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Im 34, married with 4 kids. I would first like to...

Im 34, married with 4 kids. I would first like to thank this site and especially all of the women on here sharing their intimate stories. I would like to pay it forward to however many this can reach as I have been reading so many and am very thankful.
I have been struggling with medical issues for about 6 years now, nothing new to this site as it looks like these saline implants (under muscle 350cc, 10 y.o.) could b the culprit as they have been for many b 4 me. I have chosen to explant in Cleveland, Ohio w/Dr.Lu-Jean Feng as I feel she is most educated and able. I have not met her yet, I live in Minnesota, i have only talked with her staff (love linda)who sound very educated in the en-bloc explant procedure & not only that but put more time into our conversations than would've needed while being empathetic to my needs/concerns. I am very excited at the thought of being free of these implants as I've never liked them. I love to work out and be active but this last 13 months it has not worked out for me to be able to do much of anything becides survive my daily duties and I am exhausted just from that. I have chosen to get a lift after my explant as Im almost positive I will need it. My number one priority is my health right now but added bonus' of this will be exercise, hugs, stomach sleeping, tight shirts, etc... I wish all you women luck as my spirits are more hopefull due to these blogs.

pre explant photos

Here are some pre explant photos of me in a merena bra that I bought for my explant & lift surgery. It is comfortable for the most part and I love that it is adjustable. I bought a size small as im 5'2 and a size 34b right now (w/implants). I am 20 lbs over weight and hoping that it melts off me after my explant as I have always weighted 105 lbs and been able to eat anything& never have to work for it. Over the last 13 months I have gained this awful 20 lbs and not been able or willing to do anything about it. Some of my reasons for getting my en-bloc explant are as follows: memory clouding, hair loss, fatigue, food sensitivity, viltigo (autoimmune 2014), ic (autoimmune2012), insomnia, chronic pain in left breast (cc?), left arm tingling&numbness, left scapula always tight, fever & chills come & go off & on, didnt make enough milk after my last pregnancy (b 4 ba I had 2 kids & made lots of milk), etc... I am so excited to even think I could feel better by explant that it cant com soon enough. I am very ready to have small breasts!
My husband will be home w/our twin toddlers (during day) for 2 weeks and has to feed 4 kids, keep all their schedule& be domestic which bless him because he is great @ running our business but definitely lacks some domestic skills. Things ive done to prepare: #1 made & froze 10 meals, 20 lbs of meat, 12 dozen cookies (we r a fam of 6) & 4 loafs of bread. #2 having housekeeping come 2x a week instead of once. #3 hired a Nanny for week (maybe 2) after thanksgiving when my husband goes back to work from 8-2 as im not aure I will be able to keep up with my twins' energy by then (2weeks after). #4 I've bought surgical bras, scar strips & items for detox baths. This is a little prematurely done but my life is very busy & it is reassuring for me to be prepared ahead of time. I will post more pics and anything else I can think of as I start my count down. A big thank you to all of you amazing women on here because u r my only supports @ this time and I have been reading blogs non stop for ease of mind & sorts.


Here are the things I bought/had that I have chosen to use for my bath detox after surgery. If anyone has any suggestions as how long they waited or different things to ues I would love to hear from them.


Seems I've been going thu what others are & feeling somewhat depressed today. Thought I had everything worked out but now seems to be falling apart. ..my mother's helper/nanny cancelled (fam.emergency & I totally understand) & now im nervous about not having much time to recover as it is hard for me to not do everything or be right in the mix of things. I've also been down in general as I've no family around & husband has been (always lacks) not much support w/emotions & worse yet gives me guilt trips re: the time & money it takes. I hv put this off for 4 year due to "this or that" & am in need of anything that could make me healthy again as I feel I loose a piece of me year after year. We r also new to the legal system as our oldest son made a foolish choice (played air soft in town) & is hvn to go to court as you cant hv guns in town. Our dog died a month ago & I am missing her terrible right now also. Not sure if im just nervous for surgery or if its because i am completly consumed in this journey that is comn to an end...I dont mean to be a downer just going thu some emotions right now & wanted to share. Still excited & nervous to bring this chapter of life to an end and join the itty bitty club of stomach sleepers & runners!

morning of surgery

Feeling anxious as I am on my way to clinic right now. Meet Dr. Feng yesterday & she is as brilliant as I hoped. Praying for safety & health. Will post after w/pics.


Well I hv joined the other side! Dr Feng was great, love her & her staff. I did an en-bloc explant and lift. It took 4.5 hrs & if done right should be over 3, I hv 3 drains & feel good. I ended up hvn a reaction to a pain med so it took me an annoying time to get relief & the Dr. & staff were wonderful. My reaction is not common and would prob not happen again to anyone...yay me. LOVE fang-fit foods!

post op

Having trouble uploading pics so...coming soon


First 10 days after.....numb arm, stabbing scapula pain, neck twitching, joint pain/cracking, fatigue, "sick" feeling, standing straight, walking all noticeably absent immediately. To date I hv not had any dizzy spells, headaches, pms, food sensitivity, anxiety, dry/itchy eyes, shortness of breath, & night sweats. Mental clowding is already better. Pain has been minor, more of an ache feeling than pain & definitely nothing close to a c-section! The only thing I would do differently is get armpits waxed prior to surgery. Washing hair was a challenge. Due to how I feel alone this surgery was more than worth it & I would encourage anyone thinking about it to stop thinking and just do it! I am still laying on my back @ night, not lifting, eating very low sodium & keeping fluids up. Hope this helps all u amazing women out there.
I will post more re:lift later as the girls r still covered & wrapped up.

