Full Tummy Tuck and Lipo Flanks July 13th - Cleveland, OH

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I'm 30 years old and have two beautiful...

I'm 30 years old and have two beautiful daughters, 4 and 2 both of which i delivered vaginally. I work out on a regular basis, but by no means am I hard core!! I'm 5'9" and post pregnancy have been weighing in pretty much at 145. I was on atkins for several months at one point and got all the way down to 133. I personally would be happy with 135 + or minus 2. I have some stretch marks from my second pregnancy, but they really are not that bad.

I initally had a consultation in May with my PS who does my botox. I really like him and I feel comfortable with him. He never even discussed a full TT as an option, my two options were lipo or mini tt based on what he saw. He said i would get the best results form the mini TT. My husband thought the cost was a bit high and suggested that I go for another consultation elsewhere. So that I did. I must say, I did not feel as comfortable with this PS as the I did with the one who has been doing my botox for almost a year now. He immediately assumed I was doing a full TT and when I told him I was interested in the mini, mainly because of the scar, he didn't object. He was very nice. The other office was def. more thourough in taking pictures. They didn't give me a price quote that day, they said it would arrive in the mail. They tentatively scheduled me for Aug 4th and I paid my $85 consult fee and was on my way. A few days later the quote arrived, and it was $1500 cheaper than my first quote. To me that is a lot of money. If it came in $500 dollars or less I was prepared to go with the first doc. But it didn't.

So I decided to go with Doc #2 and I called to make another appointment with more questions. I was scheduled to go in on the 14th of July for another consult. Well long story short I need to be at an event on the 20th of August so I called to see if there was any chance they could move up my surgery. They said they had an opening for next week the 13th of July. I said I'll take it!! They were able to get me an appointment with the dr. on Monday to address all of my concerns. (July 11th)

My major concern at this point is my upper abdomen and after visiting this site for the first time now my belly button. My goal is to be in a bikini and not have the spare tire while wearing my jeans!!

I have only had surgery once on my knee back when i was in 9th grade so I was like 13!! I'm a huge baby...I seriously cringe when getting botox injections. They are putting the pain pump in me and now i am even second guessing that as I'm thinking if it will hurt to take out??? UGGGGGGHHH.....

I'll post some pictures tomorrow...I must go to sleep now!! Too much reading about mini TT!!


Updated July 11, 2011:

My surgery is scheduled for July 13th which is in 2 days. I was originally scheduled for a mini TT but after reading and reading and reading some more on real self I opted for the full TT. As of right now I am scheduled to have my belly button floated, I'm debating now if I just take the vertical scar?? I live in Ohio so its not like I'm in a bathing suit that much. I'm nervous, excited, scared, sad. I can't wait until it is all over with and I can start the recovery process.

So I am 3 days post op. I have the pain pump in...

So I am 3 days post op. I have the pain pump in and it is getting really small so I'm wondering how I am going to feel in the next couple of days. I am taking percocets as well. I have been in bed for three days. I'm upstairs and I have not ventured downstairs yet. I get up about every 2-4 hours to take a brief walk and go to the bathroom. I still have not had a bowel movement yet, I am taking stool softners.

I've slept okay the past three nights. I'm eating mainly fruit and toast. My stomach is very numb and very swollen. I took my binder of today to have a look and I pray that I will be happy with my results!!

I'm not really in that much pain..i feel the incisions on my back where i had my flanks lipoed and they itch a bit. The binder is definately itchy. The drains are not bothering me yet, but i'm only 3 days so we'll see. I have not taken a shower yet but i think tomorrow is going to be the big day!!

I'm just trying to take it easy. My Mom is in town taking care of my kids and I'm so grateful to have her!!!

Ok so today was my first post op check up. I had...

Ok so today was my first post op check up. I had the pain pump removed and that was pretty painless. I am offically 5 days post op and I feel ok. Yesterday was pretty rough for me. I have not tried to wean off the pain meds yet. I think I will start that tomorrow. I have been in bed for most of the time and I am getting very uncomfortable. My back is really starting to hurt me...ugggh.

