27 with 3 1/2 year old implants. I'm ready to take them out.

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I always was self conscious of my breast size, and...

I always was self conscious of my breast size, and wanted fuller size to add curves to my body. I am very athletic and did not have much fat on me. I am petite, 5'4 and 105lbs. Pre BA I was a small 32 B, and I wish I kept it that way. I was young and felt the pressure to look beautiful and decided to have BA surgery.

My implants are 255cc in both sides, cohesive gel, incision through the armpit and under the muscle. I remember being excited to have the surgery and then immediately waking up, I thought...what have I done. The size was too big for my frame, they were unnatural, and I asked to be a C cup and came out with D's. The surgery itself was one of the most painful experiences I have been through and I would recommend anyone thinking of getting implants to think long and hard before going through with it. I feel very silly for having this procedure done and this is just the beginning of the complications I've been having with them.

I decided to wait 6 months to let them settle, thinking they would reduce in size, drop more, and become softer. 6 months went by and I still had high breasts, big and fake looking. I was incredibly sad and dissatisfied with the outcome but decided to try and get use to them since it was a pretty expensive procedure.

After 8 months I started to bottom out on my right side :( So badly that I was in pain and had to go back to the original surgeon who stitched the bottom of my right side only to hold up the implant. I was horrified because the double bubble effect was only on my right side.

After some time, and saving up, Ive decided I am going to remove my implants for good and embrace the natural me. I chose Dr. Feng in Cleveland based on the ladies reviews on this forum and my surgery date is at the end of November. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. So many questions are reeling through my mind...How are they going to look after? Will they sag? Will it be a painful procedure? will I get my natural size back? etc etc. This forum has been incredibly helpful, and I thank all the ladies for being brave and sharing their stories. I plan to give back and share mine as well.

Dr Feng recommends implant removal with en bloc and muscle repair. She recommend that I do not need a lift at the same time. I wanted to have Fat Transfer at the same time as removal but Dr. Feng has advised that I do the Fat transfer down the road after the removal. She says her best results are those who wait to do the fat transfer after the breast have fully healed from the implant removal. I agreed.

Im praying that my breasts fluff back and regain some of the original shape and size.

I truly want to thank everybody on this website for sharing their stories. It has given me hope and the strength to move forward with this surgery with confidence. Whether they look deformed/small, I know removing the implants is the right thing for my health, and body.

Have most women partners been supportive of removing implants?

What emotional rollercoaster should I be prepared to experienced?

What kind of Post Surgery Bra should I bring with me to Cleveland?

Received my care package

I received vitamins from Dr.Feng's office this afternoon :)

Feeling relieved

They're out and I'm so relieved. Dr. Feng's clinic is beautiful and her staff are wonderful and so caring. Dr Feng is a talented and very caring Doctor. She was very detailed in our consultation and she took her time. I felt very comfortable with her knowledge and skill. Surgery was not as bad as getting the implants in. So far I feel great. Minor discomfort when I lie down or have to get up. I'm so happy they are out and I'm starting the road to recovery!

The drains are slightly uncomfortable but bare able. I can't wait to unwrap them and see what they look like :)

Check out the capsules removed from my body!

Drain removal tomorrow.

Hi ladies,

I get my drains removed tomorrow. Oddly I'm more nervous about the removal and feeling the drains slide out than the actual surgery I just had. Could someone tell me if it's painful? And how does it feel after getting them removed?

Concave :(

Little sad that my chest looks so flat on the top. Does this change over time? My photo right after surgery and my own photos 4 days after are so different.

Drains are removed

Drains are out and I took some photos before being wrapped back up again.

Update day 5

Slowly getting better.

I'm experiencing this itching in between my breast and on my back. It's not a rash but I have to resist not to scratch. I've showers and put on a touch of jojoba oil that I normally use. Has anyone else experienced this?

Day 11

Today I can remove all gauze from the stitch and i no longer require the ace wrap. Moving to a soft sports bra. From the side I have no experienced much fluffing. The front shots look bigger in the photos than it does in real life.

Are all the scars this big on the crease? Dr Feng did an amazing job on the stitches itself.

Week two update.

Update shots. Feeling better day by day. Left scar is healing slower than the right side. Size is small but happy they are me :)

I've been advised that I can move to an underwire bra now, and start working out in a week.

my nipple area is incredible sensitive :( when does that go away?

16 days update

Over two weeks now since the surgery. Feeling better each day and went bra shopping today at Victoria's Secret to get the basics. Store says I'm a 32c which is odd because I'm not a c cup. The 32b underwire is slightly too narrow and the 34b is to big. I know I'm not a full c cup but hey I'll take it! Feeling more like myself each day and I have no regrets about removing my implants.

Does anyone know foods that increase breast size? Do high estrogen foods work?

3 month update

It's been 3 months since my surgery and they are changing every month. I've started to work out again to retrain my muscle that was worked on and I feel much stronger today. I'm so happy I removed the implants and had dr feng work on them.
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Have no had the surgery yet.

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