Two Step Surgery to Correct Asymmetrical Tuberous Breasts - Cleveland, OH

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Well, gosh. I have never had "normal" breasts... I...

Well, gosh. I have never had "normal" breasts... I remember the first MOMENT that I noticed they were different. I was in seventh grade; My first encounter with a junior high school gym locker room. Everyone's boobs were thrust out into the world whether they liked it or not because only the nerds changed in the bathroom stalls. I cried to my mother about it for two years. When I was fourteen I told my family practitioner there was something wrong with my breasts. He didn't think there was anything glaring out of the ordinary, said that I was too young to worry about it and that they weren't finished growing. I was examined by a number of doctors over the next couple of years (GPs, gynaecologists, endocrinologists). No one found anything "wrong" with me. They all asked similar questions and gave me vague answers. No one said it, but I know they were all thinking similar things: "Poor girl just has ugly boobies".

My first visit with a plastic surgeon was at the Cleveland Clinic when I was 17. This was the first time anyone identified my breasts as tuberous. The surgeon that I met with told me that despite my age, corrective surgery was an option. We sent away my info to our insurance company at the time and my claim was denied. I let the issue drop. I had a lot of shame and guilt and the expense on top of everything else was something I was not willing to ask my parents to shoulder.

Fast forward to New Years' day 2013. I am 23 years old, still in school and still living at home. I am 5'1, I weigh around 125 pounds and my bra size at Aerie is 34DD(my left breast is considerably smaller with zero lower pole fullness). My mom got a job at CCF a few months ago and our insurance rolled over on the first of the year. I came home from a NYE party and my parents sat me down for a "serious family conference". I had no idea what we were even talking about until I was crying like a baby across the couch from them. My dad told me it was time for a big change and that they had moved money around I was having corrective surgery this spring no matter what! Mom and I were on the phone scheduling consultations with plastic surgeons the next day!

I started my search at the Clinic because, although it wasn't my number one priority to have insurance cover it, I knew that if I could find a surgeon at CCF I have a good shot at getting my hospital expenses covered (their stellar reputation attracted me as well!). I also knew that at least a portion of my surgery was going to be reconstructive in nature and I wanted a PS with reconstructive experience. I picked three surgeons at the Main Campus and had appointments three days in a row at the end of January. Rapid fire! I picked my PS (Dr. Randall Yetman, who came highly recommended by the other surgeons I met with and a number of my mom's co workers who have had BAs or know people who have had them with him) and his office sent out pictures and info to insurance from my most recent visit AND they even dug up old photos from my visit when I was 17!

Dr. Yetman outlined a two step plan for correcting my breasts. I have pretty sizable asymmetry and significant constriction to my right side. He says my best bet for getting as close to symmetrical as possible is to have an equal implant:tissue ratio, so my first surgery will consist of a reduction to my left side and inserting tissue expanders bilaterally. My second procedure will be a few months later to remove the expanders and.... drum roll.... Insert my implants!! I need a lift and areolar reduction as well, but he said he would determine when later.

I waited until yesterday to hear back, but I just couldn't wait any longer. I called the office to see what was up with insurance, fully expecting to get the old "We'll call you when we know" thing, but the secretary surprised me saying she just saw my paper work. I was on hold for 30 seconds, which seemed like an hour, and she was back on the phone. "Good news! Insurance approved the first step of your procedure!" WHAT!? I started crying. I didn't get a real quote yet, but I am positive my surgery would have been through the roof expensive. She put me through to scheduling to pick my date and my pre op. Turns out my PS had a cancellation next Tuesday (the 26th)!! My pre op is tomorrow (today!) and I am so giddy and nervy, I don't even know what to think! Updates to come this afternoon, but I really wanted to share with yall because I am just overwhelmed that this is finally happening!

Oh, and if you'd like to see my previous post from before my consult it is here!:

Woke up yesterday morning with a sniffle! I'm so...

Woke up yesterday morning with a sniffle! I'm so upset about it... Today I have a full-on cold. No sore throat or fever so I'm loading up on netflix, fluids and Mucinex and praying that I won't have to push my surgery back!

Called in to the scheduling center, my surgery is...

Called in to the scheduling center, my surgery is set for 12:30 tomorrow and my cold is clearing up for the most part! I wish my time was earlier so I wouldn't have all morning to freak myself out!

