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I had fat transfer and liposuction surgery with Dr...

I had fat transfer and liposuction surgery with Dr. Feng and the results were devastating. I am a thin woman who had the liposuction in order to transfer fat to my breasts. The liposuction was done too aggressively and not properly planned. One leg is smaller than the other now and I can't wear any pants without feeling lopsided. My arms are different shapes. My butt cheeks are different sizes, even though I did not give consent to have my buttocks liposuctioned. There are dents on the backs of my thighs and an extra crease under one butt cheek where she suctioned my "banana roll." Incidentally, she only liposuctioned one of my "banana rolls," and left the other side alone. I have skin adhesions....where my skin is now stuck to my muscle because there is no fat to cushion it.

The fat transfer to the breasts caused large areas of fat necrosis and I've had numerous MRI's, ultrasounds and biopsies to monitor these.

After the surgery…once I realized there was a problem, I could not get in touch with Dr. Feng. My calls were dodged by the staff who said she was in surgery or traveling and constantly made excuses for why she was not available. My emails with medical questions were answered by her office manager, Linda, who is not even a nurse. When I was finally able to make an appointment for a phone consult, she cancelled on me at least 2 times. I flew to Ohio to see Dr. Feng, the wait to see her was over 2 hours even though there were no other patients there. I found this to be very upsetting especially since there was never a wait before my surgery. In fact, she and the staff were extra nice before I paid for my surgery.

When I met with her, she agreed to fix things for free (just the cost of anesthesia), but I did not trust her to touch me again after the result she already had given me. When I told her that I couldn’t wear jeans or tight pants, she told me to “stop wearing jeans.”

I’ve met with numerous fat transfer specialists who have told me the correction of these issues is difficult if not impossible. They quoted me over $20,000 to have revision surgery. As a last resort, I requested a refund of the surgical cost to help pay for these corrections. She wrote back saying that each of my issues was probably caused by my own recovery or healing. She also wrote and speculated that "I must have lost weight and this is why I have problems." I had not seen or spoken to her in over 5 months so she had no idea if I had lost weight or gained weight. I was appalled by her response. She had offered to fix things for free, but now that I was actually asking for a refund she completely turned her back on me.

Over a year after the surgery, I still have numbness, tingling and itching in my leg that was overly liposuctioned. The discomfort I feel everyday reminds me constantly of this traumatizing experience. It is always on my mind.

Overall, it has been a horrible experience that I would not wish on anyone. Her facilities are more like a fancy spa and it is easy to be fooled by all the bells and whistles. Things are not what they seem.

The whole experience makes me incredibly sad because I had a beautiful body before I had surgery with Dr. Feng. I can no longer wear a swimsuit, shorts or even the spandex skinny pants that are so trendy right now. I wear a bandage on my damaged leg in order to feel somewhat normal.

Numbness Continues

It has now been well over a year since my surgery with Dr. Feng and the leg that she over lipo suctioned is still very numb and painful. I can't begin to explain how this has made my life more difficult. I wish I had never had surgery with her.

Nerve Damage and Calcified Fat in Breasts

I wanted to update my story with Fat transfer to breasts and liposuction with Dr. Feng. Since my surgery almost 2 years ago, I continue to have numbness, shooting "electric" shocks running up and down my left leg. I saw a neurologist who specializes in nerve damage and she concluded that the damage is a result of the surgery and recommended physical therapy and muscle relaxers. It seems that my sciatic nerve (major nerve in leg) is now causing the electrical shocks I feel all the way to my toes.

As far as the fat transferred to my breasts, ALL the fat Dr. Feng deposited is hard and calcified. She injected them in big blobs making it impossible for the fat cells to survive. Any qualified surgeon doing this surgery knows that big blobs of injected fat do not survive. Fat must be injected in small droplets and spaced out in order to survive. I have had extensive mammograms, MRI's, ultrasounds to rule out cancer. Each time I have a breast exam, it's a nightmare because of the way she injected the fat.

I simply cannot believe her incompetence. Everything she did to me (liposuction and fat transfer) was a disaster. To think she takes NO responsibility for her mistakes shows gross negligence in my eyes. I would NOT recommend her to anyone seeking this surgery.

Still Suffering

It's been 3 years now and I'm still having nerve issues and hardened breasts. I'm finally in a financial position to try and get this repaired but I'm not sure anything will help. I can't even begin to say how Dr. Feng has damaged my body. All I can say is stay away from her.
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

Once I had surgery and voiced concerns over the results, she completely disappeared. Denied that she had done anything wrong. Did not care once she had my money.

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