475 CC Mentor Silicone Unders for Deflated C/D Size Boobs / 27 Years Old. 5'8, 140 Lbs. Cleveland, OH

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Hello realselfers! After years and years of...

Hello realselfers!

After years and years of considering this procedure, months of research and surgeon interviews, I'm finally taking the plunge and have scheduled my breast augmentation with Dr. Jason Leedy of Cleveland Plastic Surgery. My surgery is paid in full and scheduled for May 31st. I couldn't be more excited/nervous/terrified/elated!

There was a time when I was pretty happy with my boobs, and that's when I was on birth control; they were plump, luscious and pretty big (full 36D/34D). After quitting birth control and really taking control of my diet and exercise regimen, I've slimmed down majorly, and my boobs have disappeared. While I still wear the same bra size (shocking; I know), my breasts are completely deflated and seem to have lost all of their stuffing. I don't recall ever really having what one might call "perky" boobs, but I've always loved them and don't want to change anything about their shape or position, only the size.

Though many physicians would and have said that I need a lift, or am borderline, I've opted not to at this time, as I believe my expectations fall well in line with the probable outcome. I'm not sure if I'll be having children, but I'm definitely open to a necessary future lift if I feel I need it. I just wanted bigger, softer, luscious womanly breasts, and in nature, those sag a little! (And I like that :).

I have full faith in my surgeon, his current and past patients, and the countless examples of his stellar work. We're currently looking at Mentor round silicone implants, mod + or perhaps HP (scary! Lol), in the 400 cc -- 470 cc range. I'm pretty nervous about the size, as I want them to be big enough to fill in my loose skin and displace the tissue enough, but I'm afraid of looking top heavy, as I have a slim-ish profile that I've come to enjoy. I believe we will select the final size at my pre-op appointment on May 20th.

Anyway, please feel free to comment advice or ask questions! This site/community has been one of the most helpful tools in this process :).

In-office sizers & wish tits!

These are 450 or 430 cc's, I believe, so my doctor said a 470 cc implant would get me to this look. Do they look a little large, though? I am used to a more slim/flat profile. I just don't want to look top heavy.

Anyway, here are some boobs I like.

17 days to go!

My surgery is scheduled for 5/31, and I'll have my pre-op and final size selection on Wednesday 5/18 -- very excited! I think I'm burning myself out on this site/app, but I'm completely obsessed with following everyone's journeys. The only thing I'm really stressed about is picking the right size; im terrified of being too big. Help!

Post Pre-op Review, and 11 days till surgery!

I went to Dr. Leedy' office this morning around 11, and waited for about 15 minutes. I filled out a lot of a paper work, waivers, etc. I'm very glad I did all my research ahead of time, because I would have been horribly frightened by the associated risks and possible outcomes outlined in the paper work. I went back and Dr. Leedy and I discussed sizes for like, the millionth time (LOL). I told him I wanted to make sure my tits were filled up at least (because they are a little saggy), but not too big. We decided on 470 CC, Mentor HP. High profile!? I'm afraid of how it will look, but I trust him. I got all my instructions, then headed over to Marymount Hospital for the pre-op testing. I met with a really nice PA, and we just chatted for about an hour regarding my history and medications. They took my vitals, and amswere all my questions. I'm not nervous at all about the surgery or recovery, I'm only nervous about my final outcome . Surgery is in 11 days!

Just got the call!

I just got my call from the hospital for my surgery time! I'm assuming they called early due to the holiday. I'm to arrive @ 6:15 AM on Tuesday, 5/31. Kristin, Dr. Leedy's angelic patient coordinator called today to confirm that we'll be doing 475 CC, Mentor HP. I'd called to ask about UHP, and we decided that with the size I want to be, and my need for side-boob, we'll do HP. Tomorrow I am leaving for Wisconsin for my little sibling's graduation, and I'll arrive back home the day before surgery. I'm so glad to have some distraction so I won't be agonizing and obsessing all weekend. It's getting real, girls!

