Took 4 months to drop and fluff!

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I am only 2 day away from my BA and I've decided...

I am only 2 day away from my BA and I've decided to post my journey only because I have been so thankful reading all the posts on this site! I've read the good, the bad, and the ugly on here and it's ALL been so helpful! Thanks ladies!!!

Well, I've been an A cup all my life and like all flat-chested women out there, its been pretty hard in the self-esteem category. However, after nursing my 2 children, to see what little I have completely disappear.....uh, hhhmmmm, kindof hard to explain how that made me feel as a woman! I am now in my late 30's and decided to go for it! Tired of not being able to wear a real bra. Tired of not finding ANY swimsuits or bikinis! And just plain tired of not feeling very woman like. However, my husband loves me exactly the way I am and is not 100% for me doing this. BUT, he is supporting my decision to fulfill my dream of having breasts!!! (what all women already have!!!)

I am pretty tiny: 5 ft and 100 pounds. So clothes shopping truly is a nightmare. Especially when even the teeny bopper A bra cups dont fit me!
I am scared to death of going too big. My PS didnt discuss with me any CC options because when I went it, I was just adamant of just having my body restored to prepreggo days. I would be happy with my originally God-designed A cup. But told him I would be OK with a B cup. Not a FULL B cup! I am a runner and I work out regularly. I dont want anything bouncing around much, and esp dont want them hitting my arms.

Another concern I have is loosing nipple sensation! My hubby would be devestated if that happened! What did you ladies experience? Did it come back?

I am only going to have help the day of surgery. After that I am on my own until hubby comes home from work. Would REALLY appreciate some survival advice on recovery from you ladies!!! I am busy now cleaning the house, and prepping lots of fruit and veggies I can easily access. Getting the living room ready to crash in. My 2 kids are in elementary school, so when they get home, they can help some (I'm hoping!!!)

Well, would really appreciate some comments and input ladies!!!

OK, my BA is today at 1:00! Sooo excited and...

OK, my BA is today at 1:00! Sooo excited and nervous. However, I had a really good nights sleep which solidified in my mind that I am at peace with going through with this procedure. The house is clean, laundry done, couch is set up with pillows and blankets, table is set up with meds, and I have my bags of frozen peas :-) Healthy fruit and veggies are cut up and in the fridge. Got some frozen meals but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to reach up to open the microwave door. Its above my stove.
I've got help today, a girlfriend is coming over to check up on me tomorrow, then I'm solo on Friday. I think I'll be OK.

I am getting salines under the muscle. Yikes, just thinking about getting cut open (electively) gives me the hibee gibees!

OK, will be updating as soon as I feel up to it!

SSSOOOOOOOO frustrated with my stupid computer! I...

