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I am beyond frustrated I can not find a great...

I am beyond frustrated I can not find a great butt doctor to do my procedure. Within a month! jimmerson is booked for two years ,Mentianta Spanish doc spelled his name wrong ???? only accepts care credit which they only approved me 6,500.00$ I was approved for united medical 12,000$ but the Spanish. Doc doest accept that smh I just need a good doctor I want 200cc in each hip and 900cc in each cheek.... Can someone please refer me to a good doc that accept those finances and who is not over booked and who can do a terrific. Job thank u!


Hello ladies so I have decided. To go with dr.fisher I am soo excited... 2 weeks and 2 days can't come quick enough ????

before pics pretty girllll....????

Before pics

wish pics


So lady's o have decided. To book a plane ? to Miami and catch the train ???? amtrack back just because they have single beds and bunk beds available to lay down on for your trip.... But it can get expensive. But a extra couple hundreds. Will be worth it considering. If I took the plane ? back I would need to stand up .... O hell no lol...

Amtrack bed! looks comfortable!!!

Staying in Miami for 30 days!!!!!! sooooooo excited!!!

I am ver grateful that I get to stay in Miami. For a month soooo excited!!!!!

guys i know i have a lot of grammatical errors on my page i apologize lol but its not me im typing fast because im excited to

Just didn't want u guys to think my writing Was badd it's not. But anywayyy back to excitement. Lol!

before pics i dont have any butt smh!!!

more before pics

more wish pics

1 week left till i have my bbl procedure! so excited!

So I have 1 week left til my bbl procedure, so for now I'm writing a List of supplies I will need. Tommorow I get to purchase my ticket and pack my bags ahead of time... so excited....

exchasted and excited 5 days left till surgery!!!!

So today I purchased my tickets bought iron pills and pineapple juice I stay in Cleveland Ohio but my hometown is Washington DC also were my mom stay which is great because it 2hrs away from Miami so it dawned on me u should let your Moma take of u during your recovery I called her and she was so happy she just love when I come in town she's preparing her house for my recovery already I love her soo much...

swagg!!! lol

more before pics;/ lol

4 days left unit i leave for Miami i have to arrive 3days early because my labs need to be done!!!

So Im extra excited but I'm arriving in Miami 3days early I have to get my labs done Friday. Saturday and Sunday idk wat to do any suggestions dolls surgery will be Monday morning..... they told me they don't think I need a medical clearance because I young I am 25 I wonder if that's true about the medical clearance?

ok wow today is Monday I'm literally leaving wensday moring at 2am!!! yikes lol:0

So I'm leaving wensday morning at 2am I will be in Miami Thursday evening and enjoying my hotel room in addition to preparing for my labs to get done... I quit smoking for about 4 weeks now I've been taking my iron pills for about 4 days now and drinking plenty water orange juice and pineapple juice oh yeah and eating a lot of steak... I'm pretty healthy so I hope my labs come back ok ....

plastic surgery app enjoy!!!!

Lol my butt in my side view before pics are hilarious smh lol....

So im excited i leave tonight for miami!!! i will arrive thursday evening catching amtrack saved me money lol!!! : )

So I'm a very excited just a bit nervous about my labs my coordinator Mercedes Perez is so sweet!!!
I don't see why people talk badd about vanity staff they have been very kind and polite to me and they keep everything direct efficient and straight forward which is wat u want a. I feel like so far there staff is great.... well let me get sum rest before I leave tonight ttyl dolls....

Train 1hr late smh lol Amtrack!!!!

So my train is 1hr been on my phone being patient enjoying my journey I can't complain I feel blessed.... on my wa fisher dolls..

ok mt nurse just told me she is picking me up and taking me rooe recovery house thwy told me i was staying in a hotel!!!! but i

Well a few more hrs then I will officially be in Miami I'm so excited but nervous because this is my first time here but I know I will enjoy myself : )

omg i hate my phone its making look like i cant wright smh anyway my nurse is picking me up and taking me to the recovery house

I hope this RH is nice I'm almost in Miami still on the train can't wait for surgery on Monday....

please excuse the grammatical errors and missed spelled words on my page i can read and wright great im just typing extremly fa

Again I can read and right very well I'm sure u guys understand that when you phone text your misspelld gimmic goes to the extreme....

recovery home!!!"

So its official I'm staying at the RH home I'm actually happy I am because I won't be alone in case I need help plus there's a kitchen there I can cook instead of eating fast food wasting money!!"" And its been remodeled I herd it was nice I will take pics when I get there dolls...

Miami im finally here And the Rh astonishing!!! absolutely stunning!!!

Wow this Rh is amazing here are just a few pics the house is a mansion I wish I can see the whole place.....


Today Nubia pics me up to take my labs I'm very excited waking up in this mansion is a dream I wish I can stay forever lol..

Wow my labs came back great my hemoglobin was 13.4!!!!!

I was so worried for nothing my labs came back great and my surgery is on Monday at 3pm.... wow those iron pills really work I took 3 a day 65mg....

1 day left till surgery!!! : )

Just one day left dolls till my bbl sx I can not wait I been in this mansion for 4 days I had to extend my package here in the mansion so I can give my body a chance to heal after surgery instead of staying 7days I get to stay for Ten days....

Today one of my dreams come true!!!!

I am so excited dolls today is my surgery day wow I've come along way it feels like lol... surgery at3pm today I will definitely post pics...

on my waY to vanity for surgery!!!

On my way to vanity for surgery so excited today is the dayyyy!!!!

Omg FISHER is the mannnnnnn girls look!!!!!! perfect..

Omg I am about to cry I love it just wat I asked for.big hips and big butt...

morw pics and more to come Enjoy!!!