Just a few hours away now!

My surgery is @ 6:15 tomorrow morning, and I'm slightly disturbed by how calm and nonchalant I feel. I just want to get to the recovery, drop & fluff, swimsuit buying stage now. LOL. Heading off to sleep now; exhausted from traveling all weekend. Wish me luck! ;)

Made it to other side, ladies!

Currently laying in bed with frozen peas on my tits, they are huge! I LOVE THEM! The pain is no joke, it feels as though I got hit across the chest with baseball bats. I did not want to take the Vicodin but l did. Little sister is here being the best nurse. I will post photos later; I just wanted to let you know that I am alive! Thank you for all of the well wishes, you ladies have been so supportive! :)

First peek!

Too lazy and high to take a cute pic, but here they are! :)

Review of surgery day

It's about 2:15, and I can't sleep, so I thought I'd take some to share how my surgery day went. Firstly, I really have to praise the surgical and support staff at the hospital; they were entirely kind, patient, cheerful and helpful. They really made my day! I arrived at the surgery center @ 6:15, signed 1 paper, and was taken up promptly. I met my nurse, Michelle and she had me pee in a cup for my pregnancy test. She then took me to my little room, and hooked me up to an IV so I could receive my fluids. She put the IV in my inner wrist, near the bone, which I didn't expect -- it was painful! The anesthesiology team came around about 15 minutes later to talk with me and ask questions. My sister was sitting back there with me at this time. Also, the nurse kept asking if I was nervous, and I wasn't at all. Additionally, the surgery center was a brand new construction, all clean in shiny and decorated in minimalist tones of white and blue -- very soothing! I was taken back to the OR around 7 AM, and the room looked like sick bay of some futuristic utopian space ship; this was the best part! It felt like I was going on an adventure, and I was so so excited and not scared at all. There were about 7 people in the room all together, including Dr. Leedy, and we were all just chatting about our holiday weekend and bs-ing; it was nice. They told me they were going to give me a little something to relax in my IV, and I said okay. The last I remember is being told to breath this vanilla smelling air out of a mask, then, NOTHING! LOL. The next thing I remember is having a dream, and being aware of being asleep, but conscious. I then came to in recovery, and a nurse named Nicole was there. I asked her how long I'd been asleep, and she said "about an hour". I asked her what time it was and she said "nearly 10". When she asked if I had pain, I told her my sternum was hurting, as it felt incredibly sore and right. It was also at this time that I looked down at my titties and saw that they were so much bigger than I thought they'd be, and I fell in love! I was so surprised! Lol. I did not expect the 475 CCs to look so large on me; I would've expected 550 CCs to look like this. I'm sure some of this is the swelling, but I do not want them to get smaller. I am quite pleased we settled on this size. After I woke up, it was probably another 35 minutes before we left. I went to the bathroom, they brought up my sister, I got dressed, and they gave me my prescriptions; Vicodin and Ibuprophen. I was feeling woozy and dizzy, but pretty good. My sister then drove me home, and the bumps did hurt a little, but nothing too painful. When I got home, I slept for about 3 hours, and I woke very hot, in pain, and kind of nauseous. I promptly took the Ibuprophen, drank some juice, and put ice packs on my boobs, and a frozen eye mask over my eyes. I slept sitting pretty upright, but I think I slid down my pillow nest, and it was excruciating to get up. I realized I'd have to take a Vicodin and did. The rest of the day was pretty loungey/sleepy. We ordered take out from a bistro near my house and watched documentaries the rest of the day. Over all, my surgery day was really prefect, and I am so thankful for Dr. Leedy and the staff at Marymount for my smooth experience. My sister is also an angel, and has done so well at waiting on me, administering my meds, and reminding me to do my arm exercises that Dr. Leedy told me to do ("jumping jack arms"). I've got no bruising yet, fingers crossed! And the pain is minimal, mostly just soreness. It only hurts if try to sit up from reclining back too far. I will post some 'from all angles' photos for you guys tomorrow. I took my meds about 20 minutes ago and am starting to get sleepy. If you have any advice or questions for me, let me know! :)

Post op day 1: photos!

