day 1. After 2 c sections, I was familiar with how to get in and out of bed properly. There's no way I could have slept in a recliner. At 3 weeks PO my PS released me to exercise to my comfort level. I was ecstatic! Exercise it my drug of choice. However, at 3 weeks I only felt comfortable walking on a treadmill. Being a marathon runner, I'm anxious to run again! Now, at 5 weeks, I'm briskly walking 2 miles, and running 1 mile, slowly. I'm also doing light weights but avoiding core and chest work. Unfortunately, I never took before pictures bc I was so ashamed of my mangled stomach. Now, I'm wishing I would have to compare for when I'm down on myself now. I'm so happy to be at this point in recovery now, standing up straight, sleeping on my side, exercising, carrying my toddler, etc. I have several after pictures below updating my progress

1 week PO pics

Unfortunately, I have no before pics but I had the typical "twin skin" tummy with an umbilical hernia poking through for the cherry on top. ;)
I began taking pics at about 1 week PO

Oops, here are the 1 week PO pics

10 PO bikini pic

After 3 week PO visit, more bikini pics

After seeing the ps at my 3 week PO visit we went to VS to try on bras. I was measured at a 32DDD bra, 34 DD sports bra. I'll wait until I settle more to buy bras as I'm not sure what the final size will be. I'll be buying a different bathing suit as well since my scar seems so high. Buy, hey, no twin skin!! I'm not complaining!

5 weeks PO

My hubby took me shopping the other night to look for something to wear that would be appropriate for a formal dinner. My BA either made all my old tops too small or made me look plain ridiculous and inappropriate for the occasion. I was heartbroken that everything I tried on made me look too chesty. I was literally in tears bc I'm afraid I may have made a mistake fretting the BA. I love my flat tummy but now I feel like I'm back where I started, just in a different body part. I was always self conscience wearing certain clothes bc my stomach always made me look 4 months pregnant. But now, I feel like my chest makes me look chubby. My husband, bless his heart, is assuring me that I look amazing but I don't feel it. I love my body in a swimsuit or naked, but now often do I walk around like that? Pretty much never. I feel ok when I'm wearing sweaters and sweatshirts but when I wear fitting clothes I'm not comfortable at all. My boobs don't even look that big when I'm naked. But when I put on a shirt that's form fitting I feel like I look ridiculous. I'm also worried about how they may affect my running. I've got many half marathons planned in the summer. I guess I will need to research good sport bras. I'm going to give it more time. Hopefully things will settle down and I will be pleased with all of my results.
My ps cleared me to workout to my comfort at 3 weeks PO. I was only able to walk and do the elliptical. The past three days I've been able to begin running. Only 1 mile at a very slow pace. It feels good to exercise again! Can't wait to get back to my old routine! I've posted some 5 week PO pics of the BA. They don't look big but feel huge in clothes!

Really regretting the BA

The past two weeks I've been experiencing regret with the BA. I knew I wanted a TT as soon as I had my twins in 2008. After the birth of my son in 2012, it became more urgent as I developed an umbilical hernia due to the separation in abdominal muscle. I never imagined getting a BA, it just never crossed my mind until mu husband offered. I was really excited about getting my breasts back after BF 3 kids,but not wanting to go too big as I'm a marathon runner. At about 4 weeks PO, I started trying on my old clothes. I hated how I looked. My breast seemed too big. And now this week, it's more then vanity, I'm afraid there is something wrong. One breast looks like it might be bottoming out. Also, I feel it move around whenver I use my pectoral muscles to open a can, close a door, etc. I flexed my muscles in the mirror last night before taking a shower to get a better look and was horrified! Upon flexing, my left breast fold in the middle. I called my PS, sent him pics and he asked to see me today. Now, I'm wishing I never got the BA. I feel like I'm being god smacked for wanting to change myself too much. But I know God is full of grace and mercy and doesn't work like that. I've included some pics to show my dilemma. I let you know what he thinks after my appt. I really don't see how this can't need a revision. *sigh*

Back from the PS

Just got back from Dr Pryor's. He assured me everything looks fine and should improve as I heal. The movement with the implant when I use my pectoral muscle is normal. The implants are riding a little low but he said performing a lift would makes things better and he would do it free of charge. I think I will take him up on that but maybe in the fall. I don't have time to recover from another procedure with all my half marathons and races coming up I the Spring/Summer. I'm feeling much better about things. Phew!

