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I am 42, 5'2" 140lbs, work out cardio and...

I am 42, 5'2" 140lbs, work out cardio and weights 3-5 times a week, eat reasonable in moderation and have weighed the same and been the same size (8) for nearly 15 years. I have back boobs and hate them (upper back righ below bra strap). I have funny abdominal fat as well. Regardless of my weight, these fat deposits are always present (I have been a size 4 and took a pic in a bathing suit to a lipo surgeon and he would not reccomend due to the interesting way my fat is deposited). forgive any typos as really not in the mood to spellcheck today lol Procedure was April 24th.

I chose to start on my back as it is the most bothersome and shows in almost everything. I have an assortment of girdles I use to hide it but would like to look better naked ;-) (although my 27yo sweetie thinks I am perfect (love him!)). I also figured I would start with one and then see if I wanted to do more. It astounds me that some would get more than one area done and even repeat the procedure seeing no results. Northcoast Laser Cosmetics explained every side effect twice, including diahreah but I have irritable bowl so that was not a concern for me lol. I expected discomfort based on the description from Andrea as she had it done and gave really good details on how it felt. She also explained everything she was doing and I was comfortable enough to take a nap. Worst part is the cold pad at the beginning and the massage at the end. Other than tah any pain subsides in less than 10 minutes and felt like I did a boatload of heavy lat pulldowns. Alos looks like the biggest suckerfish on earth gave me two hickies but not black and blue and I tend to bruise very easy! My fat was not symetrical so two different sizes were used.

Cool advice was to get the care credit card (my credit sucks due to seperation and loss of assetts from dissolution of partnership and I still qualified) for 12m payments with 0% interest. Andrea took a series of photos and will take a second set at assessment with was immediately scheduled for 4 months (if your provider does not do either, run!). I will have to post pics later but will keep updating. Today is day 2, just feel like I overworked the muscle and have red marks but nothing else, no pain meds. Of course I was expecting discomfort and if you arent well take a reality pill becuse you are sucking up a section of your body for an hour then massaging it and bringing it up to body temp. If you think that is painless you are naive.I woudl not say I have high tolerence for pain either. My perception of the discomfort I am describing woudl probably be a 2 on the 1-10 pain scale. If this does work I will do upper/lower ab and perhaps the love handles, although small may look larger if the other areas are smaller. I was tempted to do inner thighs but Andrea was honest and said that is not an area that gets good results with this procedure. However, that are in most is responsive to excecise, so more ballet squats as I cant spell the other word...pliet? Note I am not a tight skinned person and never have been, another reson I like this is that the results are gradual giving the skin time to mosld with the body rather than the shock of lipo. We weill see if this theory holds. See ya, or actually you will see my before and after in 4 months. Take care!

Ok so my actual check up is in August but I am...

ok so my actual check up is in August but I am already happy with the results. The back boobs are now minimal and probably more skin than fat at this point. Still the same weight and will get the before and after pics to post at the checkup. Even cut back on exercise a bit and trying to pick back up...yep I am a bit lazy at times. No change in eating habits. Overall I reccomend if you are really just needing to get rid of a stubborn bulge....hmmmm tummy or love handles next?

4 month checkup completed and pics are in! Very...

4 month checkup completed and pics are in! Very satisfied. I weigh the same, even slacked a little in workouts and my diet while ok calorie wise is too high in fat lol I'm a little tan as had just gotten back from vacation. BTW this establishment does 25% off anytime, yep anytime, in the future to repeat same "area". Same bra same arm position and same angles.
Northcoast laser cosmetics

Do like this clinic, wnet in for jet peel (first facial of any kind that I have ever had) and it was wonderful the time they took to explain things, all pricing is up front, friendly staff responsive to my needs.

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