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So far I've had 3 consultations and I have another...

So far I've had 3 consultations and I have another one this week. I'm still not sure if I like any of these doctors yet. Im hoping to get it done this fall (2013). I just keep thinking about how I will look after and that makes me so nervous!! Im also worried what other people will say after the procedure.

Picked Doctor

Well I decided what doctor I want for the procedure and I feel pretty good about him. HIs office is also checking to see if insurance will cover part of the procedure because I have a breathing problem. I never thought I did, I know I'm a mouth breather but he said the procedure should help and also help with my allergies. So I"m just waiting to find out if it does cover. I"m really nervous though I still have to tell some of my family and not sure how they will take it. I"m also really nervous thinking about what the outcome will be but I"m really excited because I feel like if I don't do this procedure now I will regret it.

Side view before


I found out today that my insurance will cover part of the procedure and therefore I should get st leave from work! That's good because now I don't have to use all my vacation for the procedure. I feel like everything is working out as a good sign I should do this surgery

Contact problems...

I wear contacts but for last year or so they bother me after a few hours and I have to put my glasses on. This makes me nervous because I heard after surgery you can't wear glasses for at least a month. I'm not sure what to do about my contact problem. Last time I went to the eye doctor she said everything seemed okay

More Pics Before


Today I met with the doctor to look at the pictures/drawings of what he think he can do for my nose. I don't really have an ideal nose that I want I just want my nose but prettier. I told him I trust him with what he plans to do and he will make it as natural as possible. Now I have to figure out when I can have the surgery. It will either be end of Sept, Oct or Nov. I would like it sooner then later. I'm still terrified of the surgery part so I just want to get it over and live my life with a better nose and breathe better.

Holding me back...

The only. Thing that's holding me back from a new nose are my own stupid fears!! All I have to do is call to schedule the appointment but I keep thinking of how scared I will be before surgery and how I will feel with a new knose. I know some of it is irrational and I need to stop being so scared!!

Scheduled my surgery!!! Oh boy!!!

Well I finally did! I scheduled my appointment for Sept 23 with Dr. Guyuron. I actually feel calmer and not stressed out now that it is scheduled. Leading up to scheduling I was constantly thinking about it and feeling scared/debating/nervous.
So I guess now I just have to trust I picked the right doctor and hope that it all works out. I know if I didn't this I would regret it later in my life. I also want to note that I will be getting a septoplasty and turbinate reduction.

Count Down 3 weeks!!!

My surgery is about 3 weeks from now. I had my blood drawn the other day and my preop is next week. I have to take a vitamin C supplement for 3 weeks and I have a list of drugs I can't take for 3 weeks. A week before surgery I"m not supposed to drink alcohol and I have a list of mostly fruits I can't eat.
My list of things to get so far include:
*u shape pillow
* throat lozenges
* cotton balls/ q-tips
*soft foods
*Vitamin C
* ice pack
If you have any other suggestions let me know. I'm getting more excited now. I just want to get this over now so I can be the new happy me and feel better.


I had my preop today and the nurse and I just going over instructions and what medicines I should be taking. I met with the doctor and he explained again what he will do. I didn't have any questions for him because I feel like he will do whats best and natural for me. I'm a little nervous about the surgery and the recovery period. I hope its not too uncomfortable. I will have splints in my nose and no packing. I am excited though I ill get a pink cast :)
In the doctors waiting room there were two ladies, one was from another sate and the other lady from another country! They both just had rhinioplasy and they had nothing but good things to say about the doctor. This reassured me and they kept saying how happy you will feel after this.

I hoping to get 2 weeks off from work, but today the doctors office said they will tell insurance that you can get 3 weeks off. So I'm not really sure how much time I will have off. I don't think I will know for sure until after the surgery. I just better have at least two weeks off. I"m hoping that will be enough time....

So count down begins, I will be using this time getting my prescriptions filled, getting a U-shapped pillow, and other items I might need to help get me thru that week.

Making the right choice??

I'm getting pretty nervous. My surgery is about a week away. I just hope I still look like me but better. Some after pictures I see the person looks drastically different. I know I will look different especially since my nose is a disaster, but I'm just having hard time picutring what I will look like after.


I was wondering if you guys would wash your hair/shower during the first week recovery? Was it difficult? Any suggestions....

Last weekend!

My surgery is Monday at 7am! It feels very unreal because I've wanted this for a long time. I just know I'm going to be a wreck before surgery, I know I'm making the right choice its just such a scary time. I just hope everything works out good.

12 hours away

In about 12 hours I will be at the hospital for my surgery! Im trying to keep myself busy around the house to calm my nerves. I just feel shocked I can't believe this is really going to happen. After so many years of feeling self-counsious. I spoke with this lady today hows in her early 80's and she said she had a nose job in her late 30's. She was had a very positive outcome of the procedure and she was encouraging. I"m trying to think very positive and not worry because I'm sure everything will work out perfect. I have to start taking my anti-biotics and they gave me a sleeping pill but I don't think I will take it tonight.

