49 Yrs Old, Removing 14 Year Old Saline Implants in One Week! Cleveland, OH

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14 years ago when I decided to get implants I...

14 years ago when I decided to get implants I never even thought they could possible cause health issues. The past 4 years symptoms have gotten worse it has been hard with joint and muscle pain, fatigue, bladder issues, food sensitives, dry eyes, dry mouth, cold hands, cold feet etc. i had to stop working and I barely leave the house. I need my life back! So I started to look back to see when this started because everyone in my family, thank goodness is healthy. How did I get all these symptoms? Sure enough looking back about 3-4 years after implants things starting arising. So this is what brings me here, my surgery is next week with Dr. Feng. I feel very confident that Dr Feng is the one that will not only help me get my health back but will give me the best end result with removing my implants.
I was inspired to share my story and show my pictures because of someone else that shared her story and pictures on this website. She helped me threw the days when I was questioning my decisions. I feel so blessed to have this website and all the ladies that responded to me. Thank you!
So I hope I can help someone too! I'm so looking forward to next week I feel this is the beginning of a new journey, new beginning of getting my life back!

Pictures 3 weeks after surgery

So sorry I didn't update sooner. It's taken me a little longer to heal then what I thought. Today I seem to be able to do a little more. I'm very happy so far with my results. I did not need a lift which I was very surprised. Dr. Feng does amazing work and Karla (head nurse) was incredible!! She took such good care of me!
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