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I am a proud mother of three kids. I gained a ton...

I am a proud mother of three kids. I gained a ton of weight with my first pregnancy and then lost it quickly. Unfortunately, that left me with loose skin on my stomach and saggy breasts. My husband promised to pay for a mommy makeover after we have our last child.... And here we are!!!!! I am looking to have the surgery right before the winter break, so I can lump it in with time I already have off of work. I am in the consultation phase right now-- first one is with a real self doctor: Dr. Green. Wish me luck!!

One consultation down- at least one to go

I met with the first doctor and I liked him. The staff was friendly. My only gripe was that I waited an hour to get back there. I understand, though, that when you have an end of the day appointment, sometimes you suffer from little backups compiled throughout the day. Got quoted $16,000 which is well above the national average, but not too abnormal for the Cleveland area. I have no idea why Cleveland, of all places, is more expensive. I guess the market isn't big enough to encourage mass competition, sharing of surgery centers, etc. that bring the price down. But, if you would have a serious surgery that isn't elective, it would cost way more, so I guess I'll take it. We have most of the money saved anyways, so it's not the end of the world. We have been saving for almost a decade. I'm looking forward to my second consultation on Monday and then getting my date booked.

Booked with my doctor!!

Feel great to have my date secure!

Getting Nervous

Hi everyone. I am passed the one month mark and I'm trying to get ready. It seems that my brain is going a mile a minute about the best way to get ready for the surgery. I'm want to get my body in a good position to heal quickly. I have reduced processed food, increased protein, tone up arms and back daily. I am still occasionally drinking, but not too much. How long should I be without alcohol before the surgery? It is really calming!!!! Anyone freaking out with their date approaching??

What do I actually need??

My pre op is done and I'm paid up. I'm trying to figure out what I really need and what would just be nice to have around. Any suggestions??

Getting nervous

I have four more days until my surgery and my brain is freaking out!!!! There are so many uncertainties with how Christmas will go. I don't have any idea if I will be up for much.I have already completed my shopping and wrapping, but I don't want to be miserable the day of. Anyone getting their surgery this week and can lend some advice on how to chill out????

It's real.....

Wednesday's the big day. Goodbye fat flap!


Tomorrow is the big day! I will get a breast lift with saline implants and full tummy tuck tomorrow morning. I am excited to join the flat side :) I will have hubby take some pictures and post them when I am feeling better! Good luck to anyone else who has their surgery this week.

Flat side is no joke....

Big update:
Wednesday: ouch! Doc said I could increase my meds, so I did. Very uncomfortable.
Thursday and Friday: a little drugged up. Ate a little and drank water. Still uncomfortable. Finally, in the middle of the night, I was able to poop.
Today: I woke up feeling greatish..... I'm moving, eating, making coffee, doing my hair. Can sit for very long though- still uncomfortable.

One week update

Okay- so rough week overall. I know that some of the other ladies mentioned that the emotional stuff creeps up on you, but I ignored that. I shouldn't have. The first day I could move a little, I had a total anxiety meltdown. I paced for about 24 hours straight, completely unable to stay still. My calves and hips were sore for days afterward. I finally got the Percocet out of my system knocked myself out with benedryl and got out of it. It was awful!!

After that, it was smooth sailing. I got my stitches out today, so I'm a little sore around my nipples. Most of my stitches are dissolvable, but the belly button and boobs. The actual pulling of stitches didn't hurt, but I did bleed a little and am tender.

My doctor has prohibited me from exercising, but I am released for everything else as my body feels comfortable doing it. I held my baby (17 months) for the first time today. I didn't pick him up, but I was able to hold him and set him down. It was nice to cuddle the little guy!

Happy healing to all!!

More detail of the surgery

So here is my review of the surgery day. My brain was really fuzzy for several days, so I waited to give all the details:

The morning of the surgery, my husband dropped me off. He was not permitted to come back. I went and got changed into my gown. The ladies were really friendly and kept me calm. I was given some "I don't care medicine" and then the knock out meds. Next thing I remember, I was waking up in the exact same spot I passed out. I never saw the inside of OR since I was out cold. I kind of wonder how I was moved around, but oh well :) I was very uncomfortable. The nurse gave me some ginger ale while we waited for my husband to pick me up. I got nauseous, so I was given a suppository to calm my stomach. Not the most comfortable way to get meds, but very effective. On the car ride home, I had to take a pain pill. I was very sore, so my husband drove very nicely. I'm glad I chose a doctor that was only 20 minutes away. Once I got home, I parked it on the couch with my feet propped up. My brain was very fuzzy- I couldn't really pay attention, hold a conversation, or think clearly. I could tell that my boobs looked great. I couldn't get a good look at my tummy since it was all bandaged and under a very uncomfortable binder. I had NO appetite and had to be told to eat. My husband nearly force-fed me with each pain pill. He was right, but at the moment, he was not my friend.

Over the next two days, I was up and down with help and fuzzy from the meds. When I was finally off the meds, I felt much better and got back to normal.

Here are some general things to consider and my interpretation:

Binder: bunchy and weird. The second one I got was much better. It is more like spanx.

Drain: annoying, especially when my body didn't need it so I started leaking all over the place. Removal didn't hurt at all :)

Meds: I've had percocet for 3 c-sections, and I had an annoying reaction to it this time. It may have been because I was on a high dose for initial pain.

Help: I needed someone to be there with me 24 hours a day for several days. Beyond that, I needed help with lifting my youngest child for a few extra days.

Boobs or Tummy: My boobs actually hurt more when trying to sleep. Make sure to truly ice them from 20 minutes several times a day to keep swelling down.

Emotional: I have never had anxiety issues, but I had an anxiety attack. Rough.

Swelling: My belly has looked really weird based on where it is swelling. My belly button was off to the side, but has now moved over.

I hope that these details help others just like posts have helped me!!!

It's been a month

So, it's been a month. My healing has been great. My doctor lifted all restrictions, so I am going to start working out.

Since I have no more restrictions, I stopped wearing my binder :) and bought a new bra. My boobs went from a sagging, squishy 36B to a full 36D. I never dreamed that I would be a D. They look great on my body- not too big. I was a little concerned when my doctor told me that he would make them look right for my body, but he did. I'm glad a trusted him.

Does anyone know how to change my doctor on my page?? I did not have my surgery done by Dr. Green. A doctor closer to me dropped the price $4000. In fact, his office (Kim) said that she would refund $500 of my initial deposit (I changed docs a week after I gave $1000 deposit), but she hasn't. I've emailed multiple times, but I am being ignored. I'm seriously considering small claims court since I have all our communication on saved email. I don't want anyone to read my great review of my doctor thinking it is Dr. Green. Help please!!

I'll try to upload a few pics of my scars and breasts.


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