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About three years ago I got two tattoos on my left...

About three years ago I got two tattoos on my left shoulder. Long story short, I hated them. My tattoo artist (who was also a personal friend) didn't care to tell me that my vision didn't quite look right... I would have loved the honesty. About a little over two weeks ago I got a half sleeve all black tattoo, to try to tie my other tattoos together. It's not finished, but it isn't what I was expecting... (we did the one huge piece, but it still isn't connected yet.)
I've been getting a little nervous to go to my next appointment because my artist won't answer my texts for the questions I have. When he showed me the picture on paper I LOVED it. I was so happy that it was drawn just for me and to fit my arm. When it was being tattooed on me I was exited, really too exited. I was really swollen for the whole thing which is fine, but When it healed it shrunk quite a bit. All the lines and likework in my tattoo shrank and became too close together in my opinion. It looks to me like my whole arm is black(I know it's a new tattoo, but I am very pale and the blackness in my tattoos don't fade THAT much) I really wanted to be able to see a lot of my skin behind the tattoo... My artist is planning on shading and highlighting with white ink to bring the "pieces" out of the lace background, but I've heard that when white in laser removed it turns brown or black... I really do like the idea of the white ink in the tattoo, I think it would lighten it up a bit and help with it looking more like "pieces" instead of just a whole bunch of scribbles... But would it go over black? Would it mix together and turn grey? Will it mesh even closer together??? But I'm really thinking laser removal and restarting something more thought out would be my best option to feel comfortable and pretty again.
I keep messaging my artist every few days asking if he can send me a picture of the other pieces that tie my tattoo together and he says "oh yeah sure" and never does, time after time. (By the way both my artists are professionals) I'm not really sure if I should go in for my next appointment "because it's not finished" and I could be worried for nothing... But I am very worried more shading will not make me happy, but make everything look darker and even closer together. Like I said I wanted to be able to see atleast half of my skin through the tattoo.. On paper, it seemed like that's what I wanted... Every time I look at it, it just looks like a huge black blob mess. I've been stressed about this since the night after the tattoo.
Please give me advice...

Consultation Day (test spot)

I just got back from my first consultation at the clinic Ink On Ink Off in Cleveland. It's was so nice and clean looking. They were very nice and very straight forward. Quick consultation because I knew what I wanted and she understood. I was happy to know we could do a test spot today. It wasn't so bad of a sock. It hurts a small amount more than getting the tattoo( mind I only had one line tested)

It frosted right away. I haven't taken off the bandage yet. I'll post a picture about two weeks later... If its healed!

How do I help the healing the quickest?

Hey guys... I have a few questions hopefully someone can answer.
It's been almost a week since I had my test spot done and my first question is how long should I wait to start my first treatment?

My other question is, I am a hairstylist, therefore constantly raising my arms is a must in my job.. It's on my left arm to where it's not moving the most... But I do need to have my arms raised for most of my day. I was wondering(because I know I'm going to blister with these close together, dense lines) will this disturb the healing? What could I use to help the blistering go down the quickest? I have Aquaphor that I have been using on my test spot.

I'll post screen shots I took of instructions of the healing process online... Hopefully you guys can give me a little more advice. Thanks for listening! I'll also post what my test spot looks like so far

First session, complete.

I had my first session done two days ago, and I've been waiting since the week after I got the tattoo done in the first place. So you could say I'm so happy to finally get this moving along. I kept the bandage on for the first day because I know I swell a lot.. And I did.. But it helped.

I have a few pictures of replacing the bandage and Aquaphor the morning after. It was raised and very sore..I was expecting a lot of blisters because of how dense it is, but I was told I have the best skin for this(very pale, and when in the sun I go straight to burn, and then when it peels it goes straight back to pale) and I must have, because I only blistered a little...(it is only the third day, it's never too late to blister). I didn't get any pictures during the treatments but my entire tattoo was "frosted" white.

It is now the fourth day..

The blisters have gotten a little worse... I'm doing an update so you guys can see. I hope they don't hurt for too much longer.. I have to go back to work tomorrow :(
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