Okay, so I know a lot of people "can't sleep" when...

Okay, so I know a lot of people "can't sleep" when they're very anxious/nervous/excited, but I have always been of the habit of practically knocking myself unconscious with my nerves. (I will admit I couldn't fall asleep right when I wanted to yesterday, but...)I slept WAY in this morning!! Just a little while off from zero hour! Nervous. Nervous. Nervous!

One down!... I am admittedly very, very...

One down!... I am admittedly very, very uncomfortable. Back's sore, chest is sore, everything hurts!! My sister and mom have been taking shifts sitting/sleeping! in my room since I can't sit up on my own... I can't really do anything on my own right now! I called my doc and he upped my meds a little bit this morning so I'm considerably more calm than yesterday. My RN wants me to shower tonight, so possible pics to come!

It has been a rough 24 hours. Meds are changing...

It has been a rough 24 hours. Meds are changing AGAIN, nausea is constant andI spiked a fever last night... No bueno. I have been walking, deep breathing and coughing every hour, so I'm hoping to see some improvement soon!! My incisions are clean and ooze-free so I suppose that would be my teensy spark of good fortune.[=

Day four! Thankfully, muscle spasms are subsiding...

Day four! Thankfully, muscle spasms are subsiding and becoming less and less frequent and the tightness in my chest is loosening a bit. But I STILL can't sit up on my own and coughing is a horrible chore. Oh, and for whatever reason I get the hiccups every two hours or so... Torture!!! Lol I can't help but laugh about it. Can't wait for all this to be behind me [= my first post op visit with my PS is on Monday!

Eight days post-op today!!! I slept on both sides...

Eight days post-op today!!! I slept on both sides (propped up and hugging pillows) for the first time last night! My back has been killing me because I have bad posture, being a tummy sleeper. But I am now only taking Valium and an OCCASIONAL pain killer before bed, but it's been Tylenol for two days. I'm still having discomfort but nothing compared to even this weekend! I saw Dr Yetman on Monday and he said I'm coming along and I can start resuming normal activities soon and I should begin massage exercises... Massage sounds great, "normal" activities are gonna be another story though, I think. I can't unscrew the cap on my freakin toothpaste sometimes!!! Hahaha. My incisions have zero discharge and the tissue around the expanders is softening up... I just feel so blessed I haven't run into any bad complications. My first fill is March 18th!!! Can't wait!

Three months post-op!!

It's been three months since d-day and I gotta tell ya, my boobies are looking better than ever... They're not finished! But they are so vastly improved that it's hard to believe that they were ever abnormal... Or that they ARE STILL abnormal! Haha. My scars are dark, but my nurse says the most improvement in the scars' appearance will happen between 3 and 6 months post op. I would love some input on how y'all have been handling your scars! I will post a pic of the worst one tomorrow!


So, as titled, this post is just to give a little insight(haha!) to how very far my surgeon has brought me! These photos were taken the morning of my step two surgery, which I had on May 16... Three weeks ago!

3 weeks post op

Drumroll!... And here is what my girls look like today! Doc says I can have additional revisions if needed but everything is settling and changing by the day. My right nipple is still a bit lower than the left, but it is such a tug of war of emotion for me looking at myself in comparison to the beginning of last year. Such an incredible improvement. My doctor is an artist, and an engineer, and a mad scientist, and a genius.

Anyway, stats: currently 34dd-ddd, implants are bilateral sub muscular 150 cc mentor moderate profile. This second procedure included bilateral removal of my tissue expanders, placement of implants, reduction to my left breast and a lift and areolar reduction to my right.
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

I did a lot of research on my own about Dr Yetman and it seems like the moment I mentioned his name to anybody, EVERYONE knew of him and his reputation. I have talked to a couple of his previous patients and read reviews that said he was a brilliant surgeon, but criticized his bedside manner... I thought he might have been a bit serious, or shy maybe? But he has made me laugh and put me at ease throughout my process so far and I just can't imagine being happier with a different PS. Not to mention his amazing staff(Miss Lynette and Miss Jennifer), nurses(Miss Denise, Miss Laura, Miss Jeanie and Miss Kim!) and techs! In short: More to come, but awesome experience so far!

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