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I got implants about 11 years ago. I have been...

I got implants about 11 years ago. I have been sick for 10. I just recently came across hundreds of stories of women with the same "mysterious" illness as I have from their (supposedly safe) saline implants. I'm getting mine out!

I am 34 and I have smooth saline implants 375 cc, breastfed 2 children (pre-implant), was a 34A before my surgery and am a 34D now.

For the last 10 years I have experienced many health problems (I'm so used to being sick I'm not sure I can even remember them all), including fybromyalgia, daily body pain (like the flu) brain fog, headaches, intestinal/digestive problems, extreme fatigue, thyroid problems, joint pain, sensitivity to chemicals, on and off food sensitivities and allergies, tmj, ringing in the ears, always dehydrated no matter how much water I drink, dry skin, dry eyes, sensitivity to light, heat intolerance, skin rashes and sensitivities, eczema, hair falling out, dental problems, strange smelling urine, pain in shoulders and neck, weird tingling in my hands and fingers, (and more I'm sure).

Aesthetically I have some contracture in the right breast and unevenness between the two, as well as a weird muscle issue when I flex and when I lay down my right breast stands straight up while my left sinks down into my armpit. Although I've thought about getting them fixed I never did because I was so scared of the surgery. My initial surgery recovery was much longer, harder and more painful than anticipated.

These illnesses have taken away so much of my life, so much of my joy and my time. I honestly can't even remember what it feels like to not have pain in my body -- I can't even imagine it.

Just about a month ago I happened to google "fybromyalgia and saline implants" and came across one story after another of women with the same symptoms and illness as I have that had developed after breast augmentation with "safe" saline implants and went away after explant.

I was shocked, horrified and sad beyond belief. I told my husband that night and started crying. I cried all night and into the next day. I think I cried for 24 hours straight. I cried for the loss I felt for all the years gone by, I cried for the guilt and shame that I had done this to myself out of vanity, I cried for the girl who didn't love herself and needed to get implants in the first place, I cried out of fear of the future -- the pain of surgery, the embarrassment of having to tell people what I had done and the loss of my body as I know it now.

It was a very intense few days and a lot of emotions that have been hiding for a long time came streaming to the surface. After I was able to think clearly I started doing research on top surgeons and narrowed it down to Kolb, Melmed or Feng. After talking to their staff, I chose Feng. My phone conversation with them put me immediately at ease and assured me that I was doing the right thing and that Feng was the surgeon for me.

I am scheduled for explant November 3rd, and am experiencing quite a roller coaster of emotions while I wait. One day I am terrified, the next I am angry, then sad because I don't want to lose my breasts, then scared to death of how I might look, and next thing you know I'm excited to finally have a chance to be healthy, to be free, to have my life back!!!

The more I research explant and read other women's stories the more sure I am that I'm doing the right thing and the more I'm looking forward to not just being healthy again (of course) but of having my natural body and shape back. I'm ready to be done with these things!

Pre Explant Photos

I'm about a week and a half away from explant and wanted to share my pre surgery photos. I know the photos from other women on here have been especially helpful to me.

Explanting Today

I'm here in Ohio waiting to explant... My surgery is in the afternoon and I have trouble with low blood sugar so they suggested I eat up until the 8 hour no-eating-or-drinking time, so it's 3:41 am and I'm trying to get as much food and water down as possible. Kind of hard though because my stomach is upset from the nerves.

We are staying at the Homewood suites. It's very comfortable and the staff is quite nice. We have a large room, coincidentally we ended up with the handicap room, which my husband was glad for in terms of helping me after surgery. There is plenty of space and a full size refrigerator. We found a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe's just down the street and also a beautiful hiking are called West Woods that is close by.

I went for my consultation yesterday. The Feng clinic is really beautiful, nicer than I had imagined even. The staff were excellent and very nice to both me and my husband. Dr. Feng was wonderful, very steady and calm and thorough. I am SO pleased that I chose her to do the surgery.

