44 Year Old Mother of Two Ages 20 and 9. (C-sections) Pre-op for Tummy Tuck with Lipo to Flanks

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I am scheduled for a much needed tummy tuck...I...

I am scheduled for a much needed tummy tuck...I have a concern because I have fibroids .. PS says they will not affect my results and my GYN says one is size of small baseball and others are little.. Has anyone else had a tummy tuck and fibroids were present.. I am so excited and nervous but I need to do this for myself.

2 weeks pre-Op

So I am two weeks and 2 days away from having my flat tummy back.. I am excited and nervous at the same time but I have faith that things will go well.. I have been watching what I eat and trying to trim these thighs some. I am ready for a new and better me physically .

1 day post op

Procedure went well with the exception of my two vomitting episodes...very tight and sore but moving a little better today.. Was told I could shower today but I am afraid. Will post a few pics later


I have no appetite but know that I need to eat with meds.. Can some suggest something light that can coat my tummy?

3 days post op

Able to move around a little more today. Still no bowel movement????????????????...here are a few pics.. Swelling atill prevalent.. Drainage out put is decreasing

9 days post op

Saw my PS today and she was so pleased with my results she took pics.. I was so focused on wanting the drains out that I forgot to aka her to take a few from
My camera ... Unfortunately I didn't get my wish drain are still present ????????... She would like drainage to be 30cc or less for two consecutive days.. At the end of last night 11-9 they both were at 25cc God willing they both will produce the same or less today and I can make that call
In the AM to have them removed .. I am going back to work on Monday and have not a clue on how to his them from my nosey and over observant co- workers and students... Other than the drains I fell great and can't wait to start doing some light workouts .. Everyone have a great day!

Drains removed / swelling period

Drains were removed on Friday praise Gid because I return to work tomorrow... Still swollen but tried on a dress that I could not fit and it fit today and looked nice on with the binder under it ... How long does the swelling usually last?

2 weeks/ 4 days post op

It's so hard to get into a comfortable sleeping position still... I still try to keep knees bent and head propped up with 3 pillows.. I am loving my results .. Just would love for some of the swelling to subside..
Dr. Soltanin / Dr. Chemluski

My PS is great I can email or call her at anytime with questions .. She is very supportive and gives great advice ... The office staff is awesome... Especially Lia..

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