SSSOOOOOOOO frustrated with my stupid computer! I just wrote like 2 pages on my update and my internet went down and I lost everything I wrote!! So, sorry ladies this will be a condensed version of my original!
Day of Surgery
When I arrived at the Clinic for my BA I was greeted by friendly, kind, and helpful staff! They were so fantastic and made me feel right at home. That lessened my nerves a bit, as I was so on edge. The nurse that took care of me in the pre-op room also had a BA done 6 years ago and was very pleased with her outcome. Her only regret was not getting it done sooner! She was great and reassured me that it was all going to be worth it! Off to a great start. Well, I was scheduled for a 1:00 surgery but wasn’t wheeled in until 2:30!! Way too much time to have second thoughts and think about all that could go wrong! So I forced myself to daydream about what I would look like in my new bras (non-padded), new swimsuit, and new clothes! It worked! Plus my hubby was there as a sounding board. He had the same concerns as me, however he told me he supports this personal decision, as this was for ME and for my confidence as a woman.
The 2 nurses that was going to be in the OR room with me came to visit me. Both took my hands and said they promise to take good care of me! So sweet! My PS has been a surgeon for 30+ years. His nurse has been doing BAs with him for 20 years!! So I knew I was in good hands and I felt at peace.
So the Doc comes in and marks me up. He explains how my chest cavity is uneven, so my boobs wont be totally symmetrical. That’s OK with me. No two boobs are exactly alike. Even on the same chest! Plus, I wasn’t looking for perfection. I was just wanting BOOBS, period, to feel like a confident woman! I took the time to tell my PS again, that I was looking for CONSERVATIVE natural looking breasts. He knew from our previous appts that I am a runner and avid athlete and wouldn’t be able to deal with huge breasts. I emphasized that I was looking for an augmentation that would put me close to my pre-pregnancy days: 34 full A or small B. He said no problem! So in I am wheeled!
I get wheeled into the operating room – wow, that was totally a nerve racking experience! Being wheeled down a "scary" white corridor passed other operating rooms and doctors in the middle of procedures. My room was white and bright and scary looking. However the people in there were joking around with me putting me at ease. They also had some good tunes playing – Hotel California. So I dozed into LaLa Land dreaming of being on the beach in Cali.
HORRIBLE!!! Coming out of anesthesia was really hard for me. Which was surprising since I’ve had major surgery before, and that was not a problem. I was very nauseous and weak. I couldn’t make sense of what was going one since I kept dozing in and out of sleep. I did hear the nurse say she was concerned because I was so pale. She upped my morphine and anti-naseua meds. My chest hurt really really badly. She held my hand and stroked my hair and told me it was all going to be OK. I’m telling you, the staff here was just amazing!!! Well, I don’t remember much other than I felt like crap! I remember getting home and walking into the house. I was so dizzy I almost fell twice even though my hubby was helping me. My kids were concerned. But I just laid down on the set up couch and went to sleep. I woke up 2 hours later and felt so much better! Whew! I ate some crackers and drank tons of water. My throat was really sore from the breathing tube. Warning: do NOT eat pineapple with a sore throat!! I took some Percasset and just sat on the couch in and out of sleep. My breasts didn’t really hurt much. Just lots of pressure and tightness. They felt exactly like when they were engorged with milk while breastfeeding. My poor hubby. He looked so concerned for me. He warmed me up some chicken noodle soup which I wolfed down in like a minute! And really started to feel even better. I had some frozen peas I put on my breasts and it was instant relief! Yup, just like my breast feeding days!! My kids were both glad I could have conversations with them! They told me about their school day and what they did etc. etc. Just like normal. After hubby put them to bed, together we checked out what the new girls looked like. We were both very very pleased with what we saw! Beautiful! No real frankenboobies, yet anyhow. We sat back and watched our favorite shows and just chilled.
I set my timer on the phone to take my meds every 4 hours. The nurse told me NOT to try and tough it out. I’m a health freak and usually try to not take any meds of any kind. I try and stick with healthy whole foods, juicing, and smoothies to treat my day to day ailments. The nurse said this is not the time to do that! I’m glad I listened to her because I had a wonderful painless night! So you ladies out there, if you want to rest easier the first night, TAKE YOUR MEDS!! I also took some ExLax in case of constipation.
So my first night was actually fantastic. No pain, good sleep.
Day 1 Post-Op
Woke up feeling great! I mean no issues at all. A little sore getting up out of bed. I couldn’t even sit up on my own yesterday. My husband had to push me from behind to get me up. Today I can do all that on my own. No nausea. My family said it was good to have mommy back. I feel totally myself and have had no problems moving around. I couldn’t pack lunches though. Too much reaching for things and opening things. So I just sat on the couch and talked to my family as my husband took care of the household mommy duties this morning! It was nice!
I did set my alarm to take my meds every 5 hours instead of 4. We’ll see how that goes.
Oh, one strange side effect: since waking up yesterday, my skin is very very itchy! I mean VERY itchy! Its definitely not dry skin. Feels like allergies. So I’ve been taking Benedryl every 12 hours. The nurse said it might be from the Percesset and that I could try taking Advil instead. NO THANKS! I’ll stick with the narcotics for at least another day. Anyone else have this itchiness???
Will post pictures when I get over being too scared to actually see them LOL. Probably after my Post-Op which is not until next Monday. So far, I am pretty pleased with the whole experience. Praying that will continue my recovery and for the rest of my life! Any questions? Ask, ask, ask! Real Self has been AWESOME!!!!! Take advantage of asking questions. I did, and it really helped!

Ugh miserable today! I am so obviously allergic to...

Ugh miserable today! I am so obviously allergic to the Percecet! Covered in hives all over my abdomen, boobs, neck, back and crotch area! Last dose was 6:00 pm last night and I am just waiting for it to go away! I am soooo uncomfortable. If it wasnt for that, I think I would be fine! I cant really diagnose my pain because it is dominated by the itchiness.
I am contemplating driving myself to post-op appt. My appt isnt until Monday (cuz thats when my ride is available) however I think I should go in and have this checked out. But I dont have a ride! Do you ladies think I can drive myself?

