22 Years Old. Heavy Breasts. Getting a Much Needed Breast Reduction - Cleveland, OH

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I'm 22 years old and I've been wanting a breast...

I'm 22 years old and I've been wanting a breast reduction since I was 16. When I turned 13 it seemed that my boobs grew in overnight and then came in heavy and saggy. I've always talked about wanting a reduction but was always a little over weight so I figured the doc would just say I needed to lose weight. I was never obese just a little pudgy so I kept putting it off hoping that I could make them smaller if I lost weight. I lost about 45 pounds a few years ago and they didn't even go down in size at all. I gained a lot of the weight back and my boobs still stayed the same size. In the last few years I've been dealing with bad back pain, wrists going numb, shoulder grooves and rashes under my breasts so I decided to see the plastic surgeon. He told me this was one of the most satisfying procedure that he does and almost all of his patients said it was 100% the right decision. So we submitted all my records to my insurance and it came back a month later approved! I've been very nervous since I've never had surgery and I've been going back and forth thinking if this was the right decision. I defiantly believe it is now cause In the last 4 months I've again lost 30 pounds and my breast haven't changed at all. So I defiantly know this is the right decision.

had my preop appt earlier this week

I had my preop appt Tuesday and it went better then I expected. I was very nervous about all the outcomes that I could have from this and made sure I asked the surgeon everything I was concerned about. I wanted to make sure my breasts would be lifted after this and he say yes. Thank god. I've never been able to wear cute bras cause they've never given me the support I needed and going with a strapless bra was a joke to me! He also said I could go back to exercising after 1 week! Which is so great for me since in these last 4 months I've been going to the gym daily and dropping pounds and gaining a lot of Muscle(except for in my breasts) so thinking I wasn't going to be able to go back to the gym for a while was re ally upsetting me. And now I'm actually going to be able to run without practically hitting myself in the face with my boobs. He also showed me his album of a lot of reductions that he did and they all looked wonderful. This was a relief to me also. I'm just very nervous about coming out disfigured. The office has very nice post op bras that are 50, but they felt so smooth and lightweight I knew they'd be worth it. I'm just so excited to have this done and hopefully make my back feel a lot better and give me more confidence in myself

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1 more week!

Next week around this time I should be in for my reduction!! This is going to be the longest week in history for me! I'm getting really nervous but anxious as the time passes. This is something I've wanted done for years and I can't actually believe it's going to be happening. I'm just hoping I get the results and relief I'm hoping for I don't think anything could be really much worse then right now. I just wanna be able to be in my house bra less without awful back pain after 5 mins. I can't wait to be able to wear a normal sports bra go the gym without having to pay an arm and a leg for one that supports me properly, even though I still flop around everywhere. I'm just so glad I have my parents and fiance by my side who will help me with anything I need after surgery. My fiance has been so great through all my decisions about this and just wants me to be happy and come out of surgery safe.

smallest I've been with big heavy boobs

This is my boobs with my tight sports bra that I wear to make my boobs appear smaller and try and take some of the weight off my back. You cansee they still are quite enormous

getting so excited

Went to old Navy today and they had soooooo many cute bathing suits. I've always had to buy plus size ones that were plain Jane. I can't wait to buy ones that will fit my style and age!! Plus my back has been absolutely killing me these last few days, so it's making me even more excited for this to be done with! 5 more days!!!

TOMORROW is the big day!!!

I can't believe the day is almost here that I'm finally going to be getting boobs that fit my body! No more back pain! Normal bras! Cute bathing suits! No more shoulder grooves! No more sweat and rashes under boobs! I can't explain how excited I am!! Putting up my final pictures so I can look back and see what change I'm going to go through tomorrow!

the day is here!

In about 7 hours I'll be getting my reduction! I'm kind of freaking out since I've never been put under or had surgery and I have to stay overnight at the hospital. Not looking forward to that. I just hope everything goes without complications. So glad my parents and fiance will be coming with me. My doctor said he always puts in drainage tubes just to be sure that no internal bleeding occurs and while this is going to be annoying I'm actually happy about that. Someone I know had a reduction and they didn't put them in and she was bleeding internally and they had to call the dr back and put a tube in right In pacu! Yikes.

1 day post op

I'm feeling great! My doctors has his patients stay overnight at the hospital just to make sure everything goes well and he came in this morning and said I look great! Unfortunately I got put in a room with a extremely loud snorer and puker... my 2 favorite things. Just hoping to go home soon since I didn't get too much sleep. I'm all wrapped up with drains in so I don't get to see my new Itty bitty titties till tomorrow when I go in and see my PS and he unwraps me. So I'm feeling anxious about that, but they feel so small and perky!!! I hope the look as good as they feel.

pic with the wrap on

Right before I left the hospital with my wrap on. So happy with how they feel so far. More pictures tomorrow after I leave the surgeons and see them for myself!!

day 2

Woke up this morning in barely any pain. Uncomfortable is really the only word that fits since I have this wrap on and these drains. I'm so excited to see my new boobs today and I'm hoping in not disappointed. I'm sure I won't be! Hoping to get these drains out. Yesterday I only drained out about 18 cc per drain and I feel like that's not much at all. Update this after my appointment

day 2. drains out!

