28yrs Old No Kids Going with a 325cc Mentor Implant. 32b to a 32d Most Likely - Cleveland, TN

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I went for my pre op appointment last week. I will...

I went for my pre op appointment last week. I will be having the implant placed under the muscle. Therefore that is the reason I picked the 325cc implant. I was told that after swelling goes down it will be more like the 300 with the exception of the width. I am still worried that they my look to wide for my small frame. However, I am beyond excited about finally getting this done. I have talked about and wanted to do this for the last ten years and it doesnt seem like it but it's really happening!

15 days away

I am getting excited and worried at the same time. I have backed out of doing this several times because it is a pricey move, however, given that I keep coming back to wanting this it must be the right move. Looking at lots of things online and wanting everything. Can anyone tell me how long they needed to wear a sports bra after or when they felt comfortable wearing under wire again? Also I did the Vectra 3D online it's weird and I don't think it's exactly right, it is interesting though.

3 days, so excited/nervous.

I hope I have everything ready and lined up. I am going to pick up some things from the store tomorrow. I am trying to stay well stocked on food and such since it will be my boyfriend taking care of me, he's so sweet that I know he will cook for me too. Yes, there is beer in the fridge already waiting. However, I am wondering if I should bump up to 350cc's... he says it's a shot glass difference. However, this is an uncharted expedition on my chest because I don't know what that will be on me. Any suggestion?

Also of course I'm looking at everything in the world I want to buy along with what I would like the post op at about 2-3 weeks to look like. I'm beyond ready and not all at the same time. Maybe I should start taking the "chill" pills now. Over the weekend I had the 4 prescriptions filled, I called around and Target was cheapest for me as I don't have health insurance at the moment. For all of them it was less than $40.

Well they are here!

One is bigger than the other the doctor said not to freak out one may dwell more than the other. Please give me your honest option if it looks abnormal. I hate to think I paid all this money to end up lop sided when I wasn't before. But it's only been 24hours.


Stitches come out tomorrow!

I'm all swollen and tight and itchy. I'm ready to get these stitches out and see what the doctor has to say about my tatas. Also I'd like to get back to me work out routine.

Stitches are out and it feels really different!

I don't know how to describe it but it feels way different and I'll be glad when the raised marks from being stitched up go down and start healing. Looks like I've got a little bruising but the doctor said everything looks great and to keep taking care of them.

Well my girls celebrated their 1 week birthday Friday! ????

So it's been one week and a day, I'm feeling way better and actually getting things done. I don't have all my normal feeling back in my tatas yet but it's slowly happening. However, I know doctors will say I'm still swollen but I swear I don't feel like I am. I have been putting ice to the scars to help the tissue there settle down. Other than that I take a half a hydro once a day maybe when if I start to have any discomfort.

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Because I'm in love with them.... That's the only reason I have for this

I'm still in shock but adjusting!

I can't believe that these amazing things are on me but they are. It's to the point I'm carrying on for most of my day without any random pains or sensations so it's like nothing changed. But we know a lot changed. I went to get sports bras today so I can get moving again. It was very hard to find ones that gave me support without being huge at my rib cage or to tight to get over the girls. I had no idea what I was in for but I finally settled on three. However, I'm posting pics of one of the only sports bras from before that I was able to keep because it was obviously to big before.

Is it possible to have your final results already?

So I've had the flu the last few days. So plenty of Powerade to keep me awake and alive because I'm still not able to eat actual food. But I'm wondering if a little more dropping is all I lack because my swelling has been gone for over a week and a half. I swear they aren't doing anything else at this point. However, I don't know that this is something that is possible.

Tanning bed for the 1st time!

I went to the tanning bed tonight for the first time po. I made sure to tape up my scars so they don't scar worse. I'm told taping them is a good thing to do during tanning. I'm having sourness and discomfort in my right side this is also my dominate hand so it may just be working it so much from doing nothing but laying in bed sick before. That may be inflaming the muscle, I'm not sure. I think I will call my ps tomorrow and see what he says.

Getting softer

I swear one day last week I just woke up and the girls felt like girls again. They have been so high and tight and not the are soft and squishy. It's amazing! My incisions are also getting closer to being flat with the rest of my skin. I am pretty sure my swelling has been gone since week 3. Also I'm starting to think I'm a 32dd everywhere not just VS. because my nipple is trying to escape in a 32d. I'm not sure yet it could be because they aren't sitting like real boobs do... But I'm fine with that. Also going braless is wonderful. On another note they are also bouncy now without being painful, so being more like my boobs instead of some foreign things inserted into me.

Over 2months old now!

So I love them and I think I'm completely used to them. I have random sharpe pains and this is the first week in a while that it's been painful to wear underwire. I have a couple of internal stitches that are still healing and one is being weird and feeling strange. I'm not sure that it's anything to worry about though. I'm loving my girls. They are feeling and looking more real everyday. I'll post a photo of the incision marks soon.


Photos as promised.

The girls are loving summer!!!

Can't say how much I'd rather become a nudist just to get rid of tan lines.


Celebrating and loving having my 4month olds! ????????????????????????????????????????

6 Months!!!!

Almost. I'm a few days out from6 months... I still love my girls! Wish I could show them off more. Also I'm starting a 30 day workout challenge so I hope to see results from that. I've gained weight since the surgery. Not sure if that's normal or not. Her are pictures of course!!!

Few more pictures

I tried to get a lot of angles. I keep have people ask me for profile, under, over and so on.
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