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I've always had problems with my tummy. I'm 21 and...

I've always had problems with my tummy. I'm 21 and have never had any children yet I've always had the baby pooch. It's not even skin, it's literally just a random pocket of fat. I used to think that when men said that I had baby fat, it was because I was young.... recently I discovered a blog when men were literally discussing if I had been pregnant before and either gave up the child or lost it some how.... that makes me feel worse than I could ever articulate. I feel like I'm deformed and robbed of the "pregnancy body". Not only that, but obviously other people notice it. I've been much skinnier and still had this pronounced pocket of fat. I've never felt comfortable showing my belly. After about two years of endless working out and hardly eating I decided to just stop trying so hard because it's not going anywhere. I actually like the weight I am now and would be happy with a regular looking stomach. I like my other curves and want to be healthy but I feel like I can never be happy unless I rid myself of this nasty leech around my lower mid section. I'm hoping to be able to raise enough money to have the procedure in February. I've made a site for donations and am hoping that somehow that'll help with the financial burden. I'm not going to lie, I've had a really hard time with this. I'm literally crying as I type this. I just need to feel normal. I've had countless night of torment where I crying until I can't anymore and just fantasy about cutting it off myself. I know I sound completely crazy but the teasing I've received from men and women alike just kills me inside. I mean, it's like the size of my breast for Christ sake.
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