Flat side lipo, full tt with mr and bbl

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I'm a mom of four(all very very young) and i hate...

I'm a mom of four(all very very young) and i hate my body! I dont fit into anything and its upsetting. Well I'm 5'1 and about 145. I dont have a big butt,legs, arms etc but my belly really protrudes. I cant wait for my surgery with dr. Rodney Green! I hope i make it through this long of a procedure and without complications!!!

Pre op photos BEWARE scarey photos!

Well i spent several hours thinking about how far away July 11th feels and how i will look! I'm obsessing over all the other results and how i wish i had more of my docs patients that have pics. i also had a bad neck day and had to take meds for my spinal stenosis and disc injuries. i wish someone could help me with this problem but it looks like i will be dealing with this pain forever ugh. hopefully i will at least be in better shape and feel better about my body though once this journey is over! has anyone else had all these operations at once? if so how in the heck did you sleep without losing the fat in the butt or ruining your incision? ugh i am a stress mess. me and my sister said once i get my butt injections i will truly be a "fat a$$" hahahaha. well i will end this and i hope i hear from those wo have went through the pain i will be going through, obhh btw in the initial posst i dont know if i mentioned that i have3 had a previous breast reduction after my first two kids but then had two more so they have changed some but not to bad i still love them. my PS office called today and we discussed how my doctor will come to my home to take the drains out and how he will do this two days after???? i dont know why he does that so soon but there must be a good reason or he wouldnt right? well ladies please give me some/all needed advice here im all ears:)

Few more ewww pics

Feeling down

im feeling a bit depressed about all of this, many overwhelming feelings today:( not really understanding what to do. i am concerned about my decison to go foreward with this surgery and have a major case of the what if's

post op tomorrow

well my post op appointment is in less than 24 hours and i am getting excited. i cant wait to speak with my doctor and see what measurements and stuff i am now compared to after!!! i hope that this all goes smoothly and july 11th can't get here fast enough. i think tomorrow i will get my medical papers for my physical as well!!!!

post op

well today was my post op appt and all went well. my dr is not one who gives many instructions but i think with the guidence of some ladies on here and others whom i have met on here i will do just fine. he assures me this procedure is safe and as long as my medical shows nothing majorly wrong i am good to go!!!! i cant wait as this body is quite depressing and it needs some help stat! i am hoping that the set up i have designed for my rump and my tummy i will heal well and sleep well!!! which is a nice wish right??? well girls who are already flat i am about to check you out!!! i am looking for that post op who had pre op disaster like my own! hopefully my day comes and goes before you know it and i will have made it out safe. prayers to those whom need it!

over two weeks...

a little over two weeks to go before surgery!!! getting more excited as the days go on. im such a total nerd but i am a huge trial watcher of the jodi arias trials and now im laying here watching the movie on life time!!!! oh and the new show devious maids tomorrow which i already watched on my ipad app!!! yes im blabbing but i cant keep thinking about the bodies these girls have on these shows and how i long to have that as well!!! anyone have a comment on what kind and where to get the right compression garment for a tummy tuck with the bbl? let me know ladies how you all handled it!

17 more days needing the supplies.....

ok so i am so scared for the 11th to get here....with that being said i cant wait either as i am beyond anxious and excited!!!! i bought my toilet riser thanks to a dear friend i met on here giving me great advice nj74 ! and now i will search the web for the right compression garment to purchase! its hard not for the tt garment but one that doesnt compress the tush much but all the surrounding areas need it. ugh choices. so if anyone has heard or seen one of one holla at me! im going to try and post some photos of my want to look like photos as well. i need a list of supplies still ugh im so in need of a little advice!

cleveland clinic...

ok check this off my list of things to do.... blood work has been completed and if all goes well i should have my surgery on the 11th! whoop whoop. also dropped off my meds to the local walgreens and will pick those up tomorrow. i hope my blood work is ok?!?! i always get nervous about things hahaha. i just see amazing results and get jealous for mine! so i have a few undergarments that i have seen on amazon and i guess i will just wing it.... butt in butt out idk i will just hope i dont mess up my tush results either way!


Last night I went to bed with 1 husband 4 children 2 dogs and 1 cat..... I woke up to 1 freaking out husband 4 crazy children 1pissed cat 2 annoyed dogs and 9 freaking puppies. Yup yOu heard me 9! Of coUrse just before surgery. ... this should be a real hoot! Mini rat terriers /German shepherds lol

got the ok

well today my doctors office called and ok'd my blood work. yippie im ready to get this over with and finally loose this jiggle! nothing else to really say other than here are a few more pre op photos transfered from my butt page which i think i will close and only have this one. anyways i regret not having before and right after photos of my past bl and br but this time i will have many! cant this day get here any sooner????

post op garments!

im obsessing about this situation. i cant find a damn garment. of all things this is what i am sweating the most. i am so afraid of ruining my results without spending another fortune on a post op 1 post op stage 2 etc wtf is a girl to do? open butt closed butt molded butt tight compressed butt im lost. i have decided what i am looking for in a garment and that is a tight tummy preferably strapless with a sheer light material like nylon on the butt with mid thigh compression. impossible to find for less than 230$ unless you can speak spanish to talk to the faja sistga or whatever represenitives who say i cant speak english but are speaking english?!?!?! so looks like i am not going to even bother buying one right now cause i just dont think i will find that right one and its stressing me to the max. and another thing is that id have to have it custom made cause my waist is like a 36 and my hips are a 29?!?!?! and they have nothing for people odd shaped like me?!?!?! to stressing. i am counting down the days though and am completely excited and ready to get the show on the road and hope that this procedure works and makes me happier with myself.

nothing to exciting today

well today i just got things around the house done. i got things straightened out last night in the room reorganizing my bedroom so i couldnt bump into anything or hurt myself. so dressers and such have been moved to the garage!!!! they had to go anyways. still nervous and anxious. its like i want it today but then i dont because im nervous about the risks with it all. you know this is more of an emotional journey pre-op i cant imagine post op lol. oh and on my list of things to do have my hubby build me the the prothstetic penis like my dear friend mira mira lol!!!! so if in the case i cant walk or sit i have a way to pee!

