41 Year Old Female, Lower Body Lift W/auto-augmentation (Flap) of Butt and Lipo of Hips and Thighs. Cleveland, OH

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I'm nearly 3 weeks out and am struggling with the...

I'm nearly 3 weeks out and am struggling with the recovery from the auto augmentation. I did not realize the discomfort, and this has been the hardest part of the recovery. I don't know how long I can live with not being able to lean back, walk, lie on my back, without feeling like I'm laying on something, or some foreign body is moving around inside my skin. I will update as things progress, in case someone else is having this issue and may be able to either provide advice on how long it takes to resolve, or would like to follow my posts to see how my situation resolves itself. Another disheartening concern is that my waist, hips and thighs measure TO THE INCH the same as they did prior to surgery. I know the lifting of the skin is important, but the SAME?! I will post those measurements periodically in case anyone wants to follow as HOPEFULLY these numbers go down over time, so you can see the time it's taking for swelling (which I pray this is) takes to resolve/reduce. Bottom line: to be this uncomfortable and see zero results in size change (skin laxity corrected though) at all, plus this foreign body feeling making it impossible to sleep or sit comfortably, I'm in a rough patch here.

Trying not to measure - new swelling surprises

So just for an update bc I don't have nerve to do photos yet (promise I will). Measurement of waist is 36 and hips at thickest part of thighs is still 44, after lbl Incl tummy tuck and lipo of those crazy hips/thighs. I had hoped to see results by now on swelling. Today, I have a big pocket of swelling above butt crack along my back. Doesn't move like a seroma is described to move here - that waterbed thing - feels like fat kind of, like mushy like I'm swollen, really!... so I'm laying on an ice pack (carefully since my auto augmentation still hurts and feels very awkward/uncomfortable. I hope it's just that I'm laying on this area all night bc it's the only part besides back of thighs that I can rest on when I sleep or sit down. I either recline and put the pressure high up there or lean forward to keep pressure on backs of thighs.

21 days post op - Swelling up today more

Up 2 inches in waist today and have swelling lower back above butt incision that sticks out - fairly new development. I can't wait for this to head in opposite direction. Has anyone done Epsom salt bath to reduce swelling? I wonder if I'm allowed. Or lymphatic massage? What was your outcome? I had to take a pain pill again today. Been off for a week but since I can't take ibuprofen it's my only relief. So afraid to take narcotics just in general, though no addiction issues ever. Just paranoid, and my doctor made me even more paranoid by a firm, "no more refills" at my 2 week appointment. But I just get no break from the constant throb, so I had to take a half today. No more extra activity than usual, but swelling more. The healing process perplexes me!

More swelling - had lymphatic massage

Today my stomach was huge so I contacted a local spa who has someone there specializing in lymphatic massage to promote healing and also...Drainage! It was so weird to have my stomach touched with little feeling in it, I asked her to stop only once so I could have a breather! It's late at night and so far just more of the same swelling but I'm pounding water and hoping the massage will push all that fluid through, clear out toxins from my body, and restore some of the lymphatic flow that my body needs to relieve the swelling.

Looking and feeling like a before photo

I apologize I'm to afraid to post without clothes, but this shows the lumps and bumps and huge thigh bulge that was supposed to be lifted in the Lower body lift and then lipo of hips and thighs! I should not be lumpy bumpy and wide! I'm nearly 4 weeks out!

6 weeks and no measurement changes

I am hoping against hope that these measurements of my stomach and thighs will go down, indicating to me that this is swelling and not a complete disaster. I've measured every morning for over two weeks and not even a fraction of an inch has gone down. If this is my permanent result I would be crushed, but if no change for so long then what is the likelihood it will go down any?

8 week appointment tomorrow

Thank you all for your comments so I don't feel alone in this. Since my last post 2 weeks ago there is literally zero change in my size. Literally I measure with a tape measure exactly. So that makes a month of no change. I'm having 1 or 2 lymphatic drainage massages per week, and am following my protocols. I know my doctor is going to tell me tomorrow to wait and it will all be ok. I feel like they say that so that by the time you are really mad 6 months out from surgery, that you forget the pain and money a little more and have had enough time to mourn what you'd dreamt would be the outcome of your pain and 20 thousand dollars! Anyway. My main frustration is the bulge on my outer thighs. They are dramatic. And there is nothing to do at this point, they should have been pulled up. I have a scar on my thigh that I've had since childhood and it's on the exact same spot so whatever lifting he did, he did across the back and not thighs toward the front. I also paid for lipo on outer thighs because I have dramatic saddlebags. I see the scars from the cannula so at least I know he did it, but no improvement of saddlebags. I also have a divot about 3 inches wide and an inch tall on the back of my right saddlebag. So that's gonna look great in clothes this summer. Sorry for the sarcasm, I'm just frustrated. I am so thankful to have this forum for both encouragement and to feel heard about my frustrations. My husband just says I look great. What is he going to say, "what the hell is that big divot?!" He's smarter than than ;)
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