They are high, tight, and swollen! But pain is very minmal. I'm noticing more of a waterfall/snoopy effect on the right breast, as it was the saggier of the two. Can wait till they drop and fluff! I have my first pre-op appointment with Dr. Leedy later this afternoon.


Good morning! Unable to sleep again... So, obviously my tits are pretty swollen at this point. What I didn't expect was for all the swollen-ness and fluid to migrate throughout my body! My torso/belly and back/flanks areas are quite plump and swollen, and it's very obvious! It doesn't hurt at all. I read that there are a couple different reasons for this, including the processing of the exhorbitant amount of IV fluid given prior to surgery, and the downward migration of puffiness from the breasts. I also noticed that my face is a little puffy, which you can see in the photos in my last post (puffy eyes/cheeks). Also, while I do know that my breasts are pretty swollen, I'm having a hard time deciphering what exactly is swelling and what isn't. Regardless, I'm enjoying this journey and look forward to seeing how things progress. Oh, and one more thing; Dr. Leedy have me he breast band to wear over the top of my tits for the next 2 weeks to help them drop. I'm wearing it now, and I feel like it makes them really protrude! I am really really enjoying not having to wear a bra though -- such a free feeling :). Has anyone experienced this body swelling before?

1 week post op: pics & update

I saw Dr. Leedy this morning, and he removed the dressings from my incisions, and one stitch from each side. The left side wasn't painful, but the right stung a little. I can also feel an uncomfortable pulling/hurting sensation on the bottom, outer left side of my right boob -- if I run my finger over the area, I can feel the internal sutures. Hopefully that goes away! The left side was always bigger one, and definitely feels and looks fuller. He said everything looked good, and asked me how I felt about the size and position. I told him that I want them to drop a little more, and he said to keep using the band until they're in a satisfactory position -- perhaps a couple more weeks. After which, he instructed me to wear a sturdy supportive bra to hold them in place until I'm 3 months out, at which point the capsule should be pretty formed. What do you ladies think -- should I let them come down a bit more? I just feel that they don't look like normal, natural boobs yet. He also gave me the Biocorneum scar gel, which I started using this evening. I'm pretty pleased with how the scars look already. Today I also purchased a nice soft bra to wear under my t-shirts. I'm surprised by how quickly not wearing a bra got old! Also, please excuse my horrible presentation in the photos -- I just started my period and I feel like death!

15 days post op: PICS

All is well! Nips are hella sensitive, but just a bit of muscle tightness besides that; no pain. Pre BA, I was measuring a Victoria's Secret 34D, and now I'm measuring a 34DD. I'm so surprised I've only gone up a cup size!

7 weeks post op -- pics & update!

I'm very happy with how things have progressed thus far. I have zero pain or sensitivity, save for some numbness under each of my inframammary incisions. They definitely feel like a part of me now! It still feels a little weird to lay on my stomach, but it doesn't hurt or anything. I'm still measuring a 34D, and (gasp!) I do wish they were a tiny bit bigger.

As the swelling has gone down, the asymmetry between my breasts is a lot more noticeable, but doesn't bother me that much.

I wear a bra pretty much all the time, including to sleep. I have gone without when the outfit required it, though.

I hope they stay where they are and don't go down anymore!
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

I've met with Dr. Leedy twice now, and he was the last out of 4 physicians I met with. His office was the least glamorous of all the docs I interviewed, but he spent the most time with me and it became quickly clear that he is extremely well versed and confident in his craft. He knows what it takes to achieve stellar outcomes nearly 100% of the time, and he communicated his practice philosophy perfectly to me. He was also the most expensive, but I firmly believe that you get what you pay for.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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