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Tomorrow afternoon I am going for my first...

Tomorrow afternoon I am going for my first appointment. I am nervous because I find this whole idea slightly embarrassing. My mom had a reduction from this doctor so we know he is good. I am thinking about having the reduction late June before going to college. If anyone has gone through this at a young age any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Tomorrow's surgery day. I am nervous but optimistic. My new cute bras are what are keeping me hopeful!


Here's my last pictures with large boobs ever! Ah! Full of nerves and excitement :)


Sitting in the hospital, everything went well! I can feel minimal to no pain in my chest. The most painful/annoying part is the IV. Waiting for the doctor to come by then hopefully leave soon. Everything is still wrapped up so I'm not sure about size yet :)


First off, thank you to everyone who has wished me words of encouragement :) it's nice to see people are curious about my progress. I went home at about 2pm yesterday. Still no pain, so I was able to go to a few graduation parties. Currently wearing an old bra, it fits because of all of the gauze. Very little pain now, incision spots are starting to itch which I know is good! I am surprised that my breasts are so hard though, I did not expect that. Fluid in drain is mostly clear and very little.
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