Saline Implants Will Be Removed Due to Health. Anyone Have Their IC Cured with Removal? - Cleveland, OH

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Planning on the removal and hoping that IC...

Planning on the removal and hoping that IC (interstitial cystitis), hair loss, etc..will go away, or at best improve. The symptoms started 26 years ago, months after BA. I always thought that the BA caused it, but after finding this site, I see it's not just me thinking this. I went to a PS years ago and asked if my problems were from the BA and I got a flat out NO WAY. After reading everything here, I know what I have to do. Please let me know of your experience with autoimmune symptoms, specifically the bladder issues, and if they resolved. Thank you!!

Explanting to get healthy

Has anyone had their symptoms improve after explanting? I am explanting in 6 weeks and getting nervous! I love the way I look, but I just want to improve my health, so I am taking a leap of faith! Thanks to all of you ladies who have written about your journey, and have given me the courage to do this.

Four weeks away

Okay I am anxious for sure! You ladies have helped me come this far. If I didn't find all of the Breast Implant Illness information and this site, I wouldn't have enough courage to do this. I like the way I look, this is all for better health. Before I scheduled surgery, I went to a different PS in NY. She told me I would look grotesque, flat, like a boy and in good conscious did not want to operate on me. I am used to doctor's dismissing my complaints of pain, so this was no different. But, I am scared she is right! Looking at all of the great beautiful outcomes on you ladies, I am still going for it! (with a different PS of course) Thank you all for sharing and I am hoping that doctor was wrong!!

The other side!!

I made it to the other side! First, thank you to all the women for sharing their story because I would never be here if I didn't find this site and hear others were going through the same/similar thing. Well, today I am tired, I have barely slept the past three nights, and well I just need to take it easy. I have been stressed since I booked this surgery in March. Now I feel a sense of calm. My hands are the first thing I can feel that is different, they are nice and warm and are typically freezing. My neck feels soft , it usually felt like something was swollen and fighting something. My eyes feel fine too, sometimes they would feel dry and burny. My bladder, which is my main concern, is hanging in there, it's pretty good, not 100 percent but not worse, so I want to wait before I report on that one. I hopefully will have my drains out Monday and I am wrapped up as tight as can be, so I am pretty darn flat! One day at a time for me at this point. I will keep all of you lovely ladies posted on the rest of my journey. Thanks for being there!
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Surgery scheduled.

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