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1st day post op. Feeling super sore around my neck...

1st day post op. Feeling super sore around my neck and chest. My chest has slight bruising but hopefully that will go away soon. Just worried about my nostrils looking uneven. I had both reduced because I found them to be too wide and not delicate looking. My left nostril, in particular, was bigger than my right but now it looks like it's shorter and higher than my right. I'm waiting for the stitches to heal to make my final decision but I'll keep you guys updated. I got a small chin implant even though I wanted a pointier one to balance out my features but I'm trusting my doctor on this one. After all, he's the chairman of the plastics department in a well-known hospital. He did my first nose job that I would like to eventually have slightly redone (my tip is a bit too bulbous for my liking). To accentuate my non-jawline he also gave me a chin liposuction which is the most painful so far, but I'm so excited to see my new jawline. Lastly, he filled my top lip and barely injected my already-full lower lip for balance. He used 1ml of restylane.

1st day post op

Taking the bandages off was such an excruciating process but was able to see what it looks like!

Post op day 3

I decided to skip day 2 since I looked just as bad as day 1 post op. The swelling seems to have gone down just a bit and the pain around my neck has gone down as well. The only pain I'm feeling is from my nose stitches for the nostril reduction. I have 2 stitches running through my left nostril (remember my left was bigger than my right) and one on my right. I can't smile or laugh because it feels like they're going to tear open. My mom made me laugh earlier (against my wishes) and I ended up crying at the immense pain that followed immediately after. I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow at 1 pm for my follow up and I'm excited/nervous to see what he thinks so far. My only concern is still the symmetry of my nostrils and how taut my new jawline will be. My new chin implant is slowly starting to make an appearance but it is still hard to tell since I'm so swollen still. Can't wait to take off my chin/face brace that I have to wear night and day for 2 weeks and then only nights after the 2 weeks. So uncomfortable!

Day 4 post op

I saw my doctor day for a follow up for my procedure and he said everything looks great and to expect the swelling to go down after today. The best part is that he said I could finally stop wearing the chin strap, even though it said to wear it for day and nigh for 2 weeks and just for bed at night after. He said everything is healing nicely and he's happy with the work so far. I'm relieved he thinks everything is coming along nicely. My nose stitches don't hurt as bad and he also mentioned they are self-dissolving so I'm excited about that as well. He said it can take up for a up to 4 months to a year to regain feeling along my chin but not to worry about it. He was able to locate and remove some fat from my neck/chin and also tightened up my neck muscles aka neck lift. My neck, although bruised and swollen, is already getting definition so yay for that! Can't wait to see the final results.

Post op day 6

The swelling has gone down a bit and starting to see the shape of my chin implant. It does look a bit too big/square for my face right now but I'm hoping it is just the swelling and will go down some more. Starting to get bruising around the bottom of my lip where the implant was secured into place(?). On the plus side, my profile is starting to look awesome in part to the neck lift.
My nose looks a bit asymmetrical but that could be because of the swelling. Hoping that once the stitches come off I won't have as big or obvious scar there for everyone to see but rather have that than my big ol nostrils from before!

Week 3

So I'm back at work and people have told me I look different but can't tell what it is. I'm able to smile a little bit more, even though it hurts/feels tight on my nose. I would say the swelling is pretty much down but I'm not sure how I'm liking my new chin. I have a post op follow up w my doctor next week and plan on telling him how I feel. I feel like it could've been a bit slimmer and not as wide/round, which kind of gives me a jay Leno look. My nostrils are still uneven and when I smile my left nostril pulls and looks noticeably warped than my right. I've caught people looking at it. Smiling makes me look really weird and there is pulling coming from inside my nose that creates odd wrinkles that look out of place. Honestly, at this point I'm kind of regretting doing all this to my face. I think I got too ambitious and greedy. I keep reading that you can only remove/revise any surgeries after 6 months so I guess I'm stuck w this look till then.
It's not letting me post pics but I will as soon as I can!


Here's the pics I couldn't upload on my last post

2 month post op

Hi guys. I started classes and a new job so I've been super busy, but thought I would give you an update. My nose seems to have healed up nicely, even though I think it looks the same as before, and the swelling around my chin has gone down a lot. Overall, I think I look the same. I'm still thinking of getting a different chin implant. It looks the same as before. Just wider. I wanted a slimmer and delicate chin, not a square chin. Also, the projection isn't all that different. One of the biggest reasons why I wanted a chin implant was to help w my profile, but honestly, it doesn't look at that much different. I'm also going to have the lip filler dissolved from my lower lip, even though my doctor thinks it looks good. I think it looks funny and weird, especially with my non existing top lip, which is where the filler was initially supposed to go anyway. I feel that with my square chin and my bottom-heavy lip, my face looks wider than before no matter how many times I tell myself I look decent. But at least I'm not as swollen(ugly) as I was before and in better spirits!
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