Almost 7 weeks PO!

Today I am 6 weeks and 5 days PO! I'm almost 100% back to normal, with the exception of working out. I'm working out 5-6 days a week, mainly walking three brisk, uphill miles and running 1. I'm strength training about three days a week. I can't wait to get back at it, the way I did before before surgery.
I'm feeling much better about my BA, especially after seeing Dr. Pryor. He saw me right away when he knew I had a concern, which I totally appreciate. He thinks things will only improve. I was worried that the exercising might be effecting the BA, but he thinks the running will actually help the implants settle into the muscle better. Phew! He has offere to do a lift free of charge. I'm going to do it but not until the fall, when my racing season is done. I have tons of half marathons to train for, beginning in the spring. I need to get running!
I began sleeping on my stomach this week, which is huge since I hate sleeping on my back.
I'm able to go longer without my compression garment on. Before, I felt like my MR would come undone without it on. Now, I feel pretty sturdy, for lack of a better word. I think I'll wear it up until the 8 week mark as I still carry my 19 month old all day long and I just feel better with the extra support from the garment.
I've uploaded some pics. Not much has changed.

Almost 8 weeks!

Woo hoo! Today I'm 7 weeks and 5 days PO! This week I was back to my old workouts at almost 100%, except for push-ups. I use to do a ton of push ups and my PS still said I could but it feels really weird. Not painful, just weird. I'm gonna hold off on those just a little while longer. I'm hoping that my intense workouts 6X's a week are causing swelling. I'm up 6-7 lbs since before surgery. My BA didn't even add 2 lbs so I'm hoping I didn't gain fat as I've watched my calories religiously. I feel really puffy and swollen and hope that goes away in another month or two. I'm starting a nutrition plan from a family friend who is an amazing personal trainer. I have seen him get tons of people in amazing shape so I'm going to follow his advice. Its 5-6 meals of day of clean eating with two cheat meals a week. It is going to be really hard giving up my animal crackers! I hope I can do it! I took pictures. Not much has changed. My BA seems to be settling down and I'm getting use to how to dress them. I'll need to go shopping for new bras. I bought new sport bras weeks ago when I began working out but they're not comfortable to wear all day long.

3 months PO

It's been awhile since I've updated. I haven't really felt the need as not much has changed. I still feel like I'm really swollen, oddly enough, not on my abdomen, but thighs. I have been back to my full workouts and even began heavy lifting this week as that is suppose to help break plateaus. I'm praying it's not weight gain as I have been eating 99% clean. I count every calorie and measure every portion. I'm drinking at least 2 gallons of water a day and keeping sodium down. It's incredibly frustrating that I am up 10 pounds since surgery, despite my efforts. I've read that swelling can last up to a year but usually subsides around 6 months. It is so hard to be patient and continue working hard when you see no results. I still love my stomach and don't regret the procedure but it's depressing to feel like my legs and love handles getting bigger. I have been living in yoga pants, I'm too scared to try on my jeans. The scars under my breasts are awesome and barely noticeable. The TT scar is thin but still very red and purple. My breasts have definitely settled. I remember being so panicked that I had gone too big. But now, they have lowered and I'm happy with them. My ps cleared me to do all exercises, including push-ups and chest work but my trainer has told me to never work my chest as it can affect the implant placement. He has trained many woman with BAs so I'll take his word for it. I don't need pec muscles anyway. ;) I was afraid the implants would affect my running, possibly slowing me down. I was able to run for the first time outside last weekend. I got in 6 miles at a 7:31min/mile pace which is my usual pace. I'm so relieved that my running will not suffer, just need to but better sport bras. Otherwise, everything is moving along. Just wish this swelling would move along too. I don't know what else to do. I've posted some pics but there isn't much of a change since my last update. Happy healing everyone!

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