7 weeks tomorrow, thoughts so far...-Cleveland, OH

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I am a 37 year old mom of three boys and wife to...

I am a 37 year old mom of three boys and wife to the best guy ever! My husband and I have happily married for almost 14 years! I have been diligently working out and eating right for 2 1/2 years ( I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life) and have lost about 50 lbs. I have about 10 more to go before the surgery...Like so many moms after nursing 3 babies in 3 years (all my boys were born in 2 1/2 years) my breasts are like something out of a national geographic magazine and my tummy is a saggy mess...I am so excited to be entering the homestretch to my surgery to finally realize the efforts of all of this hard work! I am scheduled for a mommy makeover (tummy tuck, lipo of flanks and breast lift) on October 31...I would covet any advice from those of you who have gone before me...I am 5 ft 4 in tall and 170 lbs...I exercise hard 5-6 days a week...Im hoping to be 162 by the time of surgery.

Slightly off track...

Well with summer sports taking hold of my family I have had been a little off track these last few weeks, but I am feeling better now as baseball has FINALLY ended!! I am really focused on losing my last 10 lbs or so by my next appointment with my surgeon which is on Sept 16. Hope everyone is healing well and all of those prepping for their big day are making good progress! I will post some pictures soon I just have to work up the courage to take them. ahhhh!

Meeting with Dr on Monday

Sorry I haven't updated much...I will add some before photos soon! ahhh! Anyway I hope everyone is doing well. I m getting very excited/nervous! I meet with my surgeon on Monday to finalize plans and get all the details and ask questions. Does anyone have key questions that they asked or plan to ask that they would share with me? I still cant believe Im doing this! Have a great weekend everyone!

40 days and counting!!

Wow I cannot believe I am 40 days away from a much improved me! After meeting with the surgeon on Monday I am very excited...I cant help but think "Is it really going to work for me??" My baby sister is having her first baby this week so I am pretty focused on my nephews arrival, after he is here safely I will really get myself organized. Any prep tips appreciated...Also any thoughts on renting a hospital bed? I am staying at the surgical hospital for 3 nights after my surgery so God willing by day 4 when I come home I will be somewhat functional...Thanks to everyone iwho shares your story on this site, you are all such an encouragement to me.

21 days!!!!

Oh dear 21 days till my surgery...I am having a mammogram this afternoon for the first time. Hopefully everything is a-ok. I am starting to get really excited and oddly more peaceful as it gets closer, I think Im just ready to have it done and get on with the healing part! I have started to plant seeds with my kids about having the surgery but I haven't told them for sure yet. My oldest son has an anxiety disorder so he will really worry but so far he is supportive of me doing it "if I decide to" My husband and I will tell them for sure a few days before so we can have time to talk and pray through their feelings and concerns but not give them too much time to think about it. I am hoping you are all doing well...heres hoping my currently deflated boobs wont hurt too much in the mammogram!!!

mammogram, Check!

So the mammogram was not bad at all! I would say my deflated hang down boobs worked for me today! No pain at all. The technician said everything looked good but the Doctor will review it and send me a report in a few weeks...so I am off to the gyno on Friday and my regular Dr. on Monday morning...even though my surgeon didn't require me to get a bunch of pre testing done, I felt like it was the right thing to do and I was do for my visits anyway...

Best tips/products for recovery period

Ladies, you are all so encouraging and helpful, but the way this site is set up makes it hard to figure out the answers to questions you have asked throughout your posting...anyway I am in the final three weeks and I am starting to try and get really organized with what I need, if you have a minute can you tell me what you couldn't have lived without during your recovery?? Thanks so much!!!


Ladies, did you take a valium in anticipation of the surgery? I don't have a script for it but I know I can get one...what do you think?

almost there

Wow its just a bit over 2 weeks till my turn! I am getting more excited and confident as I get closer! I am nervous about not working out for such a long time since that has become such a big part of my life over the last three years, but I know it will be worth it. I just want to say thanks to all of you ladies who post on this site, I feel so much better prepared to tackle this journey because of your honesty!