The consultation and the competence of Dr. Feng and her staff were very reassuring, although I am still quite nervous. The initial surgery was so horrible that I can't help but be scared, although Dr. Feng seems pretty confident that do to the nerve block and the fact that the implants are coming out instead of in, I will not be in much pain. (Fingers crossed.)

She did not suggest a lift, and said that after she removes the implants, before she closes me back up, my breast will look pretty close to how they will end up after all this. She is going to take a picture so that I can see because she said my first look will be with the drains in and can be unnaturally unpleasant because of the suction. We are both hoping the asymmetry resolves after the implant is out.

So now I just wait, which seems pretty tortuous...

I'll update when I'm up to it after surgery.

5 days post

Hi everyone, thanks for the well-wishes. I am 5 days out of surgery yesterday, so I'll just sometime the last few days for you.

The hours before surgery I really started to freak out having severe panic attacks. I didn't talk about it much before, but my initial surgery was ver traumatic. It was incredibly painful, I did not do well with the anesthesia and it took a very long time to heal. I don't remember the first 3 days after implant at all, and couldn't even walk to the bathroom on my own for at least a week.

So, needless to say I was terrified. Somehow I got through it and my husband drove me to Feng's. I told the nurses how scared I was and the dos their best to reassure me I would be fine. We say for awhile in pre-op and I kind of felt like I was going to die I was so scared. Finally it was time to go back. I was walked back into the operating room and laid down on the table. For aome reason at that moment I felt calm. Quickly an Iv was hooked up, and the " happy juice" swept me away.

The next thing I was being rolled out of the surgery room. They are not joking when they say you wake up fast and clear. As someone who had a very hard time with anesthesia, I can't tell you how grateful I am for that.

Unfortunately, unlike the experience of many other women, the nerve block did not work and I woke up with a lot of pain. They were very kind though and gave me 4 doses of pain medication until it finally subsided a bit.

Dr Feng came and checked on me and said my boobs were cute, which made me a little happier. I stayed for at least a couple hours more until we left and my husband brought me back to the hotel.

I've had plenty of pain over the last few days, which I at times very depressing because I know there are many women who don't experience any with Feng's surgeries, but it is passing now.

Drains came out yesterday. Was quite concerned that it would be very painful, but it was not, just weird. They did numb the skin for me with a little topical.

Talked to Feng and she said she had to cut out a lot of inflammation and the capsules were quite big, especially since I had smooth saline implants. I saw pics of everything, will post when I get them from the office.

So the last few days have been very emotional. The roller coaster continues. Today we re- wrapped my breast and so I looked at them awhile. If be lying if I said it isn't utterly depressing. They are not what I hoped for. I feel hideously flat, more so that many of the pictures I've seen on here.

Today I feel like crap, had a lot of weird breast pain and the body ache/ flu feeling came on with a vengeance. That was depressing, because I was hoping that I would feel all better also like some of the other women on here. (Wishful thinking I know, but I'm pretty desperate these days.) It's too early and my body is still in too much trauma to tell if I have any relief of symptoms yet I'm sure.

The ringing in my ears is much worse the last couple days. I am very bloated even though I've been going to the bathroom. Also, I can't even come close to standing up straight and am hunched over very bad. She said it's probably because she had to do so much repair work. But I also think it's my body trying to protect itself. I can tell its traumatized. When I stand up straight I just start sobbing.

I know that my emotions are all over the place and will probably shift again, but right now I feel like I'm in a nightmare. And I also can't sleep because I'm actually having nightmares.

We leave for home tomorrow. Hoping I wake up with a better attitude and feeling better. This is so freaking hard on so many levels at some moments I think can not bear it.

I do want to say that my husband has been an absolutely amazing support and I am so grateful for his help. Also, Dr. Feng and her staff are amazing. Although I hate this process at the moment, I am so happy that I chose her to do the surgery and have the utmost faith that it will turn out as good as possible because of her expertise.

