Implants Slowly Deteriorating my Body!! Need Them out Asap!!! Cleveland, OH

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I have had my implants in now for almost 7 years....

I have had my implants in now for almost 7 years. I have maintained an extremely healthy diet and have always been really healthy. After year 3 of having them in i noticed I was getting sick more easily. the first symptom I can distinctly remember is right away, I felt my energy levels werent the same. I couldnt work out as hard, I never felt awake like I had before. My body was feeling so run down, yet I wasnt doing anything different, I got strep throat 5 times in a row and my immune system was not working properly. I started probiotics and lots of other vitamin supplements.. Nothing seemed to get me better. I started developing increasing food allergies and environmental allergies. I became allergic to dogs, milk, and sensitive to sooo many other things and started developing rashes on my chest, back, face, and later arms and hands. All of which cortisone creams would only work for a period of time and then would stop working. I started getting super tired, low energy and brain fog. Would sometimes get dizzy spells where no matter what i was doing or where I was i would have to sit down and close my eyes. My body just started to feel like life was being sucked out of me. just not normal. Doctors tested me for lupus and thyroid disorder (a lot of women get tested for this same thing when getting ill from implants), all negative. They did biopsies on my skin rashes and would come back "allergic dermatitis" the doctor said that my skin looked chemically burned. The rash since Dec 2014 has gotten so bad at times, it feels like my skin is burned off, it hurts, oozes, and feels terrible. I stopped using makeup, hairsprays, perfumes, nail polish, etc and made my own shampoo conditioner and body soap to eliminate chemicals at all cost because of my sensitivities. This has been a miserable journey and I am hopeful from talking to Dr Feng Clinic, she is a surgeon in Ohio that only does explants (she doesnt do breast implants)
she is very knowledgeable and aware that women get really sick from implants and will be doing my surgery beginning of the year 2015. I had originally scheduled my explant surgery for jan 2014, when I found out i was pregnant 2 days before surgery!!!!! This baby will be a blessing, but I am just SOOO ready to get these foreign objects out of me!! I will keep in touch and answer any questions to help whoever is out there that is suffering! I will be definitely posting again to tell of my story update after I get them removed!!
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