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Hello RealSelf World, Guess I'll start this post...

Hello RealSelf World,

Guess I'll start this post off with a physical description. I am in my mid 20's, 6'0" & about 230 pounds.

Current measurements before surgery are: 44DD - 38 - 45 (Before & after photos will be avaliable on a later post.)

My consult was in April 2014, out of curiosity. [Yes, I Researched the surgeon before hand.] In May 2014 I decided to go through with everything. [Time frame] I called May 20, 2014 to schedule a physical and surgery date.

The physical was on May 28, 2014. During the physical we discussed each procedure (liposuction/body sculpting/fat grafting), signed consent forms, went over medical history and took before photos. My surgery date is June 9, 2014.

The Night Before Surgery

Today is June 8th, 2014, 10:20pm. I decided to write this post the night before, instead of rushing tomorrow morning. Also, ! 2 WEEKS ! after surgery I'll post the before & after photos.

I'm more excited than nervous. I've had surgery before, non-cosmetic; Therefore general anesthesia isn't worrisome. Word of advice: Always watch a video of whatever procedure you're having done. (A) You won't be as terrified while the doctor explains the procedure. (B) You'll lessen the shock, when you catch a glance at the surgical tools.

Medications prescribed by surgeon: Zofran ODT (For nausea), Duricef (Antibiotic) & Percocet (Pain Killer).

Supplies I Felt I Needed:
- Prenatals, V-Fusions & Boost Nutritional Drinks (For Vitamins)
- Started a healthy diet (Including plenty of water and Gatorade)
- A Satin robe (Breathable clothing to wear over garment)
- Stage 1 & Stage 2 Compression Garment
- Aloe Vera juice & gel (Help heal incisions & reduce scarring)
- Heated massager (For liposuctioned areas ONLY)

The next post will be in 14 days. See ya :)

14 Days Later...

[7 Days after surgery, I was charged an additional $500 by the surgery center; for overtime. ????]

I've reached the two week milestone. The first week was a living hell.

The hour before surgery, there were more questions and forms to be filled. As well as, getting dressed in a hair net & gown, marked for surgery and getting an IV started. Everything was calming, the staff were very professional, friendly and hilariously funny.

After surgery, the best way to describe the discomfort... it felt like a week worth of bootcamp soreness. I kept my garment on, as instructed till the first follow-up appointment. During the follow-up I got my first glance of my new body and I was mortified; looked deformed. (3000cc's was instered on both sides) I only got fat injected to the top part of my butt and filled my hip dimples on the side. So my butt isn't much bigger than orginal size, just round out/very natural. Hopefully after the swelling in my stomach goes away it'll look bigger.

Since the first follow-up I make sure to drink plenty of water, after showers I use a massager on liposuctioned areas, apply lotion and place the garment back on. My diet is still regular, enough calories to maintain my current weight. The only difference is I've been eating more organic & vitamin rich foods.

The next post will be in four weeks. See ya.

Minor Mishaps (Bonus Update)

With any surgery there are pros and cons. I'm beginning to see the contour.. BUT, I can see where they ran out of fat. For now, I'll wait it out to see how noticeable it'll be.

1. My left arm is finally not numb anymore. Plus, the bruise where the IV was placed is completey gone.

2. Swelling. My face swelled on day 3. My personal area was severly swollen, the entire first week. And, my knees are swollen on & off, from laying on stomach.

3. Since it's summer time I can't wear my garment. (I wash my garment ever other day.) Due to the heat I keep getting a sweat/heat rash on my back. Therefore, I stopped wearing the garment.

Other than those four things, everything else is fine.

Sorry To Say... Surgery Was Not Worth It.

*Sigh* August 4th, 2014 Will Be My 8 Week Mark. I Avoided Any Exercise/Strain, Diet And Sitting For 6 Weeks; For Nothing. My Measurements Now Are 44DD-33-46... My Mid Section Is Still Swollen From Lipo (Understandably) But I've Only Gained 01 Inch To My Buttocks.

Don't Get Me Wrong, I'm Thankful For A Smaller Waist; But, For The Amount Of Money I Spent, I Expected More.

16 Week Post-Op

I waited a while before making this post; giving my body enough time to settle and heal. The follow-up care with the surgeon is unsatisfactory. Not once did I receive a follow-up reminder and no one called to inform me that their numbers had change.

I gained weight to get this procedure done & I'm just now starting to lose weight slowly to get back to my original size. I included pictures from the surgeons website of my before & after, which are false advertisement; The before photo, is accurate. My after photo, is not. Those are not the final results, that is a photo 3 days after surgery.

My measurements: (I'm still swollen in mid-section)

I would of been better off not having the surgery done. Reasoning; my buttocks was already fairly big but now, my right side has a dent (where they ran out of fat) and my left side isn't as round as my right side.

Same Size

Current weight: 205 ... Measurements: 44-34-46

(10 months after procedure) I am the same size I was, before gaining weight for surgery.

On good days: Most of the swelling subsides. Not as lumpy.

On bad days: Severe bloating occurs. Lumps feel harder.
(For some individual it take 1 to 2 years, to completely heal)

I am thankful my left indent being filled in. But, my right indent isn't; It looks odd.

Same Size I Was Before Surgery

[ 1 Year & 3 Months Update ]

Measurements: 46DD-35-46 . My rear end is no bigger than what it was, before surgery. Just one side dimple, is filled in.

I finally figured out the bloating issue, I was having... My last post/question on RealSelf, honestly rubbed me the wrong way. Mainly because of the surgeon's judgmental response, saying it was a psychological issue; It definitely is not.

Due to overly aggressive liposuction, severe damage was done.

I did not have any drains placed, after liposuction. Which caused me to have seroma (fluid build up underneath the skin)... Due to damage to my lympthatic system, I also have water retention... On top of that, I have an excessive amount of scar tissue.

I am going to massage & add heat, to the area daily; to help restore my lympthatic system & to help break down the scar tissue. If things improve I will have photos, for the 1yr 6month update.

In the end, it wasn't worth it. Things most likely would have been different, if my work was done by someone else.
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