Got A Surgery Date! Can't Believe This is Happening!

So I got my surgery date for 10/21/2016! I had to...

So I got my surgery date for 10/21/2016! I had to take nutrition classes, then my insurance (Aetna) denied me but we appealed it and it was over turned! I already did all of my pre ops and my primary cleared it! I have to meet with the Surgeon and anesthesiologist on 10/05/16. I'm getting it done at the Cleaveland Clinic in Weston, Fl. Has anyone else had it done there? I'm excited but as it gets closer I'm getting a bit nervous! Any suggestions or advice? Please let me know! I added some current pictures of me.

2 Weeks Away!

So just a quick update. I saw the surgeon and the anesthesiologist on 10/05 and everything is good to go. I do have a cold and possibly and ear infection so i NEED to get over this before the surgery. I was told to start my liquid diet a week before my surgery, however the surgeon said if I can do it a little longer to do so, so I will be doing it for about 10 days *Sigh* Wish me luck!! I will post again when i start my liquid diet!
Weston Bariatric Surgeon

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