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I had silicone implants in 2009 after years of...

I had silicone implants in 2009 after years of saving for the operation. I had always had full, DD breasts naturally (ironically my Grandmother, Mother and both sisters have all had breast reductions)!
, but after 2 yrs breastfeeding I wasn't happy with my ''deflated'' breasts. I was reasonably happy with the implants initially, although they were slightly different in size and fullness. Approx a year ago I noticed that the left implant appeared to have ''moved'' up higher and gradually became hard (capsular contraction). I have always been an extremely fit and healthy person (haven't even had a cold or flu for 14 years!), so was shocked when my health started deteriorating 3 months ago. 

I started experiencing numbness in my left foot and right hand initially, a couple of weeks later I started getting dizzy spells, blurred vision and I often felt as though I was walking around in a fog. Shortly after that I started getting muscle twitching (all over my body) and sharp pains on the tops of my feet and sometimes in my hands too. That was when I also started getting muscle aching/fatigue in legs and arms. 3 weeks ago the numbness and twitching started in my face which terrified me. My doctor sent me to hospital at this point. I stayed in overnight and had routine tests and was also seen by a neurologist who said my symptoms didn't follow the pattern of any neurological diseases such as MS and her testing confirmed this. My doctor had already sent me for lots of different tests and everything kept coming back normal. After exhausting every option, I started considering that my implants might be the problem so did a lot of research only to find that my symptoms indicated biotoxin poisoning from implants! 

That realisation was only a week ago and I've already booked explant surgery with Dr Lu-Jen Feng in Cleveland, Ohio. As I live in New Zealand, this is a BIG deal (and a very expensive one) to travel all the way to the U.S. for the surgery but all I care about now is getting these things out of my body and getting healthy again. My decision to go to this PS is due to the fact that the two PS I have contacted here in NZ (including the one that put my implants in 5 yrs ago), won't acknowledge that my health problems could be caused by my implants so I don't want them operating on me if they don't even take the health risks seriously. The other reason I chose Dr Feng in particular is because she has done thousands of explants over a 28 year period and, most importantly to me, she DOESN'T DO IMPLANT SURGERY so I know she takes the health risks of implants seriously. My explant surgery is in just 21 days (1st Oct) and I can't wait...although it's a little daunting to be travelling so far and going through this alone in a foreign country. Would love to hear from anyone experiencing similiar health issues or anyone who has already been through an explant and has come out the other side healthy again!

Arrived in Cleveland and 1 day to go!

It's been a while as it's been a busy couple of weeks! After a 27 hour journey from New Zealand, I finally arrived in Cleveland Sunday night. No jet lag at all which is a great start. Off to the Feng Clinic today for my pre-op and can't wait to get the process started. No nerves about the surgery tomorrow...yet :-) Maybe the nerves will kick in tomorrow morning. My only concern is something going wrong during or after surgery when I'm so far from home and here alone. Wish me luck ladies! Will upload some photos after my pre-op appointment today.

Pre-Explant Photos

Had my pre-op appointment at the Lu-Jen Feng Clinic today. Dr Feng and her team are all lovely and made me feel completely at ease about my surgery tomorrow morning. Feeling very calm and relaxed about the whole thing at the moment but maybe the nerves will kick in tomorrow morning. I've uploaded the photos taken by Dr Feng today and will post updated photos after my surgery. See you all on the other side! :-)

Implant Free and Feeling Great!

Hi ladies,
Well, surgery was today and everything went great. No nerves at all - mostly due to the fact that I had a brilliant surgeon and team at the Lu-Jean Feng Clinic so I felt like I was in the best hands possible.
Surgery was 4 1/2 hours and I awoke with no pain or nausea which was great. After a few hours in recovery I came back to the hotel and still no pain so haven't taken any pain meds at all. Just Arnica and antibiotics as prescribed by Dr Feng. I have 3 drains (yuck) but hopefully they will be out in a day or two. I'll upload a photo from today (5 hours post op with drains so it isn't pretty :-). Dr Feng said that I had a hematoma on the left side (the one which had capsular contraction). Apparently this is usually caused by heavy impact such as a car accident or a bad fall. I had a really bad fall onto my chest earlier this year and the capsular contraction developed shortly after that so I assume that is what caused the CC and hematoma. She took photos of the implants/capsules (and my new boobs after explant and lift) and showed me after surgery. I'll try and get a copy of the photos and upload them too.
On another note, for those of you who read my first review about my health issues and symptoms...after 3 months of numbness in my left foot and right hand (amongst many other symptoms), I woke up from surgery and had feeling back in both my hand and foot for the first time since July! I knew my intuition was right about those implants causing my health problems. If anyone is experiencing anything similar, PLEASE consider your implants may be causing the problem and get them removed sooner rather than later. I'm glad I acted fast and got them out within a couple of months of experiencing symptoms as I'm sure my recovery would have been longer or incomplete if I'd left it too long. I only had my implants 5 years so it doesn't necessarily take years for problems to develop.
Thanks to all you lovely ladies for sharing your stories, your wisdom and providing an amazing support network for other women - you're all amazing!
Now, back to resting in my hotel for 6 days and then on the 28 hour journey back home to NZ :-)

6 Days post-op

Drains out today. Everything cleaned and re-dressed/wrapped. Get to wear my own super comfy sports bra on top now so WAY more comfortable! I bought 6 of these bras and wore them 24/7 for the last couple of months prior to explantation as they are the most comfortable things I've ever worn but still give really nice shape so also look good in fitted tops. The Dr took photos today but I forgot to ask her to email them to me - will contact her in the morning and ask her to send them to me so will post them asap. My boobs are the smallest they've ever been in my life but they're kinda cute and reasonably perky so happy with the initial result. The Dr said I can take the compression garment and dressings off in another 9 days (2 weeks post surgery) and then the fluffing can begin. She said they should look a lot better in about 6 weeks :-)
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

HIghly skilled surgeon and team at the Lu-Jean Feng Clinic. Everyone there is lovely to deal with and extremely caring. I would highly recommend Dr Feng!

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