Day #3 Ok not going to lie but I've been in...

Day #3
Ok not going to lie but I've been in allergy hell the last 24 hrs!!! I've got a rash everywhere which has turned a nice color purple! I think it's from itching though. All I am taking now is Advil and Benedryll because I'm too scared to take any of my other meds! Dr. said its def a reaction to the Percecet. I also had a fever yesterday.
Today I feel much better. The itchiness is not as intense and most importantly the girls look great! Not much pain but boy they are hard as rocks! Took a shower last night. Couldn't stand being in a bra so I've been commando up top. The rash is all across my chest too :/.
Well at this point I don't even care about exercising cuz I just want to get better! Will post pics when the ugly purple rash is gone!!

So for sure it was an allergic reaction and I'm on...

So for sure it was an allergic reaction and I'm on a steriod treatment to get rid of it!
With every passing day I feel more and more like myself. I drove to my daughters school this afternoon because she forgot something. It was definately difficult turning the wheel and closing the door.
Post op appt went very well and everything is looking good. My incision site is a bit sore and there was a little blister on one. So for now I have no covering over them. Just some gauze pads between my incision and bra.
My kids miss my hugs. Cant wait for the full recovery!!!

Day #5 WOW I feel totally normal today! My rash...

Day #5
WOW I feel totally normal today! My rash has faded a tiny bit, and I am not as itchy as I have been. No pain meds, and no Benedryll. Just the steriods to get rid of this nasty crawling crud! I cleaned a little today but was very careful. Ive read so many posts how ladies overdid it because they were feeling better.
My girls are looking good. Still riding high. I found out at my post op my PS put in 225 cc in my left and 250 in my right because that side was smaller. Still looks smaller, but I dont care. They look aweful pretty to me!
So when did you ladies resume your physical relationship with your hubbies? I'm so paranoid about hurting them! I havent even hugged my kids properly yet!
Well, I'm kindof nervous to go out in public with these girls. No one but my family and my closest friend and her family know. Not like I'm going to flaunt them or anything! No need. But going from flat to a B cup, well, its kindof obvious! Luckily its winter and I can sport a bulky sweatshirt :-)
Sun in shining and I'm feeling great! Have a blessed day ladies!

Day #6 Post Op Ok, so for the first time since...

Day #6 Post Op
Ok, so for the first time since surgery, I've taken a nice long shower without being all paranoid about my incision site. Recovering from my rash has dampened my spirits and my body looks all beat up, purple, scaly, ugly!! But even with the rash, my new girls look great!
Funny reading some posts where many of you girls wish you had gone bigger. I put on normal clothes for the first time today, and I feel like Dolly Parton!! What the heck? For SURE everyone is going to notice since I didnt do the whole padded bra before my BA. My husband said we should just announce it! WHAT? I'd be mortified!!! Especially cuz our neices and nephew are all teens! ACK!!
I am really hoping when they drop and fluff, they wont look so melon like. I'm a pretty conservative chick and really want a low-key look. You know? Just having normal boobs. I guess I am feeling abnormal just because I've been so flat all my life and all of a sudden, wwhha laa! Not complaining NO WAY!! They really do look beautiful to me. I almost want to say that getting a BA is like art, the surgeon is the artist and we are the canvas :-) So REALLY investigate your PS!!! Mine is an old fellow who has been doing this for years. He's to the point, no beating around the bush. And I trusted him.
I think I did a little too much yesterday, as getting up this morning was tough and I was sore. I was careful, but still....Today I'm lazying around the house drinking tons of water and my green juice for recovery. My littlest one is home sick so I've got some good company (she talks an awful lot!!! :-)
One problem is that I really have like no food in the house! I drove to the pharmacy yesterday and crikey!! Dang it hurt turning the wheel (AND its a Jeep). But I had to go, cuz on top of all this craziness I've developed a yeast infection. Anyhow, even if I went shopping I dont think I'd be able to handle bringing in the groceries. Oh well, Ritz Crackers for lunch again....

Post Op Day #8 So did you any of you ladies have...