Had a follow up with my plastic surgeon this morning. He took my drains out and got me fitted with one of their post op compression bras which are very comfortable. My boobs feel great hardly any pain at all! I got to see them today and they are small and perky! Yay. Obviously they don't look very appealing with all the stitches but I know they'll take awhile to get to where they're going to be permanently. My dr said he tries not to do an anchor stitch so that there is as minimal scarring as possible, so he just puckers the skin at the bottom of the lollipop. He said it usually smooths out but if not hell take the excess skin off in about a month in his office. That's the part I don't really like with the look of my breasts right now. But hopefully it'll smooth out on its own

4 days post

I can't believe how wonderful I feel. And I still can't belive I actually have small boobs! They feel like i was always meant to have boobs like this that actually matched my body. My back already feels better and i feel myself standing a little straighter also!

I thought I'd hate my boobs at first but I actually love them! When I take my bra off they actually stay where they are! That's amazing for me since they use to sag down to almost my belly button! I've never seen a whole section Of my abdomen that I can see now and it's wonderful. I showed my mom and friend my befores and after and they couldn't believe the change.

I go see my doctor again Monday just for a check up. I don't think he'll take the stitches out quite yet since it won't be a week but I'm looking forward to that. I bought 2 of their large compression bras and the one feels a little too big so I'm hoping to exchange one for a medium. I'm thinking that they should fit tight but I don't know how tight? I love they way my boobs look now other then the extra pucker underneath. I'm Really hoping that he ends up sniping it off just so it is for sure gone. I'll talk to him about this on Monday. I'll try and post some pictures tomrrow

4 day post pic

Found a bra today on sale it had no wires and has a very breathable material. Actually feels more secure and holds me in better then the one from the doctor. Any opinions?

6 days post. dr appt this afternoon

I'm feeling better everyday. My breasts are a little sore today but nothing that isn't bearable. Haven't taken any pain meds in 3 days and feeling good. I'm just so much happier since the surgery in everything I do. I feel so free now with small breasts. A lot of people don't understand unless you go through what we do with brrast reductions. I would never wear just a tank top before without having to be covered up since I hated my cleavage and always felt exposed. Now these past 3 days that's all I've been wearing and feel completely comfortable. Other then my post surgery bra sticking out a bit, but who cares! I feel so much relief in my back now too. My mom notices my posture already improving greatly and said i just seem so much more happy with myself. My fiance is also thrilled now that he doesn't have to hear me complaining about my big boobs all the time ; P he's just happy that I'm happy

I'm going to see my plastic surgeon this afternoon for a post op appt and I'm excited to hear what hes going to have to say. My right breast is more swollen right at the outer crease but I'm sure it's normal. I just need to ask him about the picker and make sure it'll smooth out. He doesn't like to do an anchor incisions unless absolutely necessary to leave his patients with as little scar possible. So he said the puckers should smooth out on it'd own in 4-6 weeks. And if not he can cut it out in the office with some local anesthetic. This is terrifying but he said he's sure I'd do fine!

more pics 6 days post

done with 1 week post appt!

My appt with the PS went great! He took off all my stitches and loaded me up with steri strips; except for under my pucker. He said he's leaving the stitches there for now and to keep putting my ointment in that section. The stitch removal didn't hurt as bad as I was thinking it would. Just a little discomfort in some parts. I have to see him again in a week and hopefully all will be well until then!

1 week post

Today was such a great day. I went shopping with my mom and everything I tried on fit me! I'm size medium! I can't remember when the last time I could wear a medium was since my breasts took up half of the shirts. I even got an adorable bikini that stays in place when I put it on! The only had part about today was that I did so much running around my breasts became a little swollen and uncomfortable. So I think I'll try and take it easy the next few days

8 days post. think I overdid it a little yesterday.

After all my errands and the heat yesterday I think I overdid it a tad. My breasts were really sore and seemed pretty swollen. Felt a lot better this morning though. This morning Between 2 of my steri strips on my right breast some fresh blood was coming out. It seemed to be a scab, I'm just hoping it's not opening up. Is this normal? I put a little ointment on it and covered it in gauze so hope that helps

day 9 and feeling fine!

I know I'm clever! Feeling great today. Went to Victorias secret to try on some cute bras I could never wear before and I fit loosely into a 38C! Which is the cup size i was hoping for so i am completely thrilled So I'm going to wait to buy any until my swelling is definatly gone. I got a super comfortable Sports bra from old Navy yesterday in size XL. It's pretty loose so I went back today and got 2 in larges. They're very comfortable and perfect for post surgery bras as long as you can get them over your head without discomfort.
Dr. James Miller

Dr miller has been wonderful so far. Very friendly when I saw him in the office and when I saw him before my surgery. Hr treats you as if he's know you forever. He answered all my questions and is a very positive person.

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