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Tomorrow marks one month since I got my forearm...

Tomorrow marks one month since I got my forearm tattoo. It's been a crazy month of regret, emotions, but also acceptance. In May I'll be starting the process to remove the tattoo I got on my forearm kind of impulsively, kind of not. The idea for the tattoo itself was not impulsive, but I drove a friend to a tattoo parlor and that's where the impulsive decision came in. Either way, I've accepted that this thing won't be easy to get off, but that it is most definitely coming off. I've changed my entire diet and workout routine to boost my immune systems ability to get this off. I start the first week of May with treatments! Luckily I found a very professional clinic offering "treatments until it's gone" for one payment of $900. Thank God because that takes so much of the financial burden of not knowing how many treatments it'll take. But here goes everything :)

Waiting Game

I'm less than a month away from my first treatment! Living with this thing has been one of the most mentally difficult things I've ever gone through. It's weird but initially I didn't even feel like myself. I felt like my arm wasn't my own anymore, and that I ruined my life. But as time has passed I have been able to accept the process, stop living in the past, and just deal with the situation. Anyway I will keep you all updated! 3 weeks! (And 6 days lol)

The Process

Today I woke up and started to look up tattoo removal (which has become and almost daily thing) and I said to myself "NO." So I called my mom and we went and got lunch. I've been wearing longsleeve over shirts to cover the tattoo but today I let it show ???? I'm finally coming to a point of forgiving myself and I'm gonna be taking a break from real self for a bit. I will still be posting updates after treatments but I don't want to let this consume me anymore. On a side note, I did something bold and changed my major to something I've wanted to for a long time yesterday! Nursing! Looking forward to the process :D Thank you guys for your support!


It's hard to believe that in just 4 short days I will be receiving my first treatment. Time is really flying, and I've come such a long way from when I first got the tattoo. I remember feeling hopeless, stupid, thinking that I had ruined my life. I was desperate and searching (and I even went to see a doctor about excision.) But in these two and a half months of waiting, I've learned a lot about self compassion and forgiveness. The funny thing is that I don't even hate the tattoo anymore! Grated, I would rather not have it, but seeing it doesn't make me sick like it used to. And there have been so many good things to come out of it! Before I got the tattoo, I ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted to. I was never really overweight, but was by no means living a healthy lifestyle. But now that is all different. I work out regularly (compared to nothing before) and I eat an obnoxiously healthy diet. And this has totally changed my interest in the direction of my education!

While I wont be sad to see this tattoo fade, it no longer runs my life like I once let it. And for all of you going through the same thing, your unwanted tattoo only defines you to the degree that you let it. It's all a mind game and you can beat it!

Wish me luck as I officially start this journey May 3rd :D

First Session Done

Got my first session done today. Left feeling super relived. Like I'm finally taking control of this. Photo is about 7 hours after treatment.


Hey everybody!

My tattoo is continuing to fade, and although its nothing major, it is not as black as it used to be. I'm not sure if any of you are interested in my personal life, but I wanted to update you on that (with reference to the tattoo of course.)

So much has happened since I got the tattoo, one of the biggest things being the passing of my grandma. But before I expand a little on that, I wanted to tell you where I was at mentally when I got the tattoo. I had just come back from spending a year overseas in El Salvador, and upon my return back home to the states, I was hit with culture shock like you wouldn't believe. I did so many things that I wouldn't normally to, the only permanent thing being the tattoo of course lol. And since then I have been living in a constant state of regret. Although the regret has faded since getting the tattoo, I still wish it never happened. And I did wake up everyday still feeling the regret.

Until my grandma died.

I won't go into the details, but her passing was sudden and unexpected. But with her passing, although painful, it was like I was reminded of how important it is to enjoy life! So while I still don't want the tattoo, I stopped living in regret. (Being around my heavily tattooed family didn't hurt either lol.)

Oh and the funny thing is they were all talking about getting matching tattoos of my grandmas handwriting and I was like, "you guys go and have your fun" haha. Never will I ever get another tattoo haha.

But one thing that has given me a lot of peace is that my sweet grandma gave me $200 to help me pay for my removal (not that she disapproved of it, thats just who she was, loving) so I have peace about going to treatments because every time I do I will think of her.

AND I've been so worried about there being a "ghost" or scarring or whatever. While I still would prefer not to have that, even if there is a mark left it will make me remember my grandmas love (and not my impulsive stupidity haha)

Oh and if you're reading this and you are just experiencing tattoo regret, I agree, it sucks. But your life is not over. ITS JUST A TATTOO. It does not define you, you did not ruin your body, and you ARE still you.

Anyway, happy fading y'all!

It's almost gone!!

You can barely see the tattoo!

...just kidding lol. It definitely has lightened a shade, but apart from that not anything crazy 3 weeks post first treatment. Next treatment in 3 weeks!

Starting to like the tattoo?

So yesterday I decided to do something super "edgy" and wear short sleeves to work. By the end of the day three people complimented how original and interesting my tattoo is. And I felt so free by finally just letting it show.

I started to think that there is some part of me that wanted this tattoo, and once I started to embrace that part of me I had not one problem showing it off.

Eva always says that sometimes it takes time to get used to the shock of the tattoo, I believe that is the case for me...in a sense. The tattoo barely bothers me, but it gives me joy to see it fading from my arm haha. Lets just say that I do not want the tattoo when I'm 35 married with kids, but the 20 year old version of me doesn't (and shouldn't) have a problem with it.

So if it takes awhile to go away, thats fine with me too. I took the power back from this tattoo, and instead of letting it be an intruder on my body, now its just a part of my story.

Can any of you relate to what I'm saying?

Night before treatment 2

It has officially been 6 weeks since my first treatment. I go in for number two tomorrow. Can't wait to see what comes in the next six weeks!

Second treatment done

Good fading!

Do you guys see that?! Underneath the scabs the tatto is a different color! I am so thrilled to see the thing fade away. I am so happy to see the change after two treatments, I can't wait to see where I'll be after my 8th! (Next May lol)

About 3 weeks post 2nd tx

I think it's looking mighty fine.

Next treatment in 4 days

The time has passed so quickly. I'm not ashamed of the tattoo nor do I try to hide it (except from the sun alllllll the time.) My 3rd treatment is coming up fast, and I'm almost not excited because I know that means two weeks of blisters and that awesome sunburn feeling. But either way I keep moving forward. I don't know if anybody reads these but it you just got a tattoo you hate, take it easy. Regret sucks but time does make it lessen. Do I regret it? Hell yes. But do I beat myself up for it still? No, not anymore. I don't want to live my life treatment to treatment. I just want to live my life. Besides its just a tattoo.

I'm done with removal.

It's been six months since I got my tattoo and I've had a lot of time to live. And 3 pico treatments later I actually think I finally like the tattoo. I don't know if it was just the fact that it got lighter and didn't seem as bold, but I like the tattoo. And I still love the meaning behind it. So for right now I'm stopping my treatments. For the first time in such a long time I feel like myself again, and I can't believe I let a tattoo get in the way of that. Finally finally finally I'm done with this and I feel free :)


I feel so free. This is my first time back this site in about 2 months. I decided to make peace with my tattoo, and I feel like me again. I have actually gotten two more tattoos since my last post. Don't let regret ruin your life. Keep moving forward! (Don't tell anyone but I might even get my & tattoo redone lol.) Goodbye Realself. It's defininetly been and interesting journey.
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