Little trip

My husband. And my oldest son and I are in Washington DC for a quick trip (my hub has a conference for work), so we've been enjoying the newly reopened museums! Right before we left my husband sent the check to the surgeon!! Yes!!!! Less than 2 weeks!!! Here we go!!!

ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay ladies! Here we go! Last week of mobility and workouts for a while, I am really trying to make the most of it! I got the call from the surgery center/hospital today that I am to report at 6 am on Thursday 31 and the surgery is set to start at 7:30am! Wow! This is really happening! Hope all is well with those recovering and for those gals almost ready- Lets do this!!!!!

Date Change!

My Dr.'s office called today to let me know that my Dr. has to travel the day after my surgery and he likes to be there the next day to check on his patients so we bumped the date up one day from Thursday to Wednesday!!! So just a bit of juggling the plans and we are all set for one day sooner!!! A busy weekend ahead to prepare and here I am wide awake!

3 more days!

Well here it is early Sunday morning, I am up early before church to head to the grocery store to buy supplies to make a few home made soups and casseroles for my family before I am down for a while...Im so excited I cant stand it...Any last minute tips or advice? I am going to be staying in the surgical center for 3 nights (our choice not required) so I am really hoping to be in decent shape by the end of day 4 when I come home to my crazy family! Im hoping Ill be able to sit and visit with the kids maybe watch a movie or something? Do you think that is realistic for end of day 4?

ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited, last day before the recovery begins. I have a crazy amount of little errands to run and I still have to pack my bags and finish a few school projects that are due next week so I should be nice and busy all day! We told the boys on Sunday night and they took it pretty well. They are mainly not happy that I will be gone for three nights and not taking them to school for a while but over all I think they are going to be ok! My husband is all ready to go as MR. Mom!! He's the best!
The only real bummer is Im going to get my period in the next few days so I hope that's not too gross! I cant thank you ladies enough for everything!

I did it

Wow! I did it! The pain is pretty legit but I'm going well so far! Dr said everything went great and was apparently extremely enthusiastic when he met with my husband and friends! He removed 7-8 lbs of tissue! Whoa! Happy healing!

Best pain med for you?

I'm struggling with the pain management...not sure how much pain to be in...I know basically nothing about narcotics, they have me on Percocet and Valium with an occasional shot of d-something! I just don't think it's enough...but when the dr came in and checked me I couldn't believe it!!! My stomach of play dough is gone!!! Any tips on meds? when I go home Saturday I want to have the right ones...he did major muscle repair I guess they were totally split so I'm thinking that is most if my pain...thanks ladies!!!

On the flat side

Ok ladies! I made it, I am home! My surgery was at 7:30 am on Wednesday October 30th. My mom took me so that my hub could get the boys off to school and have a more regular morning. By the grace of God I was totally calm and confident! Staff was great and my game fave was on. The dr arrived to mark me up and he was cracking me up because under his breath he was muttering "oh this is going to look do good!" "These boobs are going to rock" etc...so we walked back to to
The or and we got going...7 hrs later I woke right up and we were done! Recovery was smooth but I hurt of course. The surgical hospital was great I stayed there for three nights which brought me home to my sweet boys and hubby! Boy do I love them! The dr said everything went well and he expects a great result...get this, when he released the tummy skim and fat from my muscles it stretched down to my knees!!! Ewwww! He removed about 8 lbs of tissue and said it will look more like a 50 lb. loss!! We shall see! Happy healing!

Post op day 6 and happy birthday to me!