Leaving for the airport

Day 5. Headed to the airport. Got a couple hours sleep but mostly cried all night. Going home is making this all more real and horrible feeling. I still can't stand up straight and I'm having weird burning, pressure pain. Very uncomfortable right now.

Home now

I'm home now and although I still have weird burning zapping pains in both breasts, they are cause only brief discomfort, my overall pain is much better.

I just woke up from a nap and noticed I tend to feel pretty crappy when I wake up. I honestly think I'm expecting to wake up into a new reality but when the pain in my body hits me I realize this is all really happening.

It was very sweet and nice to see my children.

Still having a very emotional time. I took a shower and my breast are so wrinkly and concave. :(

I know I'm still compressed and of course I'm trying to give it time, but I can't help all the emotion that wells up. If it hadn't been for being sick, I would not have removed my implants. There were times I really wished my breast were soft and natural, but at the same time, I've felt like they were part of "me".

After 11 years of having them, I really felt like the way I looked with them is the way I was supposed to look and now I feel so bizarre.

I honestly wish I could not care, but obviously none of us would be in this position if we really didn't care how our breasts look. I am finding out the hard way that I have some very deep issues regarding my breasts and just trying to get through right now!

I kinda feel like a crazy lady writing all this, but it's the only thing that seems to be cathartic. No one else really understands what this is like.

Again, I want to say that I would do it again, only because the chance to be healthy again and live my life again means everything to me! It does not make it easy though. I do not have any immediate relief of symptoms to outweigh the negatives right now either. I just feel sick and hurting and ashamed at the moment.

Anyway... I'm sure I'll update later again.

Incision misplacement? Help!

So yesterday I felt a bit better. The pain has settled and I was getting more used to how I look.

(Day 6 was the worst, I can not even explain the sense of despair and loss I felt.)

However today I saw a post-op photos from when my drains were removed, before the gauze was put back on my incisions and I am once again horrified and feeling utterly deformed!

Why are my incisions on top of my breasts instead of under the fold???? I originally had the implants in through my armpits so there was not a prior incision to follow, but this is no where near my crease! They are so close to my nipple!?! Was anyone else like this? Am I going to have scars all the way across my breasts? I'm really starting to freak out. Emailed Feng a few minutes ago and waiting for response. Help!!!

I can't look to see if it has changed because I have gauze and waterproofing that must remain intact for 2 more days.


So yesterday morning I actually felt pretty good until I got the post op photos from Dr. Feng. I sent her an email asking if this was something my breasts would settle into and if it would go away. Basically she said no and I can start treating the scars at 2 weeks :( Not encouraging.

I am so saddened by this. I just don't understand why it happened. The whole reason I paid so much money and went to Feng was so that something like this didn't happen -- I knew the rest would be hard enough to deal with without having additional problems. There are moments I feel like I just can not bear this.

As I mentioned before my original incision was through the armpits so there were not old scars to follow. She told me she would basically have to guess, but that she can feel pretty well where the incision should be. My left implant had fallen very low and when we discussed this, I told her that pre-implants they were symmetrical and the right had pretty much stayed where it had always been, so she said she would follow that crease. What I am really confused by is why then is the left incision in such a different place than the right? I think the right will settle, but the left is really high and bizarrely shaped. It's nothing like the right, which I thought she had agreed to copy.

I feel like she just plain made a mistake. Nobody's breast fold is an inch below the nipple - I've looked at all her other patient photos on here and the incisions are much lower.

I know that there is nothing I can do now, and I need to just accept it so I can move on, but my mind keeps trying to figure out how or why this happened. Such an awful procedure in the first place and now so much worse. I was actually getting used to the idea of being flat and thinking they were cute, but now I just feel mangled.