Post Op Day #8
So did you any of you ladies have some pain in the incision site? Id say for 85% of the day I have no pain. But then I'll sit down or lean back, and I'll get a pain in my cut site, but then it fades. It seems like that happens when there is pressure there from movement? I keep checking the site to make sure it stays closed which it has. Looks like its healing nicely. But man, the scar tissue under the skin is thicker than I expected it to feel. Is the thickness of it going to diminish? I hope so, cuz I feel like Frankenstein when looking under the boobs!
I do find myself touching my breasts an awful lot..checking to make sure the implants are in the right place, massaging them, checking the incision site etc. checking to see if I've gotten some sensitivity back. And just plain admiring them!
So far so good! No regrets only happy boobies :-)

Day 10. I think I pulled a boob muscle today :-/...

Day 10.
I think I pulled a boob muscle today :-/ Feels tender to touch and move. Didnt even do anything to cause it! It just like tensed up on me!
Funny looking at my pictures and seeing how small my new additions are!! I mean when I look down, they look huge to me. But then in photos compared to some of you ladies they look teeny :-) No, I'm not having boobie greed! I am really happy with the size. My right side (left from your point) looks smaller for sure. But the PS said that was going to happen unless he really lowered the crease and added more which I said no to. I told him he could lower the crease a tad bit but I didnt want him to take any drastic measures to even me out. I've been crooked since birth plus my chest wall slopes back on that side anyways. So I'm still happy as long as they stay the same bra size! I would hate to have one A cup and one B cup, after a BA (which I''ve read has happened to some heart goes out to you). m thankful for a PS that actually took into consideration what I wanted since they are my boobs and everything!
Well, the rash is on its way out. But it really Itook a toll on my incision sites, which is why there is a purply color on them. Plus they are peeling like crazy (my whole body is) but I've left the site alone cuz I'm afraid of irritating it.
Anyone else BLOATED after 10 days post op?!?!?!? Kind of tired of feeling like a balloon! Feels like water retention. Cant wait to post photos when I feel at my best, no rash or bloat!
Well 2nd Post Op visit at the office Monday. When can I sleep flat on my back? Thats going to be my first question. When did you ladies start sleeping "normally"?
OK, happy Saturday girls!

Post op Day 12 So I pulled out my bikinis to try...

Post op Day 12
So I pulled out my bikinis to try on today! Excuse the bloat. It seems to be sticking around ;/
Maybe a few of you ladies might be able to relate..I could never really wear these bikinis before. I was SO FLAT, that the cups didnt have anything to hold onto. So everytime I twisted or bent over, the bikini would open up to show my nipples!!! The only way I could wear them was to put in 3 pads and then put a tanktop over my suit!! But that was before.....NEVER AGAIN WWWHHHHHOPPPPPEEEEEE!!! :-)
Had my 2nd post op today and PS said my boobs were perfectly beautiful! (uuuhh my hubby wasnt exactly thrilled that he said that ;-) I dont have to see him for 6 months because everything is going by the textbook for healing.
But I got the news that I cannot run for another 4 weeks. OH MY GOSH I'm going to be a blob by then!!!
Well, happy boobie day everyone!

2 weeks Post op So I have a question for you...

2 weeks Post op
So I have a question for you ladies: I'm curious as to how many ladies developed CC and was massaging from the beginning? I've read so many different things on it! My PS doesnt recommend massaging. He said there is no advantage to purposefully massaging to make the pockets bigger. He said the use of the pec muscles over the implant is sufficient. Well I have been massaging a little. Not as much as I read that other ladies are supposed to. I recently read a post where a lady's massage was so painful she has to take pain meds and she even set her alarm to massage every hour.
Well, I feel great after 2 weeks. Just not sleeping very well because of tightness and just being uncomfortable. I did take Advil last night but it didnt help the sleeping part.
I did some squats and leg lifts and went for a brisk walk yesterday. Feeling back to my old self and loving my boobies :-) Its like I have a secret LOL. I keep waiting for my girls to soften but I've read its usually about the 3 month mark. Does massaging and not wearing a bra help the drop and fluffing?
Hoping everyone who has a BA has a great experience like I have and love the new girls as much as I do! I dont think I'll be updating until the D&F happens and which point I will post pictures so people can see the difference.
Happy boobie day!

