41 Year Old, 2 Kids, Finally Getting my Belly Fixed! - Cleveland, OH

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I am 2 weeks away from getting my tummy tuck. I...

I am 2 weeks away from getting my tummy tuck. I am very excited but very nervous about the pain. I am 41, have 2 kids and am 5'7" and weigh 148. Why is it when I read other reviews, I feel so much bigger than others who weigh more than me? I guess I don't carry weight well. Can't wait to finally get rid of this belly. I have very low self esteem because of it. I know I shouldn't, because I have two kids, but I still feel awful about it.

I had my pre-op with my PS on Friday and he answered all of the questions I had. He puts drains on the side, not in the pubic area. He also will place a binder on me, but he doesn't want to use any compression garments. He also does not believe in using any supplements or vitamins or anything. I expressed my fear about the pain and asked if i could get something stronger than percocet for the first couple days after surgery and he said there was nothing stronger in pill form. Is he correct? He did say that he could give me double strength percocet so I hope that it is enough. I'm really nervous about the pain... He does not give the prescriptions until the day of surgery. He says I can get them filled right at the hospital.

41 Mom of Two--11 Days Until the Big Day!!

I just wanted to write a quick update. I ordered and received a toilet seat lift--hoping that helps. I had my last physical therapy session yesterday and another follow up with my orthopedic surgeon today and all is good with my recovery from fracturing my L1, sacrum and tailbone, then after getting out of my brace, my core was so weak that I really injured my hamstring on the right leg and have high hamstring tendinopathy--very painful and long injury. I got a platelet rich plasma injection there back in June and it is starting to help me feel somewhat normal. I'm going to call 2014 as the year for crazy pain. I ultimately decided to do this for myself because my muscles will be repaired so I can really strengthen my core. I can't wait until I can recover from this surgery and start running again! I haven't been able to run since december 18, 2013! That's they day I fractured my spine...

I am so excited--the nerves are turning to excitement because I will really be able to get back into shape with my belly fixed! I even went to Victoria's Secret and got a very pretty bra and panty set for post surgery...

Pre Admission tests were today!!

Well, today I went to the hospital for my pre admission tests. I also had to pay the hospital and anesthesia fees. So--I'm all paid up and ready to go. A week from right now I will be in surgery!

The testing was mainly just asking medical history questions, a short physical exam, I didn't even have to give blood! The nurse showed me a drain and how to empty and milk it. I also got a bunch of cleansing wipe things that I have to wipe myself down with before I go to bed next Sunday, then also have to do again when I wake up Monday. I am not allowed to shower Monday. I guess these wipes have some sort of chemical to deter infections...

On a separate note, I am anxious! Ben having anxiety dreams. Last night in my dream, my husband's secretary did my abdominoplasty in a restaurant bathroom and didn't finish and someone was coming so I grabbed these three flaps of skin she cut off and stuffed them in a shopping cart, LOL!!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow is my surgery day. I have to report to the hospital at 8:00 AM and I'm pretty nervous. I am trying to get things in order around the house, make sure kids have their school supplies, make sure there is enough food in the house, make sure I have what I need... Lot's of making sure happening. My husband is pretty nervous--not sure if it's because of the surgery or because I will be laid up for a while and he will need to handle everything!! Seriously, he's great and I am so appreciative of him and how much he supports and loves me! My plans for the rest of the day are to take my 2 year old to the kiddie amusement park for some fun since I won't be able to hold her or take her to the playground for a while. Then, wedge salads for dinner, a fat free chocolate milk shake for my last bit of food, then shower. Before bed I will apply those wipes they gave me at the hospital to help fight infections on my skin. Then hopefully I can sleep!! See you all on the flat side! Sending lots of love and support to all the ladies here!

Low blood pressure

1 day post op. I just saw Dr. Leedy. My BP dropped overnight and is still low this morning at 88 over 53. I am getting ton of fluids. I can't have any more pain meds till my BP goes back up. The abs hurt, the lipo incisions hurt.

Hanging in there

Today is 2 days post op. I just got a call from Dr. Leedy. I'm so impressed by how caring and thorough he is. If my husband gets home early enough, the doc wants to see me b/c my left drain site is producing a lot of dark blood. He also said I could get a stronger pain med. I've been taking percoset every 6 hours- the 10/325 pills. They kick in about a half hour after I take them, but only give relief for about 2 hours.

My daughter helped me wash my hair in the kitchen sink so I feel a little cleaner! My hair gets so greasy if its not washed every day... Well, here's to hoping I make it to his office today!!

Drains Gone!

I went to see Dr. Leedy again this morning and got both of my drains out!! I was hoping, but not getting hopes up too much! Each drain only put out less than 20 in the last 24 hours. It didn't hurt and was over in 5 seconds for each drain. He says all looks good so I go back next Friday at 8 and he will take off steri-strips fro incision. He also removed scab from belly button. He wants me to wean down from drugs, so I am going to start that today and try and be fully off them by next Wednesday and just take tylenol and motrin. Still haven't had a BM yet, but I feel it's gonna happen today, LOL. I said that in the appointment and made my hubby, the nurse and doc laugh. Both my hubby and I really like Dr. Leedy. I'll try and take pics later. It doesn't feel real to me yet!

Some Pics post op 4 days

Here are screw pics with no drains. I'm 4 days post op and very swollen. Belly feels like a rock and that there is cement in it. How long does this feeling last??

My pregnant belly

Here's me from 2.5 years ago, pregnant with my last. I was 8 months along here with one baby!! Definitely split muscles after the last baby was born!!
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