If you are getting explanted, especially if you did not have the implants paced at the fold - please bring her pictures of your breast before the implants!!! I feel like if I had a photo she may have been able to see better where to put it and that they were symmetrical. All my implant records were destroyed because it's been so long. And if you're still just hinking about explant, get your implant info and photos before it's too late!!!

On a good note, the pain has very much diminished and I am just uncomfortable at times, mostly from the compression bandage and my posture (still very hunched over). When I try to straighten myself I have extreme anxiety and start crying, my poor body is quite traumatized at this point and trying to protect itself. Because of this taking a shower has been very difficult, the water spraying at me, or anything touching me unexpectedly causes my to jump and have a mini panic.

I am so sad that I put my body and psyche through such hell. I have been spending a lot of time really asking myself why I did this in the first place and feeling down into the bottom of those questions... I think if anything, that is the point of all this for me. Not just to heal from the illness, but to heal what it is in me that let someone cut me up and stick big plastic things inside me to begin with. A healthy person does not make that choice.

I got these implants a long time ago, when I was 23 and a very different person than I am now. I wouldn't have made the same choice now, and although I have done much healing work the last few years, having these implants come out is showing me that there is still much to do. It's like they were a bandaid covering up some really ugly stuff and now the bandaid has been ripped off.

I have literally never felt such despair in my life - and not because I don't have implants, it's just not that simple. I feel despair for so much. So much sadness and shame and grief on so many levels, for the past and the present. Maybe sometime I can articulate that, but not yet. This is not a simple matter of boobs no boobs, not just an aesthetic issue, it is so deep. The wounding that caused it in the first place is so deep and this journey has been about going down into that wounding and letting it breathe, letting it have a voice, not suppressing it, not hiding from it.

I really do trust that this is all for a greater purpose somehow and that in the end there will be light, but for now I can say this has completely leveled me in every way possible. I don't mean to be negative on here, I just want to be honest, because I know there will be other women who have an experience like mine and knowing that you're not alone is sometimes priceless. That and it really is cathartic. I feel much better after writing on here even if nothing has actually changed in my physical reality.

Thank you all for the continued support.


Last night I felt some weird bumps that were itchy on my ankle but just ignored them. I just undressed to take a shower and my whole body has broken out in a full body rash. Not sure what the reaction is to as I've never had anything like this happen before. Have been taking the Feng vitamins, bromeilan, arnica and Celebrex and Tylenol for pain, must be one of those...


And these are not pleasant - blisters under the waterproof taping they put on to protect the incisions. I'm supposed to take it off tomorrow, but really don't want to rip these things off. :/

Here they are. First look at the whole breast. Plus rash update.

I called the nurse and she said that she didn't think the rash was related to surgery or the supplements or Meds because I'm 9 days out. I think it is definitely related. I've never had anything like this before.

I also told her I had blisters under the waterproofing and she said I could take it off. (It's a day or two early.)

Felt so good to get that stuff of my skin! Especially since I have this rash going crazy. I feel like I'm on fire.

I took some Benadryl for the rash. I remember reading other stories of people having rashes after explant, but I can't find them now...

So this is my actual first look at my breast without the gauze - aside from the docs photos.

I was prepared for another melt down, but surprisingly I was fine! Yay. Lol. Maybe the Benadryl is chilling me out. ;)

The incisions look a little lower to me too, so that's nice.

Feeling very resolved to get myself detoxed and better!!!

Day 10

Dr Feng called me directly last night to offer me some advice and a prescription for the rash as well as encouragement about the incision/fold placement. I felt much better and very much reassured that she bothered to call and the suggestions she gave.

She said the muscles are still very distorted and to give it time, and that when I'm healed enough, we can use a band to re- train the fold.

I think the swelling is down even more today and the incision is closer to the natural crease. Phew.

Lesson: the same advice everyone has given me and all the other women on here (post experience): be patient, don't judge it too early. Easier said than done.

I feel much less pain today, just some soreness in my right arm/chest area. The rash is unpleasant though - itchy and burning and I think it must be in my mouth because my throat feels very raw.