Yesterday was my birthday! I am now officially 38! I came home post op day 4, yesterday post op day 5 was good. I'm getting around quite well, finally went to the bathroom all the way thanks PittsburghWife for the senekot tip! The only thing bothering me are the triple treat binders!! I must be much more swollen cuz the 2 binders plus scarlet Ohara girdle really has me struggling throughout the day. Overall though I can't complain my husband who I adore beyond all words washed my hair in the sink and I can honestly say I have never loved him more than in that moment!!! Praise God for my sweet guy and my mom helping out and the boys being so nice and kind to each other ! I see the dr tomorrow. One if my best friends is a dr so she stopped by last night to check everything out and treat my bb! Ladies who are healing keep it up don't overdo it! Those about to go be excited! You can do this! Thanks for the support!

A few more before

Is this normal?

Okay mamas I am 8 days post op and overall I've been feeling very well. I have been taking 1 or 2 Percocet (5-30mg) every 6-8 hours. I've been moving well around the house and helping out with a few light household duties...not much, yesterday I felt really well so I cut my pain meds in 1/2 and did alot more walking (again in nothing major) and today I feel like I have been hit by a truck! I've barely moved at all and went back to the high dose of meds...is this a normal up and down? Just needing some advice. I went to the dr on Tuesday which was post op day 6 he said all us well, however I cannot tolerate the binders being off and the drains make it so I can't even imagine trying any clothes on. Anyway any thoughts?


Sorry that should say 5-10 mg!!!

Post op day 10

I woke up this morning feeling a lot more normal. I just took a valium to help with the muscle pain this morning and the antibiotic of course. Oh Lord I am so praying that I am finally turning the corner. I still have no major plans for this week except resting so I am super hopeful that I will be on a steady improve this week. I see the Dr again on Tuesday, which is almost 2 weeks post op, he already told me that the dreaded drains most likely will not come out so I am trying to remain positive about that. I know I am swollen because I feel like a sausage in the binder casing, and my feet are a bit large as well, but I'm guessing this is all normal. I am sucking down smart water and gagging down coconut water trying to help. Does anyone have any tips for swelling? Hope everyone is doing well and remaining patient and positive during the healing and waiting time as well!

Post op day 10 photos

For the moms out there

Thought everyone would appreciate my view of my not clean house...and guess what I don't even care!!! Everyone's alive and that's all that matters!

Dr tomorrow, test drive tonight and snow!!!

Ok well here in northeastern Ohio it is snowing! I go the doctors tomorrow it will be one day shy of two weeks, really hoping for some relief from the alien drains! One side is slowly coming out on its own and it really hurts, however I'm still draining between 20-30 cc ml whatever twice a day so well see...due to scheduling issues I have to drive myself to the appt so we loaded up the family truckster and took the boys to dq and mama and papa to Starbucks for a little test drive! I drove and we survived in the sleet which is now turned over to snow! Feeling pretty good these days...still haven't ventured out or dressed in real clothes but I feel ok. Been off the Percocet for several days and last 2 nights just took a Valium before bed to relax the muscles (that really works)!! Otherwise just some Advil and I'm good to go slowly around my house I haven't showered for almost 2 weeks! Yikes! But thanks to my superior hubby my hair had been washed and I've been sponged off a few times! Ladies, hang in there this morning when I woke up stiff and achey I was bummed for a second but a few Advil, water and a cup of coffee later I was doing slow laps around the house!!! You got this ladies!!! Hope your all well!!!

For your Splendor

I don't know if this link will work Im not very tech savvy but when I was having a rough day during recovery, thinking all kind of thoughts that are not true and not uplifting, I cried out to God for a song to help pull me out of the pit and this is the song that really puts things into perspective! All of you ladies are gorgeous because of who you are not how flat your tummy is and although having the opportunity to change something about our bodies that made us less confident is a blessing, it doesn't complete our happiness, that has to come from with in us! If the link doesn't work the song is by one of my all time favorite singers and role models Christy Nockels and it is called "For your Splendor", you can find it on youtube. I am so thankful to be on this journey to fix something about my body that I couldn't fix any other way and I intend to enjoy this gift and may God use me in new ways and may my true beauty, happiness and confidence not every come from how I look on the outside but who I am on the inside! This is my prayer for myself and my hope for all of you, that through this process you become more confident to be used for good in the lives of those around you! have a great (and in Ohio, snowy) Tuesday morning ladies. I am always forever grateful for your insight, honesty and helpfulness! Hope everyone feels good today!!

hopefully this is the song!