So I made a trip to Victoria Secret to get...

So I made a trip to Victoria Secret to get sized!!! Wow, totally new experience for me!! While having no boobs all I wore was a small athletic bra with padding. Now all of a sudden, tons of options and EXPENSIVE!!!! Well I was in heaven trying on bras and took pictures. My hubby laughed with glee when I came home and showed him the photos. Before, the changing room was always a torture chamber! He was so happy for me :) I didn't buy anything yet. I was sized at a 32 B but most of the ones that fit were a C cup!! Yay for boobies!!
Well I've been working out low impact, doing crunches, and 4 lb weights. Still a tad bit bloated. And you can tell from the photos that my rash is not quite gone. Still peeling from it.
Waiting for boobs to drop and fluff is frustrating!! Now are there cases where it never happens? And how long till morning boobs is over? Need some input from you ladies!
Also I keep reading where ladies get the tingly nerve reconnecting feeling. Well nips and below are numb. I've got none of the tingly feelings that you ladies describe and it scares me to death that I'm going to stay numb!! When did u guys get ur feeling back? Also I notice when I try and stimulate them, I kindof have almost a sore muscle sensation. It's weird. Any thoughts?

3 1/2 weeks post op FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY my...

3 1/2 weeks post op
FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY my breasts are softening up! Whew! My right boob softened up about a week ago but my left has been stubborn! I was scared I was going to stay that way. I've got a cold and was coughing all night long. Maybe the coughing worked up the muscles cuz when I woke this morning expecting morning boob, I got a handful of softness and I was elated! Plus, my hubby hasnt touched them much because he really didnt like the tight full feeling of them. He felt them this morning, and needless to say he was all smiles :-) Although I am not experiencing boobie greed per se, I will admit that since the swelling has gone down, I am a teeny bit disappointed that they have shrunken a little. NOT complaining though! Its a heck of a lot more than what I had!!!
Now I am waiting for the numbness to go away. My nipples and below are numbish but I can feel something. When I press on them, I can feel pressure and a dull ache. Is this a good sign? I dont have any of those nerve reconnecting feelings that ladies have commented on here. A little worried about that. I am taking EmergenC everyday since its got all those B vitamins which help with nerve regeneration.
Its just killing me not able to exercise and with all the holiday festivities.....gggrrrrr! Doing leg lifts, crunches, some yoga, and using 4 pounders for bi's, tri's, and shoulders. Oh well, a few more weeks and pavement here I come!!!
Is everyone here using scar guard or Vit E on the incision site? My PS didnt have much to say on that topic and left it up to me. He said in his experience it didnt help much and that the color depended on skin pigment. I am using Vit E & A lotion all over my breasts including the scar. Wondering if thats enough. Are scar guards expensive?
Well, just want to say thanks to all the awesome ladies on here! Wishing you all a boobieful Happy New Year!

Post Op 26 days I noticed last night that my...

Post Op 26 days
I noticed last night that my incision sites were a little sore. They still are sore to the touch, but when I was doing my leg lifts last night I could feel some pain there. I think I might have started using my lotion maybe too early? I decided no more lotion for a week. I'll give them a little more healing time. Either its the scar site, or the Mondor cords. I've got quite a few of them on both sides. And they are pretty unnoticable most of the time but a nuisance, especially during sex (sorry if TMI!!).
My boobs are feeling more and more soft as the days go by. Definately still tightening when I sleep and when I wake in the morning. When does that stop?
In the pictures you might be able to see on one side there is a visable dent in my breast under my armpit. I can feel the implant there and push it in. Feels like a water filled bubble. When I first came home it was very visable. Now that I am dropping, I can only really see it when I stretch my arms up. My PS said that it was common for saline implants to show...either rippling, or even the valve. When he pressed on mine, he said it looks like as I drop, it will likely disappear.
Well, I am in love with my boobies ladies! Not planning on shopping for bras quite yet. Going to get running first! 2 and 1/2 more weeks!!!
Have a great New Years!

Finally 6 weeks post op! Actually shy one day but...