My spirits are much better today and I'm feeling at peace with everything,

Front view Day 10

Here they are. Haven't cried once today! That is progress. lol.

Day 11

So here is an update. yesterday the bubble below the incision seemed less, today it seems like it's worse. Trying to be patient, but this is concerning me. The breast on top is definitely shrinking and becoming even flatter. I really hope there is some big change because this is really bizarre looking.

Day 12

Wow. So I'd love to be on here like "my implants are out and everything is awesome". I really would. But...

Today although the rash has diminished with some allergy medicine and avoidance of the Celebrex, today I am breaking out in splotchy hives (not rash) and all my skin is burning!

I was hoping to avoid looking at my breast today but needed to unwrap so my husband could slather me in calamine lotion. They look about the same.

Everyone keep saying to wait, but I'm at two weeks. That seems like a pretty long time in, and from photos, except for maybe some fluffing, most women seem to have about the same breast shape at two weeks as they end up with. Has anyone had dramatic changes after this point?

Also I am now experience some very intense nerve pain if I try to extend my left arm forward. It's a really bad zap and sometimes I feel it burning down in my forearm/wrist even if I'm doing nothing. Should note that I had no nerve pain pre- explant.

I have not been able to do to much, but am finally at the point I can get water for myself and some easy to reach food out of the fridge. I still need help showering and getting dressed and am in bed most of the day.

I went to the store yesterday with my husband and had a breakdown. Just couldn't deal with it. I'm telling ya, I'm pretty traumatized emotionally and physically.

Trying to get out of my head as much as possible and waiting for this all to be over!

The light!

Today I finally see light!

I'm going CRAZY with itchy skin, but other that everything is pretty good. My breast are super sensitive and have random pains but I feel much stronger today. Yay!

And I haven't even come close to crying today. Feeling much more hopeful.

The big bubble beneath my incision is much better too! Here's what happened: my posture had been SO bad because of being locked up from the trauma (I literally shake and cry if I try to straighten out) my husband made me lay down flat on our massage table. At first my body just shook and then I relaxed and he massaged my shoulders down. I laid there about 20 minutes. When I got up the bubble was way smaller!!! I've been sleeping upright the last two weeks because of not being able to straighten out so I guess everything was just settling too low because of that.

There's still a ridge on the inner portion, but I'm pretty certain that's swollen because Dr Feng did a lot of muscle repair work there.

Also, I'd like to mention that Dr. Feng has written me several emails regarding this issue which I really appreciate. Being out of state it's a little uncomfortable not having a doc to check on me and make sure everything is okay, but her email support has been great!

Today I have a band around the bottom of my breast to keep training the crease up to the incision and instead of the wrap I put on a sports bra. Feng says at two weeks I should wear a bra with a little room to give space for fluffing, but think I'd really like to have a little more support. We'll see.

Anyway, just wanted to give a happy update finally! I'll post a photo later...

Day 13

Today I feel like crap. My new little boobs are looking pretty good, but I feel quite ill. Not sure why, but for now just resting a lot.

Day 14

So I had a pretty bad fybrolmyalgia flare up yesterday and felt pretty sick most of the day. Feeling better this morning though.

I have been in bed for two weeks straight. I feel really lucky that I own my own businesses (because I haven't been physically able to work a regular job for years). I don't know how the women who go back to work do it. I can get up to go to the bathroom and maybe get some water, but then I'm done and need to lay down again.

I am still itchy from head to toe. I stopped taking the celbrex which gave me an allergic reaction several days ago. My gut tells me this itchiness is not actually related to that, but I don't know what the heck it is. It's driving me absolutely crazy. I'll be lucky if I have any skin left at the end of all this! My skin has been SUPER sensitive the last couple years, but never itched for days and days like this. I really don't know what to do. I've tried calamine lotion and itch cream and benadryl and nothing helps.