Enjoy If you need a lift today!!

One drain out! Steri strips gone!

Ok ladies! One drain that was falling out is out! The other one will hopefully be out Friday afternoon! Dr. took off all the steri strips and he said not to panic if I get a little water bed feeling temporarily especially after the 2nd drain comes out. I am blown away!! I can't believe this is my body! The scar looks amazing! He wants me to keep with the double binder rather than a compression garment for now cuz in his words "you will just keep getting smaller"...nuts! Here's a couple pics from before the visit and after

Nipples ouch!

After the stitch removal around my nipples(I had a lift) they are really sore and sensitive. Waiting on the nurse to call me to see what I'm allowed to do for them...any tips?

One thing that really bothered me...

Last night I was telling my hubby (after going to the bathroom after the steri strips were removed) that one thing that really bothered me was everytime I went to the potty my stomach would rest about 1/3 of the way down my legs as I sat there...No matter how much better I would look in clothes as I lost weight and maintained it or even how much better I looked naked while in a standing position, I would always see the truth every time I sat to go to the bathroom...I know that's kinda weird to share but I am so beyond thankful that now when I go to the bathroom I just see my legs!!! I am overwhelmed that I have been given this second chance to use my body for good! Anyhow...again my gratitude for all of your advice and inspiration! Those gals still waiting, it is worth it!!! Not easy but worth it!!! Blessed healing everyone!

Wahhhh! No drain removal today!

Well ladies sadly my second drain can't come out today like we hoped...my dreams of a shower and trying on some clothes this weekend are on hold! The good news is after nearly 2 1/2 weeks she's still draining a lot of fluid that is not building up in my tummy. I just feel like I'm kind of on hold till it comes out... Oh well... Have a great weekend everyone!!

State of affairs

Swim meet-not my best move

Ok so turns out your first outing (while still having your beloved drain) after your mm should not be your sons 6 hour swim meet!!! Wow! I knew I was going to be pushing it cuz swim meets can be sooo long and hot but I am completely destroyed this morning...lots of Advil, coffee, and rest required today. So I'm guessing that this is the point in recovery where we start to think "is it worth it?" I know the answer is yes but it's hard to reconcile that you really STILL can't do your normal activities but although I had planned on going to church which I'm sadly going to miss in favor of rest I'm thankful for a day of rest! By the looks of my dear drain it will be with me for a while...hope you ladies are having a blessed Sunday and even when it's tough it's worth it cuz we will be back up and running soon, better than before and looking good doing it!!! Happy day everyone!!

The drain...

Okay ladies who have gone before here's my question of the day...Could I be draining so much fluid because I am purposefully drinking so much water? I am at day 20 with the drain and have yet to drain under 30 cc's...The last 2 24 hour periods I was between 40-50 still!! My friend who is a doctor suggested to cut back on the fluids a bit today and see how it drains. Does anyone have any experience with this? My PS is on vacation this week, I will see him Monday but as soon as I stop draining 30 or more I can go to his office to have his nurse pull it...I also put a call into the nurse she will call me back after 12 today...Other than that I am doing fine just feeling flabby on the arms, legs and butt...I'm used to lots of hard workouts so its kinda getting to me just a bit but I knew it would! Have a wonderful week ladies!!!

Big news!!

After 20 delightful days the drain will be removed tomorrow! Dr doesn't want it in longer than 3 weeks! I'm overjoyed and prayerful that my body can handle the fluid on its own!

Drain free!!