I am scheduled to see my Doctor next week Monday to get the drains out. They have not been bothering me yet. But I'm sure they will in due time.

I really hope that my stomach is swollen because it looks huge!! I put a flexies tank top on tonight and the binder over that.

My upper right leg all the way to my knee feels like it is asleep or numb?? Is this normal?? I asked my doc today and he said something about massaging below the scar??? Who knows!!!

My back is pretty bruised up from the lipo on the flanks.

I'm hoping and praying that the results will be good!!!

My wonderful Mom who has been in town since my surgery and taking care of my kids is going home tomorrow and she is taking my 2 year old with her for the week!! This is going to be a huge help!! I'm going to miss her but she needs and deserves a lot of attention and Grandma can do that better than mommy at this time!!!

I will put up more before pics as soon as I can find my camera usb cord. I haven't taken any post pictures yet. I'll prob do that on day 7!!

Thats it for now...Talk later!!!

7 days post op and last night was probablly the...

7 days post op and last night was probablly the worst for me so far. I tried sleeping a little on my side and I fell asleep okoy but work up at 4:30 am in a lot of pain. I did fall back asleep but could not get comfortable. MY BACK IS KILLING ME. I know a lot of people who have back pain and now i can really sympathize with them because it SUCKS!!!

I'm getting around fine. Almost able to stand upright. The drains are not bothering me still. The one on the left is worse than the one on the right, but seriously not to bad. I cannot wait to get them out though and not have to worry about pulling on them and being able to put on some spanx!!! I'm not getting too much fluid anymore either which is good, but i am still of course getting some.

My bruising from the lipo is pretty bad. I ran out of Arnica so I ordered some from Amazon and hopefully it will be here today or tomorrow.

I'm wearing my flexies tank with my binder over it.

My next major goal is getting the drains out. Does it hurt?? I'm such a huge baby!! I was thinking of taking some pain pills before the appointment, hahahaha. Speaking of pain pills I am slowly weaning off of those.

I'm still hoping and praying that this surgery gives me the results I was looking for...ie no more muffin top and love handles!!! Only time will tell!!!

Okay so I am 12 days post op and today was...

Okay so I am 12 days post op and today was seriously the first day that I looked in the mirror and didn't look pregnant!! The swelling is starting to go down!!

I went to see my PS today, I was scheduled to get my drains out today. I personally didn't think this was going to happen as I am still draining a solid amount of fluid.

Well, I was right. The drains are still in. I am now scheduled to have them out on Thursday which would be just over 2 weeks with the drains.

In all honesty they are not that bothersome and I know they are serving a purpose. I have them both taped a bit to make them more comfortable.

I'm doing much better all around though. I'm off the pain meds during the day and am only taking 1 at night before I go to bed. I probablly don't even need that!!

Now it's just slowly getting back into a normal routine. I have to say the hardest part is not being able to pick up my kids. All in due time!!! (I hope!!!)

OK so first off I apologize for no pictures, I...

OK so first off I apologize for no pictures, I can't find my camera cord :(

I'm just over three weeks post op. I think I look pregnant. Not exactly what I thought I would look like, but I understand that it takes time.

I'm very itchy where my scar is. I have been putting on benedryl itch cream and it is helping but ugggh the itching is no fun.

I am sleeping on my side and have been since week 2 post op. It takes me a while to switch sides but for the most part it is ok!! Much better than sleeping on my back. I'm getting around pretty good. The funny part is I have the most pain in my right leg. It is numb. I just started massaging the scar yesterday so hopefully that will help a lottle bit.

The tap is still on my scar, the nurse told me the longer that stays on the better.

I'm not a big exercise person, i usually spin 3 or 4 times a week. But boy am I missing it. I started taking walks at night and that is helping!!

I'm picking up my 2 year old just fine and have been for about a week now. I'm not carrying her for long periods of time or anything but it is not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

All in all each day gets better, but I am not seeing any results yet.

I'll keep you all posted!!!
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