I'm sick of being in pain too. My breasts hurt again the last couple days. It's only severe in moments of stabbing pain, but just this low dull pain all the time. I'm hoping that goes away soon. It's wearing on me.

I've been talking to women on a facebook implant illness group. Several of them did not get well immediately following explant (believed to be because of biotoxins and heavy metals from the implants). They have protocol set up for killing the biotoxins (mainly an anti-candida diet) and heavy metal detoxing following. I'm going to give my body a few more weeks as I can tell it's still healing from the actual surgery and then start implementing the protocol. If anyone is interested in the group message me and I'll give you the link...

Also, does anyone know what is up with the ringing in the ears? How is this related to implants. Mine is still super loud and I can't figure out the connection... I'd love to know.

Retraining the fold

I tried the band dr Feng suggested for training the fold to go in its proper place at the incision, instead of the big pocket made by the implants. It was actually really uncomfortable because of the pressure and rubbing on the incision and I started to get a big hard lump on one of them. So I'm trying to create the same effect with tape. Lol, not sure if it will work. Is not sticking very well....


I just took off my steri strips along the incision. Here's me latest photos. The bubble underneath is getting smaller, although it's still there in the middle.

Head to toe itchiness persists and seems to get worse with stress. Sheesh!

I'm starting to develop some very hard lumps in the incisions which I texted the nurse about. She said its normal and will break up with soft rubbing and time.

Day 16

I've been waking up super early. Like 4 or 4:30 every morning. Can't go back to sleep usually. I'm still very uncomfortable when I wake up.

After looking at my pics from yesterday, I have to say I feel fairly discouraged. I still look pretty mutilated. I wish I could find some photos on here of someone with the same circumstances to reassure me.

It still looks to me like if I had been cut lower everything would've been fine. I don't see what the problem would've been to have the crease at the lower pocket made by the implants.

One thing I keep forgetting to mention is the pain in my ribs! My ribs are soooo tender it's unbelievable. My husband thinks they're bruised from the compression band, which could be because I can't figure out anything else.

My scars are getting very hard and lumpy all the way across now. The nurse said its inflammation from the sutures breaking down and to gently rub them.

I feel like I have pretty much gotten used to the small breast on me. I'm forgetting what it was like to have big ones! I'm liking it more and more everyday and would probably very happy if I didn't have the weird incision thing. It makes me feel mutilated. But if I cover up that it's all good!

I know there will be times that are hard - I suspect the first time I want to get dressed up to go out might be difficult, but for the most part, I like how I look with them. When I stop hurting I think I will also like them more...

And thank god for my husband. He has seen them everyday as he's been helping me shower and wrap and care for them. He says he loves them just how they are - mangled and all - because they're me. I've been having to fight him off daily! I'm not quite ready for all that yet ;)

Such a relief to truly see that he's ok with it, he's said he didn't care since the beginning of this thing, but of course I still worried that the reality of it would turn him off. If he's okay now, than I feel totally comfortable that he will be when they're all healed!

I've been listening to some guided healing meditations and doing mantra (I have am a yoga teacher and have had a yoga practice for years). This is really helping me. It's funny, I am normally a very positive person and can always quickly find the good in struggles, but this has challenged me!

Thanks for the support and good luck on your journeys as well.

New idea for training the fols

Okay, the band Feng suggested was really irritating my incisions, and it want helping the inner potion of the breast (where it's round), so I tried tape, but that didn't work either. Today I'm trying this halter I've tied out of a scarf. Hope it works!

Progress ( I think)

Today was the first morning I didn't wake up in pain! Yay! That was a nice way to start the day.

I definitely feel a bit more like me than I have lately.

I wanted to mention that I am like 1/2 numb on my left breast and a good bit of the right too. It's a very weird sensation touching them because it hurts or I don't feel anything. My nipples are super sensitive and it's painful to touch them at all.

Having spasms in the muscles the last couple days. I assume they are healing.

Posting an update on the shape.