Hallelujah! The drain is out! I'm doing my best stay as sedentary as possible for the next few days...while my body adjusts. Praise The Lord it didn't really hurt at all!! Thanks for all support ladies! Hope it's a good day for everyone!

First pic without the drains!

3 weeks tomorrow...def a bit swollen but not too bad yet. Happy healing ladies

First shower on 3 week anniversary

Ok ladies! I am officially clean! Praise God we love in a country with indoor plumbing! No joke! Sooo my nipples tried to ruin the shower party with their psychotic sensitivity but it was still great!!!! Anyone else have crazy nipple sensitivity?? Wow! Not so fun! However I did pray they wouldn't lose sensitivity so I guess I should be thankful!!! Have a blessed day!!!

Feeling good...thoughts on compression

Well ladies I am over joyed to say that I really feel pretty darn good! My nipples are behaving a little better and honestly everything else is feeling great! The sensation is almost returned fully to most of my tummy, feels way less weird! So my question is about compression, what have you liked using? I'm still in the binders from post op. The garment I had on post op under the binders is too large and doesn't actually compress so I've been in the binders but they are starting to fall apart and I'm constantly having to adjust them. Dr says I can order a pricy garment or try spanx...let me know your thoughts cuz I see him on Monday. Have a blessed weekend and don't over do it with thanksgiving...make your kids clean and stuff! Thankful for all of you and your encouragement and wisdom! Be blessed!

First real day out

My best friend was my driver and helper but today was a milestone as I was out and about all day! I had to pick out granite for our kitchen so I did that, took turkey's to Salvation Army, went to the mall to buy spanx , got a new pair of undies from vs for the hubster! Had lunch with my best friend and them picked up my kids! Whew!! Felt great to feel "normal", by the end I was getting a little stiff and tired but I really feel good!! Happy weekend everyone!!

Oh no! Water bed!

Well I thought I made it through but this morning when I got out of the compression to take my shower I realized that my private area and just below the incision line is full of fluid!!! I feel so bloated and bummed out! My ps told me this might happen and not to "freak out" if it does, he will just drain it, I have an appt on Monday afternoon...barf! So gross and mentally it's very upsetting to me. So I haven't moved all day and I have the binders as tight as possible...hoping my body will absorb some! Ahhhhhh!! Anyone else have this happen??

Largest syringe I've ever seen!!!!!

I went to my almost one month appt with my fluid issue...dr is thrilled with how everything looks and it does look good! The scar is amazing! So he drained the fluid and it was pretty gross, I had to stand up and he numbed the spot with little shot (think dentist) then he got the monster syringe with the large needle and drained what looked like about a water bottle size of fluid!!! Eek! It really didn't hurt it was just gross. He said sometimes he has to do it 2 or 3 times (I hope not)! It feels and looks better! I go back in 2 weeks for a check up and drain if needed! Scar therapy is ordered and he wants me to stay in the binders as tight as I can till we know the fluid is done! Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!!!! Hope everyone is feeling good and have a terrific thanksgiving!!!

One month!!!!

Wow! Time flies and goes slow at the same time!! Odd! In general I feel really good, not taking any meds but the occasional Advil....hoping to avoid a fluid build up again and my nipples are still really sensitive! I'm really anxious to just be normal again for my husband and my kids but I am over the moon excited to have this second chance! Cannot wait to start working out again to see what my body can do with out the nearly 8 lbs of skin and fat that the dr removed! Happy thanksgiving! Even though it looks like Christmas in Northeastern Ohio...I am so thankful for all of you wonderful ladies! God Bless!

Thanksgiving, swelling or period?? Or all of the above?

So I am feeling so fat and I swear my tummy looks fatter! Could I have gained 10 lbs from thanksgiving? Could it be swelling or could it be that it is true that you do get fatter during your raging periods? I've always thought that was true but I used to have so much fat and skin I couldn't tell...well any way my "waterbed" is back it will be drained again in Monday....other than that I feel great just Crampy and bloated!! Happy healing mamas!