My butt and hips look way bigger in person!!!

so much painnnnnn!!!!

Beauty is definitely pain thank god these pain killers work lady please do not come alone you definitely will need help I can not wait to see my mother on Saturday I need her so bad right now the pain is unimaginable.. I need help my room is a mess I'm in too much pain to clean up after my self there's blood all over my floors I need my mother please lady's bring someone....

more pics dolls Enjoy!!!!!!

I am feeling much better today I took my meds and took a shower after my massage and then the lovely house keeper cleaned my room so well..... everything is going well....

i wish people would stop asking were he got my fat from i feel thats so rude!!!

He got it from my back and stomach....... I had a gut now my stomach is completely flat....

ok feeling better today!!!!!!

So some one wanted to know about my experience here at the recovery home even tho I would recommend not coming alone and bringing some One to help u recover, however I did not bring anyone and my house keeper and coordinator Nubia and nurse Joanna and massage therapist all went out there way to help me and make sure I was well taking care of I feel really blessed!!!!! I mean I was in so much pain I couldn't do anything for myself they all helped and I had a great experience and the RH... and I enjoyed myself...

Itchingggggggg omg allergic reaction i hope not...

I hope this is so not my case I'm itching every were and my body is to tender to scratch and rub I usually always have that problem wen taking a lot of medications but I usually break out in hives no hives as of now but I will consult my doctor....

more pics enjoy!!!!!!!

I hate my camera its cheap stay stunned for more pics with a better quality camera.... I'm sure my butt will look way bigger because it is....

Hello dolls feeling very good today Drains are out !!!!!

ladys question I don't understand why we cant sit on our butts im confused was it because of the pain if so I have been sitting on my butt today even now as I am typing it feeeellllsssss good lol!!!!!! I gues my butt is healing really fast I can bend over now squat and sit it feels good im gonna sign up for some yoga I know that will feel great im just ready for that fluff and for my but to jiggle!!!!!

Still in pain 1 week post!!!

Hello lady's question when will my pain subside?? How long should I give it? And when can I Staet doing weight teaming I want to get my abs popping? I am still in so much pain I have to take the pain meds everyday without them it feels like my stomach and butt is ripping and is exsrusciating pain!!

Before and and photos enjoy!!!!

Wow what a big difference and lady's this is not a before and after plastic app stimular picture this is before and after Dr. Johnathan Fisher's Work!!!

Heyy dolls swelling going down : )

I love my stomach..... and body!!

Still pain every morning i wake up uggh wtf

Omg lady's every morning I wake up and the meds wear off I can barely walk smh my swelling is going down in my stomach tremendously and my stomach looks beautiful and gets flatter everyday my Butt and hips are still huge and I'm happy about that but the pain omg and now I'm done with my pain meds and I'm afraid tylenol just won't do it idk I will try but I hate taking pills I fear they will cause other problems in the future but I desperately need them right now!!! Every morning the pain wakes me up and I have to take a percassette pain pill just to feel comfortable please pray for me dolls that this pain go away I get back to normal again smh I wanna cry....

ok confesstarted back smoking ciggerates 1week after bbl and stopped 3 days before surgery!!!!

OK so mind wrecking as it is I know we all know they tell u stop the ciggs becuz of infections blood clots fat loss and slow healing however I didn't stop and may be hard for others to stop buttttttttt!!!" I am healing great I have no complications and my body looks amazing I am almost 2 weeks post and no fat lost!!! However I will definitely keep you posted on if I have Amy fat lost and any complications again my results are not permanent yet I still have 2 weeks and 2 months to know? But so far so goof and loving my flat tummy big hips and big butt : ) but this message is not to encourage you to keep smoking while having this procedure it is simply for those woman like me who did not stop and are having the insecureties that I had Or questions about fat lost and complications of smoking while having had a bbl sx.....

pain getting better!!!!

My pain is getting better I just freaked out a little the end mark of my 1st week day 9 and 10, I think is when my pain started to subside and I think it was because I wasn't wearing my garment they called and demanded lol that I wear it for 3 months OK so I followed instructions and they were RIGHT it definitely help my pain and swelling now I wear it everyday all day except when taking showered and pooping I GREw to love the faja and it definitely HELPs!!! : )

measurements :)

Finally bought a measuring tape OK dolls so I am currently at
36 30 44 I hope my butt and hips stay that big I will get my waist down to a 26 28 that will be easy for me to do!!

Feeling 80%

Hello dolls I am so thrilled and happy with my exsperiance on getting a bbl I mean I feel so lucky I did not have any and I mean any complications thus far hope I don't not even in the future. U guys know about the tell kids are always outspoken about things I was with my new few and niece and 12 year old cuzzin there all around the same age I had on some black pants and they were like omg her butt is HUGEEeeeeee!!!! Lol I started laughing and smiling so hard... then I put on a dress and walked outside just to take a walk and u guys should have seennn home many guyss were staring and even pilling over to watch me walk lol one guy said omg she is so sexy I mean I got attention before butt now it even more.....

hey dolls new pics enjoy!!!!

posted some new pics enjoy!!!!

more pics week 3

Measurement's now 36 29 42" my butt went down two inches which is normal and my waist 1 inch however butt still is big butt went down week 2 its been 42" a whole week steady hope it does not go down any more no pain any were really my stomach just feels tight but that's normally will go away soon stomach really flat I will take more pics soon my carmara is just slow at downloading enjoy!!!!

6 months later love my results dolls!!

Hello everyone haven't been here for a while but just wanted u all to know my stomach in extremely flat and my but jiggles a lot I did not have any complications I thought that my swelling would never go away but after the 3 months all the swelling was gone and the pain went away the third week...????????????????
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