3 weeks

It has almost been 3 weeks & I am still feeling great. My natural energy is back to 10 years ago b 4 implants! I dont even drink coffee anymore. I started wearing a sports bra 24/7, am still sore & dont hv full range of motion yet but feel amazing. I love my little girls more than ever although I wish I didnt hv as many strechmarks but they r little & perky so no complaints. I still hv strips over my scars so cant get the whole visual yet but excited for when I do. My left breast is fluffing faster than my right & my upper poles r in need of some fill but again, so happy. It is still an adjustment to look in the mirror & will take some getting used to.
Absolutely love my Dr. & recomend her to everyone. I read a book "The Naked truth about breast implants by Dr. Susan Kolb & now my dr came out w/one "explant-ology" Dr. Feng, Dr.Kolb & one other hv written it and I cant wait to get it...if its out?

Boobie news!!!

It is available. Must read book!. http://www.explantology.com/product/explant-ology-e-book/

4 weeks

It has been almost 5 weeks & I am still feeling great & very happy w/my decision. Some small changes: I get more & more range of motion on my left side (more painful side that I am now thinking had nerve damage from implantation), my scars continue to heal, it is still an adjustment to look in the mirror. I am able to lay in almost any position but hv some discomfort on my right breast where (scar tissue?)is hard & painful, & left side w/full range not present yet feels good to b a side & stomach sleeper again. I am only wearing a bra when I hv to because it is more comfortable with out, my pinky finger starts tingling & my arm starts to feel uncomfortable from pressure (even a sports bra), again thinking my nerves r going thu a readjustment. I am lifting my twin toddlers multiple times a day, actually all day w/no problems. if I run the girl's tissues remind me they dont like that yet. I am using scar sheets & am not sure if they work or not, too early to tell.


Trying again to upload a full-on view but seems my phone still has a mind of its own. I would like to add that although there are little things I dont like about my breasts I feel my Dr.did a great job! I joked (before BA) that I was skin & nipples w/no tissue & although I still hv been thin skin (stretch marks) I am very happy (and impressed) w/what my Dr. was able to give me.
I would like to state that I never wore my compression bra. And for those of u in the pre stages I would ask the dr/associate before hand.
Ive already been thinking about a tummy tuck but know I will (prob) wait a couple yrs.
Blessings to all & I hope everyone has a safe holiday season!

7 weeks

Just wanted to gv an update for all u ladies. I am doing everything I was able to b 4 surgery (hv for awhile now), switched to mederma scar cream because scar sheets were irritating. I massage my scars 2 times a day & think that is helping soften the scars. My nipples r very sensitive to any touch still & I only hv about 40% feeling on my left. My arm & finger tingles are lessening greatly every day. My left peck muscle has started some "flexing" or spasms, thinking it is from starting weight lifting again. When I had my breast implants that muscle would "flex"every time I used it so I am thinking it will hv to be retrained(not painful). I still feel physically great and continue to be illness free, joint aches, fatigue, etc.. that I was struggling with b 4 explant. Not happy w/shape of right breast or extra skin that still sags but hoping they will fluff slightly (prob not) & hoping right breast will fall/sag back into right spot as it is hung up a little. Very happy w/having small girls again & would definitely recommend this surgery to anyone! Happy healthy

6 months

Just wanted to share with all you wonderful women how my journey has/is going @ six months. I feel physically wonderful, I can't imagine going back to what I felt like 6 months ago. I continue to message both breasts daily, I just finished my scars treatment (mederma), I am also still working on my chest muscles and feel they are improving with time. My pectoral muscles are still deformed looking (not sure what they looked like pre b.a.) & my right breast has taken the shape of that muscle which is a little depressing but I would never think of getting implants again, love my natural little weird looking boobies...plus I'm hopeful that by the 1 year mark I will note more change. My only ailments that I can think of right now is that I get a metal taste in my mouth, am sensitive to chemicals (food & smells) and my tissues continue to get sore once in awhile (more under my armpit/ side breast area) it could be from lifting weights or twins toddlers & is more noticeable during menstruation. I did find out I have a pinguecula in my right eye (module), and can't help but wonder if my body has some other hidden modules that are working their way out. My vitiligo & acne seem to have gotten better (less breakouts) but still having trouble so...If this journey has taught me anything it is patience as every stage has come with a waiting game. My posture, fatigue and scapula pain stands out as the most positive & noticeable change since explant. Happy healing to all & I hope this helps.

again this website doesn't like me to download pics ....sorry ladies

Old pic

Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

My experiences with the Feng clinic, Dr.Feng & staff was excellent. Im not sure where to start about what to say as I cant say enough about Dr Feng! She is not only a highly intelligent woman but she personally went well above & beyond in all aspects.! I would highly recommend her. I would also recommend her food as it is top notch in taste & nutrition. All of the staff @ the feng clinic are nothing short of amazing & all go above & beyond. Thank you to all who took such good care of me.

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