5 weeks out!

Well, let me say 5 weeks feels great! Despite feeling very bloated (raging period) and swollen and having a "waterbed" fluid issue I feel sooooo much better! The last few days I feel more and more normal! My muscles feel better, my tummy has regained most of its feeling and my nipples are settling down nicely! So I am really thankful! I want to encourage you ladies that are in the early stages of recovery, it takes a while but you will feel better and better. And here is a fun fact, I can now wear a workout tank top with a built in bra and that's it! No other bra needed!! that's a first since about age 12! Good times!

No bra required! This is too fun!

Size 10

Ok ladies, I went shopping today before the surgery I was wearing size 14 jeans, they were a bit big but I couldn't go smaller due to the play dough stomach oozing over the top...so today I tried on a size 12 jean and I was kinda roomy so I thought "well I'll try the 10 but I'm sure I won't be able to zip it" oh.my.goodness. The 10 fit!!!!!!! Seriously I have not worn a 10 comfortably or at all really since college! So I am amazed! 3 years ago in December before I really committed to my healthy life style my jeans were a size 20!!!!!! I am so thankful!!! Happy healing everyone! Thanks for all the support!

My old jeans

Here is a picture of me in the jeans I was wearing 3 years ago this month!! Amazing!


Almost 6 weeks

Well I had my second fluid aspiration today...this time I got very nauseous and light headed...gross, but after 2 weeks he only drained a little bit! Less than 10ccs the first one was 30ccs...so that is a good sign. Still have to keep with the binders for a few more days, then start weaning off of them and using spanx...he is pleased with everything...I asked him if I could start some light cardio , the answer was a big fat NO! Oh well! Hopefully when I see him next time at 8 weeks I'll get the go ahead for something!!! I'll post done pics soon...hope everyone is doing well!!

Real bra and undies

I think I'll get used to buying matching bras and undies! 6 week picture, getting there, still a bit puffy from the swelling but feeling great!

7 weeks tomorrow...thoughts so far

Ok ladies, 7 weeks tomorrow! I'm still dealing with the small fluid/ seroma issue just below my TT scar above my private but I saw the ps yesterday and he did not feel it was necessary to drain again!!! Happy early Christmas to me! This has been my only issue physically. My scars are straight, flat and I'm sure will improve with time and treatment. My swelling hasn't been too bad it's been more noticeable since week 5 but it is still such a dramatic improvement I am thrilled.

Right now I am just reigning in my diet, I've been eating way too many carbs! I feel bloated because of that I think. So from now till Christmas it's super low carb diet for me, just veggies fruit and oatmeal for my carbs!

I still have not been cleared to exercise! This is a major source of concern/frustration for me mentally! He just doesn't feel comfortable releasing me to do any real intentional exercise with the fluid...so here is my plan what do you think? On Christmas Day I will be 8 weeks post op so if my fluid stays the same or improves between now and then, then on dec 26 I am going to start walking on my treadmill slowly for just 20 mins or so...if the fluid remains the same and doesn't get worse ill stick with that for a week and then start adding more time and maybe some light weights... I don't see him again unless I need to until jan 21 and I cannot wait that long to exercise... I know I am healed it's just the fluid...so that's my plan.... I hope you're all well and enjoying the advent season!!!

Oh ps I can wear whatever bra I like now!!! Bonus!!


Hi ladies, just wondering if anyone else ever got a stabbing pain right in the middle of your tummy almost on the exact midline of your tummy? Im hoping its not the whole tummy tuck failing! It started a few days ago and just kind of comes and goes, when I take some advil its better...I haven't started exercising or vaccuming or anything really strenuous. I have been engaging my abs more when I get up out of bed and move positions. Ill give the dr office a call on Monday if it hasn't gone away, just wondering if anyone else experienced something similar, I am 7 1/2 weeks post op and feeling good otherwise! Have a great weekend!
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