Tummy Tuck for Mommy with a partial hysterectomy St.petersburg,Fl

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Hello I am a mother of three kids 16, 13, and 2yr...

Hello I am a mother of three kids 16, 13, and 2yr old gonna give it a so help me out come and show me your before and after that me know if it's really worth it I have been looking for anyone in my area to help me and show me before and after pics ,,,,,,I want this but scared about this cut ....so let see I will post before pics soon

October 1st is the big day

October can't get here sooner

My big day is in October and I can't wait, but as it gets sooner I get more nerves, on the 7th of August I go for all my questions and concerns, I want to make a list of all I should ask, so help out all please and let make this list.

More before pics

Hello ladies its me again her r some before pics and more to come ......omg the day gets sooner, I paid for my aunt's plane tickets she will be with me for two weeks to help me...don't forget I have a 2yr old...lol I got my girls 13, and 16 that help also..? Talk soon.

Pre op

So today I go see Dr brown for last minute questions and to make payment. My pre op with my GYN is Sept 19 she will be removing my uterus here r some more pics with a bathingsuit


Got my GelZone in the mail today....this day can't come any sooner....mixed emotions .....just hope that my cut and scar don't look bad.

Day is next week

Okay so today is week before the day today I will be updating with all before photos and on the day of procedures the first 1st I will but my marking photos

tomorrow wow tummy in nots

Here are some pics wish me luck and more pic's to come

Day 3

Ok day 3 much better and feeling better on Monday or Tuesday go for drain removal and pics to come

first peek of the new belly

Ok no lie the drain removal did hurt but all is good , here are the pic's

10days post op

so it looks like the sterile strips have caused me to have a reaction It feels like I want to rip my skin off that''s how bad itches so that's why its red

still healing

well I have to say that it hasn't been easy today my aunt that was here with me for the first two weeks has been amazing she has helped me through a lot and I didn't want to see her go but from here on out it's just me so I will be updating with pics it has been a rollercoaster I've had my good days and my bad and I also have like a tremendous rash maybe an allergic reaction to the steri strips but hopefully that will get better also the rash also is extremely extremely itchy I feel like I want to rip my skin off that's how bad it is itches. .......

healing 21days post op

So I guess I'm healing I have had pus and and look like opening, but Dr says its healing and all looks good, I told him, "if you say so" I see him again next Friday so will see how all is. Go back to work on the 18th of November just hope im well.


So I'm feeling extremely upset and disappointed after looking at my incision again today. 26 days the incision is opened in some areas...... I couldn't help to call my aunt which also have the procedure done and begin to cry because I would've thought that things would be looking a lot better and it's not.... I called the doctor and spoke with the assistant nurse she tells me not to freak out and that it will heal I'm just scared that it's going to heal with an opening the way that it looks she mentioned that the rash that I had received also slow down my healing process...... Wondering if any of their patients had similar circumstances and let me knows that I can see postfix I guess I will be posting the pictures now also

More pics

Full front

29days post op

okay it's a little insecure about the incision opening I went to the doctor again today and they did give me a couple of stitches on each side I'm going to try for the video so you guys can see what was done

up dated pics

updated photos looks like incision is somewhat healing for the most part it does look wellI have to go next week to remove stitchesI do return back to work on the 18th don't even know if I want to go yet...let me know what you all think..thanks again

6weeks 41days

All is going well I can say I'm doing well here are some pics after they took stitches out Any questions feel free

looking good

Happy about how Im healing and I go back to work Monday so here's some pics and will keep all updated:)

2months post op

Hello all happy holidays to all I am doing well and healing well also some days I feel swollen but I know its normal , I am still waiting for the pigmentation from when I had the rash to go away. But looking good. Give me your feed back.....

3 months post op

Ok all hope all had a great holiday with your loved ones, I have new pic's for all some with flash and some with out, all seems to be going well. I am thinking of starting to work out and don't want to lose the shape, but I need to tone this body and I could shed some lbs that is much needed, is it a good time to start working out? It still hurts like he'll when I sneeze lol

Scar treatment

more pics

Here r the others pics


Work out? ??

I want to work out and tone so bad , but scared to hurt myself to soon..

4 months post op

so I've joined the gym and I need to tone this body I am waiting about 160 right now and I want to get down to about 140 145so here are some new pictures let me know what you all think I've been doing the scar therapy also with different creams and ointments and oils so if anyone knows of anything that works really well or has given good results please let me know thanks so much talk to you all soon

5 months post op

Hello all, I have been doing well trying to stay at goal weight of 150 right now I'm a 160 stated the gym and trying to control my mouth and weight, here are some pics let me know what you think please let me know honestly

6 months post op

Hello all Here r new pics

Can't wait for my BBL

So I went out dancing with my husband, cause I do well we love to dance, well 18years ago we saw each other for the first time in a club in NJ he is from Ecuador and I'm from PR , well long story short here is a pic in my dress And I so need some booty lol ;)
Kenneth Brown

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