Surgery over!

Wow I can't believe it's over! I was so scared and crying while I was waiting to go in for surgery. I remember being in the or room and the lady told me to switch beds and she said u probably won't even remember this and that was the last thing I remember. Everyone was so nice and positive. I was having a good dream when the nurse woke me up. I was nauseous for a little
Bit so I had to lay down longer. Even in the car ride I felt a little nauseous but I feel better now, just a little weak. They put this stuff in my eyes so my eyes have been blurry all day and draining fluid but I think it's almost all out. My one eye is a little bruised but nothing as bad as I thought it would be. I'm hoping tomorrow it doesn't get worst but I'm sure It will. The drip bad is annoying and I'm not dripping much so maybe tomorrow I can take it off. I see the doctor tomorrow at 8 am. I took a pain medicine but it's not really making me tired or feel tingle so that's no fun. Lol. I did nap and because I normally breathe out of my mouth I haven't had much difficulty. I've been keeping a cold damp rag on my forehead and that helps me feel better. So far it's been easier than I hope it stays like that

Cast itching!

It's the second night and my cast is itching so bad. I'm also afraid to move my face too much. This is going to be such a long week. My tip looks swollen and round. I'm trying not to think about it though cuz I know it will be swollen. All I want to do is sleep thru all of this.

Day 3

I watched more tv today and took a nap. I was able to get my contacts in. I just have pressure on the cast and it's driving me crazy plus still itching. I want time to speed up! It feels like it's going so slow now

Day 4

I definetly recommend taking laxatives. I had to run out and get some today. I have so much dried blood in the nostrils. I tried calling the doctor today to see if I can clean it but they never called me back. Also I keep yawning and it kind of hurts my nostrils. The cast is getting so annoying !

Day 5/ almost day 6

I feel like I'm in jail counting down the days until my nose is free. Today I felt good watched tv and my grandma came over. My nose started to bleed for a bit and I just used a tissue to dap the nostril. Later I went for a car ride and then a very short walk in the park. I felt good after but also kind of exhausted. I used a q tip with peroxide and blood and just very gently I cleaned the outside of my nostril. I did go I'm my nostril but not far at all. I then noticed I started to bleed again so I had my bf put the drip pad back on. When he did that I felt my nostril feel a little weird. Now I'm nervous the internal splits were moved or maybe even the stitches. Or maybe I'm just imagining it or maybe it's the blood moving around my nose. I just don't want to mess anything up. I took a sleeping pill so hopefully my nose feels better tomorrow. If not I'll call the doctor.

day 6

Day 6

Cast Off

I got the cast off today. It took the nurse awhile to get the dried blood out my nose. That part probably hurt the worst. I think Im in shock. My side profile looks good, but I just feel the front of my face is so swollen and numb. Plus my skin seems to have gotten bad. I tried putting makeup on and It looks cakey now. Also the one side of my nostril feels stuffy and they said thats okay, Just give it sometime. I know that I need to give it time and I'm pretty sure with time I will love my new nose, I just have so many emotions right now. It just doesn't feel like my nose yet. Maybe becuase its still sore and numb but It doesn't feel like me yet.

Next day

I was feeling kind of sad/confused earlier today. I"m not sure if I should be happy with my nose or not. It's def better than what I had, its just freaks me out to see myself looking different. I'm also frustrated becuase the one side is so stuffy and it looks a lot bigger than the other side. I called the doctors office again and they said to just give it time, its very swollen. I really hope thats the case because now I can't breathe and the whole point of surgery was to fix it!

I visited some family today and they all loved my new nose so that made me feel a little better. I went to get some new make up and the lady rubs a tissue down my nose after I told her about the surgery! It didn't hurt but it felt a little more numb after.

I see the doctor in a month so I really hope swelling goes down and I can breathe again otherwise I have no idea what ill do...

Overall though I feel a little better. I'm just not in LOVE with my new nose yet.


Another thing that is freaking me out, I am more of a mouth breather now! I feel like I can't breath at all if my mouth is closed! This is making me so nervous!!!


It's been one week since my cast came off and at first I wasn't sure what to think/did I make the right decision. I must say I am very happy I did this and overall the whole process was a lot easier then anticipating. I've had many comments that it still looks like me but better. One person said I looked different but couldn't figure out what it was :)

My nose is still very swollen and I understand know that it takes time but I feel very confident with my results. Each day I can tell it feels better. I am still just waiting for the stuffiness go away. I hoping that at my 1 month check up they will be able to clean my nose out good, I still think there is some dried blood up in there.

I am not posting pics because google image is getting them so If you would like to see the results send me a message and I would be more than happy to email.

Overall, I think if you did your research and you understand that its an emotional journey as well I recommend this surgery.

5 weeks after


Is it weird that I"m afraid my old nose will grow backā€¦.

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