Has anybody had this experience? I'm about 2.5 weeks post op now. Started itching a week ago. Did have a rash and severe allergic reaction to celbrex, but I have't taken it for about 6 days, however my skin is itching and burning from head to toe. It 's not a little itch, it's really intense and I am going crazy. Benadryl does nothing to soothe it. Nothing soothes it. My skin is raw from rubbing on it so much, and I having pricking burning all over. Sometimes when it burns really bad, it flushes and gets red. It gets worse with stress, but can also flare up (not that it ever goes completely away) at anytime unprovoked. I am not using any new products or anything that would seem to irritate the skin. PS doesn't know what to think, I don't know what to think, but it's seriously making me go nuts!!! Any ideas?

Almost 1 month post op

I can't believe it's been so long. I haven't updated for awhile because, to be honest, I got kind of sick of hearing myself and was hoping if I waited I'd have a good update.

It's two days shy of a month since my surgery and I have spent every day in bed. I get up for a little while now to eat, or maybe a small walk, but then it's back in bed.

I am so depressed at the look of my breasts. Training the fold is not really working, as there's no way train the inner portion. I was prepared for saggy small boobs from explant, but not for this.

The emotional effects of removing my implants have been hard enough as is, but I feel deformed. My incisions are not level with each other, the breasts look completely different and I have a double bubble with incision on top.

I just feel so depressed and overwhelmed and tired of all this. I wish I could find someone else who had this problem so I would know if it's going to get better. My body has SUCH a hard time with surgery I can not imagine putting it through another one to fix this, but I also can't imagine living with it. If I could give myself a lobotomy so I just didn't care instead I would.

Praying for some peace.

Feeling depressed with this double bubble after explant.

So depressed.

I am so depressed the last couple days. I am sicker and in more pain than ever and I feel completely deformed.

Staying positive is impossible sometimes. I have days it's better, but days I feel so completely depressed and desperate.

I'm trying so hard to be patient, but I feel like I'm in a worse position now than I ever was. If something would change -- the pain from surgery, my illness, or the double bubble, maybe I could cope. But as it is, I'm really struggling.

I just want to know that there's a light at the end of this. I'm usually a strong, positive person, but this situation has cracked me.

Maybe if I could do something I could get my mind off it, but as it is, just a laying in bed all day, it's all I can think about.

I really don't have the energy to do anything, and trying to focus on my health instead of the way my breast look just makes me more depressed because I still feel so sick.

I'd love to hear from anyone else who took a long time healing not from the surgery. How long until you could resume normal activities? How long now until your prior health issues started to resolve?

Has anyone else had this double bubble? After reading some yesterday, I think that if I had gotten an internal lift it would have prevented this. Dr. Feng suggested I go buy a bra that put pressure on the "puffy" parts. I tried that, but it's not going to work. My incisions are very tender and lumpy and all the bras I tried that put pressure on the inner portion cut across my incision on the outer portion. The incisions are wider than the bra bands. It was so painful just trying then on that it hurt even the next day and now my incisions are all red and more lumpy.

Also, the size of my breasts were kind of a shock. Before implants I was a 34a or 32b, sometimes a little bigger. My breast are such an odd shape now, they don't even fill out a 34aa or 32a. The top of the cup is completely empty, but then I have all this flesh hanging out the sides - like all my breasts tissue is now on my sides, not my front. Has anyone else experienced this? Does it resolve? It was so uncomfortable I don't think I'll ever be able to wear a bar again unless it changes.

Looking for some hope. All I wanted was to be able to live my life again. I'm so scared I did the wrong thing and have ruined everything now.

Not looking good

I'm not posting much, because I really am trying not to think about my breast. I'm so upset when I do. Here's the latest. I've been following all of Feng's instructions to try to press down the extra tissue and it's not working. It looks pretty clear to me that if the incisions had been lower I would be fine. I have no idea what happened. It's very depressing.
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