Tooth infected

I forgot to let ya all know that i am on antibiotics for an infection in my gums cause my teeth apparently separated ugh so 7 days of antibiotics. Anyone else get this problem prior to surgery? I swear this sucks but at any rate my tooth is feeling better since i took my antibiotics and pain pills!


ok so my tooth that was infected was because of an almond piece ugh dang nuts! i was so nervous that i would have to hole back my surgery because of this tooth but i am going to get the clearance from my dentist tomorrow for surgery. i was so scared all weekend and totally stressed out. i bought a dental floss water pik and boy is it worth the money. lol. well on another subject i am trying to be patient and wait for my turn but i am impatient lol. anyone else getting nerovus that something will go wrong or about money or anything related to the surgery?

negative nikki

omg omg omg my surgery is in less than 24 hours and i am totally freaking out! i got my marks on my body and i am ready to go but for some reason i keep thinking the dang anesthesia will be he death of me and i am a total mess. idk why but i keep thinking the worst. ugh i hope tomorrow comes and goes fast and i wake up ok at this point that is alls i care about. i asked dr to do it while im awake but he said no lol.

holy sh!t

Ok my ass feels fine but my tummy oh my tummy girls this sucks lol! Trying sure sleeping but is def muscle repair that is hurting me


Ok this is as good as I could get today hope I can get better ones soon! Baby figure out how to lay yet though

Tummy first look

I think I'm lookin good hope my butt doesn't flatten because i cant sleep any other way


Preop markings


WondeRing if I look good as i had extreme lipo and ouch

Drains out

Feeling significant progress as drains were taken out today. Love my results couldn't be happier with my decision of doctor. I almost cried when I seen my belly button it is so perfect. I loooooove my results and despite the first day of pain i would do it again lol. My results were as Expected and that makes me happy. My hubby brought me vs magazine and said go shopping honey. I cant believe the difference in pain recovery with the drains out... Pics in a minute!

A few pics standing

Side by side

Wowowowow I'm swollen


so tonight i had many things that kept my poor abdominal muscles in pain. 1st i was having a convo with my hubby and i said some stupid word wrong and he repeated it laughing which in turn made me laugh aand i couldnt stop amd he kept repeating me and ugh. then my fther calls to tell me that he finally grew some and changed y littlest sons diaper whom is only 18 months and well my dad is one of those super sweet funny crazy laid to earth kinda ditsy italian guys ( joe peschi type) and he was all goo goo and gaa gaa's and talking in a baby voice to my son as he was changing his diaper he flung it out fast like when in the movies someone who pulls out a table cloth and the cups stay put ....fasttttt well when he did that a flat turd hit him right in the eye hahahahaha ouch he took two showers as he thinks he will die now. total freak he doesnt even share a dribk wwith his wife cause that would be gross apparently. omg whaat a laugh then..... my dear husband planted a nice warm awesome kiss on my lips and when i turned and winked the complete dork pinched my ass cheek.... um yes i had ass injections wit fat five days ago!!!! ouch needless to say that didnt feel good or make me smile:( as far as my recovery goes im moving right along. once the drains come out thaats when things really start with your recovery. im walking straight for the most part and im going to dr.'s office tomorrow and i will be getting a refill on pain meds. i think they are helping when my back hurt from my pre exsisting conditions that are worse now form being hunched(hence why i straightened as fast as i could) and at night i neeed them because the sleeping positions are slim and it hurts both the front and back. otherwise im trooping right along. thank you ladies for everything on here and i promise ill post pics often.


I have burning hot butt cheeks and fever am i ok my husband is being lady wont take me to the er what do i do

Update on fever

Well it could be a small infection so my dr gave me antibiotics and i feel much better! Butt isnt huge but looks great and i love my bb:)

Belly button questions

Well all is going well. I am down 10 pounds and i feel great. I am wearing a strong compression garment! I def have curves but they are good ones. Much rather this than being built like a boy! However i do question if my belly button will be less scrunchy in days to come..... Any opinions will be helpful! It looks like the sun. It's livable but not exactly what i hope the end r exults will be and i think its because of my stretch marks ugh



Ok odd question but has anyone had a problem passing gas since their tummy tuck? It's hard to pass it... any ideas???

three weeks

So my doc said all is looking fab and that it will get better over time. I asked about my skin if it's not pulled right enough abd he said he would take care of me. He will make it perfect if I'm not satisfied. Do far though I honestly believe I will end up with amazing results. Here is a pic to show ya my progress. I'm sitting in it. I am do happy I did this :-)
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

I think he is so kind. His staff and him answered ALL my questions and make me feel at ease. I know he will do well on my surgery!

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