Finally 6 weeks post op! Actually shy one day but I just couldn’t wait to hit the road! I have been doing easy weights, leg lifts, and abs but today I finally got some cardio and ran 3.5 miles. Pathetic run time but I took it easy, primarily because I could feel gurgling coming from my right boob! It took me off guard! When I pressed my hand over my boob and held it tight, the gurgling stopped. But I couldn’t run like that! So I just gurgled along! Has anyone else experienced that? Should I call my PS and ask him? Actually when I massage that side, I do feel that same thing, like there is air trapped in the pocket? Or is the saline sloshing around in the implant? I’m a little freaked and not sure if I should run again. I did wear 2 sports bras to keep them from moving. But my implants are small, so there isn’t much to bounce around.
So the boobs really are starting to feel like my own and hubby was even surprised to feel how much softer they have gotten. The right is squishier than the left and the left still has a little dropping to do.
I posted new pix and you can tell that the rash that I battled have left its mark ? It is fading but not fast enough for me!
Still haven’t told anyone cuz I figure its none of anyones business anyhow. It was for me and for me only and for once in my life I am going to be selfish about it!!! Still loving them every day and its kindof crazy how obessed I am with them! I haven’t gone out and bought bras because I am afraid they wont fit me down the line. Plus, why are bras so darn EXPENSIVE??? Never had the issue before ? It’s a whole new world having boobies! And I LOVE IT!!!!

Forgot to mention that on my right side I have...

Forgot to mention that on my right side I have gained quite a bit more sensation. If I put cold fingers on the bottom part of my boob above the incision point, I can definately feel it! Not so on the left. However, when my nips are hard (which I heard is a good sign too) and I pinch them, I can definately feel some pain! YAY! So I dont think there was any permanent nerve damage. Whew!

Sorry but I just had to add that boobie greed...

Sorry but I just had to add that boobie greed really exists! And although I thought FOR SURE that I wouldnt get it, I do indeed have it right at this moment! I am 100% happy with my outcome. I dont know if its because I've gotten used to these babies already or what, but I wish I had gone at least another 25-50 more cc's! Of coarse I will NOT tell my PS, cuz I swore to him I wouldnt want bigger!! LOL, the jokes on me!
Also wanted to say that my scar is still piled up, meaning they are thick. I have noticed that PS must make different types of incisions or they must close them differently. Cuz I have read on some posts that by week 6 their scars are flat and almost healed and cant notice except for the line. Well, thats not my case! I can very much feel them, and see them and I am rubbing them like crazy to improve circulation. My PS didnt recommend using scar guards and said in his experience it didnt help much.
OK, done babbling. You can tell, I havent been on this site for awhile!

10 week update Life has completely resumed back...

10 week update
Life has completely resumed back to normal. I hardly think about my breasts unless I am changing or showering at which point I admire them immensely :-) I am sssssoooo happy to have boobies!!!! I havent really gone shopping or worn clothes to play them up (its cold here in OH!) but I dont even feel its needed. Inside I am truly confident and happy with how I look and feel. My husband loves how free its made me. No more hiding my breasts, no more pads, no more "how does this top make my saggy boobs look?" etc. No more complaining that I dont feel like a woman.
I didnt post pictures because they look exactly the same! No changes visably although they are very soft and squishy and feel like the real thing.
I am back to my running with no problem. I am not lifting or doing push up because I am still paranoid about how they feel when I use my chest muscles. I do feel gurgling now and then when I do kickboxing (cross punches are a little awkward) but its really a nonfactor.
Scars are not as visible or lumpy. They are flattening out. I massage them usually after a shower, and another time during the day when I remember.
Just want to thank everyone on Realself so much for your honestly and support! It has helped tremendously and I wish everyone the best of luck! I have no regrets so far! Happy Boobie Valentines Day!!!

So, life continues as normal after a BA! My...

So, life continues as normal after a BA!
My husband is the one who pointed out to me that my left boobie has dropped and fluffed :) He is all about the "natural" look is quite happy they are soft and very natural feeling.
Sometimes they are itchy but other than that, they feel totally a part of me!
The numbness has lessened although I dont have ALL my feeling back, I dont have any numb spots anymore. Nipples are not as sensitive as they were before. One annoyance is that when they are erect, it is a little uncomfortable. But I'll live with it!
Also, exercise and running is back to normal! Up to 12 miles on my long runs, and averaging 25-35 miles a week. No issues with the girls thankfully!
I am very much enjoying them, loving how my clothes feel! Glad I can still fit into everything I owned before. Looking forward to swimsuit weather!
Hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for checking in!
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